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CTCHRYSLER. Thank You For Nothing, You Useless Reptile. Didn't do homework, too busy being a vigilante. Stevie borbolla. OSOKARO. Joel27. TSUNAMI: ONTA ANOMALA. Opsci. Hi!


Your work is so inspiring ;_; Would you mind sharing which sketchbook and white pen you use? Hello, anon. I don’t use traditional media very often, so I’m not sure if the ones I used were any good compared to others. But I used the strathmore spiral toned sketchbook. It does bleed through the page when you use sketch markers though. Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door? Not yet. rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore. Big Hero 6, Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet. German Orozco. Over the Garden Wall. Gurihiru-Blog. Mikemaihack (Mike Maihack) on deviantART. A Fistful of Drawings. The Art and Animation of Dean Heezen.

Qin Leng. Artofsuri. Aranda Dill. Art of Steph Lew. The lair of the queer devil. Do i love Dunkin Donuts?

the lair of the queer devil

Or do i love the concept of Dunkin Donuts? 4 days agoSeptember 11, 2014 139 notes Reblog rachael and penny michaeljpuppy12 Hi there! I really love your artwork and your comic is awesome! Thanks! 1 week agoSeptember 6, 2014 5 notes Reblog michaeljpuppy12 stevencrewniverse: New Episode Tomorrow, September 4th! New episode of Steven tomorrow night!! (Source: jeffliujeffliu) 1 week agoSeptember 3, 2014 3,425 notes Reblog i dont anymore, but i fucking love pies and thighs!!!!! 2 weeks agoAugust 30, 2014 9 notes Reblog ill pick one more question to answer then im not going to embarrass myself anymore for the rest of the night 2 weeks agoAugust 30, 2014 3 notes Reblog.

DUCKSOFRUBBLR. Anonymous Hey Jasmin, I was at the art auction last night for Simon Chung, and my husband bid on your Guanacos in Patagonia piece.


He didn't win it, but I was wondering if you had any prints of it for sale? Thanks! - Megan Woods. Gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny. I just wanted to say that those last two pages of CQ are so freaking adorable!

gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny

TANG AVENUE. Hello again!


Just an announcement that I changed my very ancient blog url to something new and a bit more professional. This is also a way for me to turn a new page in the chapters of my life and I hope it does well for me. c: Thanks, guys!! Brendenfletcher: Orders for October comics are due in at your local comic book shop!

That means time is quickly running out to guarantee you’re able to get your own copies of BATGIRL #35 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.To be sure you don’t miss out, bring the above codes in to your retailer when you head in to pick up your new books today. It’s super important to get those orders in immediately. Gorrem (Devon Cady-Lee) on deviantART. Geronimo. Tabletmonkey Presents. Randy Bishop. Silvia Portella on Behance. By pernille. The Art Of Animation. DUCKSOFRUBBLR. Stevie Ray. October 28, 2013 5 comments: veci said... i love it!

Stevie Ray

:) Pierre Rougemont said... Really nice and sensitive ! Señorita Tejon said... Whoa!!! Rose-a-petits-pois said... I dream in crystalline. Littlepaperforest. Alexandre "Zedig " diboine. The meat shop !

Alexandre "Zedig " diboine

A little bit of lore from saltenpepper : In the world of saltenpepper, all meats grow in the wild or in farms, for every vegetable, tree, or fungus, exists a variety that gives a type of meat ! The brushes are kyle ‘s ones, Reinaldo Quintero's Art. Kelleybean86 (Kelley M) on deviantART. Taija's Drawing Board. Griselines. Art of Valerie Ann Chua. I ♡ unicorns. Schwabblog. Claire Keane. This Nonsense. Joannaestep: faitherinhicks: My long road to get a digital drawing system set up has finally come to some kind of fruition … My first (mostly) complete digital comics page » finished traditional inks.

This Nonsense

The scan is not cleaned up or the panel borders drawn in (I have always done digital panel borders because I can’t ink a straight line, even with a ruler) because I scanned it at the wrong size for print, so I have to redo it anyway.Tools involved with this: Cintiq, Manga Studio 5, Epson Artisan 1430, Raphael Klonsky watercolour brush, size 1. And many, many tears. Sakimichan (sushi) on deviantART. LorelayboveLorelay Bové. When in doubt, just draw. SPIRES. ELIOLI Art. Far Far Away... Charicreatures Blog. The Art of Genevieve Tsai. Jez Tuya Illustration. Sarah Marino. The Art of Margaret Hardy.

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Sam's Tasty Art. Kate Craig. The Art of Sasha Palacio. Uwe Heidschötter. Audrey Scribblz. Roman Muradov. View high resolution This was made for Facegasm/CALA which I won’t be attending in person due to an immense fatigue that has been ruining my life & work for the last year or so, particularly recently.

Roman Muradov

Probably this old thing that I’ve been neglecting for a decade. If anyone has any tips on dealing with chronic fatigue and resulting depression, drop me a line ok. On the plus side it certainly made me appreciate being alive more, as trite as that sounds. I will however have a little presentation on form and structure in several of my YZ5 strips. SushiXAV.