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Blumina (sumi) on deviantART. Cberniez. High Resolution it’s not a thursday without doodles of mopey girls High Resolution it’s friday night and all i want to do is go to bed High Resolution a what-i-wore from the other day (it was especially springy outside) High Resolution PS Tumblr did I tell you I moved my website? Maybe? I’m here now: courtneybernard.netnow people can stop saying “you don’t LOOK Italian” when they meet me**apparently people read bernieillo as my last name, which, while entertaining, was not worth the confusion High Resolution Another illustration for BUST on Aggressive Thrifting. Steve Thompson. Just for Fun - Babybel and Baby Belle. I think I love them both. ;) Filed under lol belle sketch disney silly just for fun Ariel - Morning Doodle One of my favorite subjects to doodle. Good morning Ariel. :) Filed under ariel little mermaid the little mermaid disney princess disney princess fun doodle art sketch Steve Thompson Throwback Thursday - Disney Designer Princess This is the artwork I did for the Designer Princesses a few years back.

Filed under TBT throwback thursday designer princess disney disney princess Steve Thompson Prince Charming - Cinderella 3 Head Studies - Concept Art (C)DISNEY Another one of those times I didn’t only draw the princess. ;) Filed under disney cinderella prince charming concept art art sketch Steve Thompson Flynn - Close up. I draw a lot of princesses. Filed under Flynn flynn rider disney tangled rapunzel sketch Steve Thompson Cinderella - Steve Thompson (C)DISNEY Filed under disney disney art art cinderella princess disney princess color Steve Thompson. Gobalogablog. Chanz Territory. What is color theory ?? "silent treatment" 3 times Loki wouldn’t answer Frigga and 1 time Frigga couldn’t answer him. alright! So before we go any further! Yush! I do indeed know that in canon, Frigga had a ship burial and her body seemed to have evanesced into the high heavens.

But when i was drawing this photo set i wanted Loki to have a physical memorial onto which he can adequately mourn over the death of his mother. In my mind this “grave” was something Loki built himself. ok. so i’ve received a few comments on how the tombstone i drew for frigga, which was modeled after a celtic cross, was offensive to the fact that she is a Norse Goddess and i can understand that (i’m usually more sensitive to these things, i guess i was rather drained, physically and emotionally, by the time i got to the last panel and i just wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible) so i’ve changed the last panel so that Frigga’s tombstone isn’t quit so “christian” looking. Loki never needed Earth, our Earth. Art: つじ. Updlm. Erin kavanagh. Anonymous asked: 12 Capt.

Nemo hipster nemo? I am so sorry comedicadventurer asked: Can you draw sam Herbert from superego ( a webcomic by jovian-12) with palette number two zaramore asked: Daenerys with 7? :) me too Daeny…me too sketches that culminated in this x I always like my sketches better then my digital stuff. Ailis. I went in Hokkaido in Japan three weeks ago, I loooooooooooved it, it such a wonderful place! It’s wilder than in tokyo, and people are generally more open . Food is amazing , especially seafood (they eat everything, from seaweed to urchins, sea-spiders, crabs, jellyfishes, scallops, shrimps…it is quite strange , because we are not used to eat something that fresh ).

There is a lot of natural Onsens (hot water coming directly from the ground) were you can rest after snowshoeing all the day (It’s so cold there that we had snow in april!) I didn’t had the time to go on the natural parks of the eastern hokkaido like the Akan National Park, but next time for sure! Ca-tsuka: 1st official stills of “Adama” upcoming french CG animated feature film directed by Simon Rouby & Julien Lilti. Was lead background on this /o/ thanks to everyone that worked with me on this project !

(Source: You can listen to some of her songs there: Tanya Tagaq- Uja Tanya Tagaq - Caribou And an interview there: My Little Bazaar. Tarmasz. Greig Rapson. .. Anaïs dassé. Les jolies images d' Eléonore Della Malva. Meg Park - Sketch Blog. Emily rabbit. Sailor moon, doing moon stuff with her moon swords templar mummy knight??? I don’t know, i just string random words together and hope it works out dryad witch and cyclops mummy my belated witchsona!! Basically i just wanted to draw myself as a dark souls boss plants, doing plant stuff. crystal maiden, or at least her sinister doppelganger. you only live ICE be bold, be bold, but not too bold happy halloween folks!

The hermit and the heirophant! The magician and the high priestess! The devil! It’s temperance! Anonymous asked: More tarot cards series, please?? Don’t worry man. i’ll give you what you want, in time. Artist Eunjung June Kim. This Sucks. Well, it's Christmas time again. And in true geek fashion, I decorated my dollhouse once again, with a few more props and a few more inhabitants as well. Behold the glory! It's Christmas Eve and Cure Aqua can't wait for the party to start. People begin to arrive bearing gifts. Snowball ambush!!! Cure Peach and Cure Berry hop out from their hiding place and lets the snowballs fly! Cure Rouge gets a snowball to the head! "STOP THIEF! " Cure Pine decorates a tree with silver trimmings. It's time or Bumble to place the star on top! And what a lovely star it is too!

Even the bunnies get into the spirit by building a snow bunny. Cure Dream is feeling a bit of snowman inadequacy next to Cure Mint's snowman. Unable to compete, Cure Dream storms inside. Cure Black wants it if you don't! It's Cure Sunshine's photo opp with the Nutcracker. But soon, everybody comes inside to start the party. It's not long before the Robot triplets show up....UNINVITED! "You did not invite us -- REVENGE SEQUENCE INITIATED!!!

" Joey Chou. Artwork : Joy Ang. SPAM EGGS & RICE. Amelia Vidal Personal artwork. Robert mcginnis. ANNIE WU. Yao Xiao's Illustration Portfolio. Aurélie Neyret illustration. Babs Tarr — Illustration. Victo Ngai. Family Life- NYT Book Review Cover Victo Ngai This is the second time I illustrated for author Akhil Sharma’s writing. The first one was for his New Yorker short story “We didn’t like him”. I have always loved the beautiful melanchonia in his work. Family Life is about an immigrant family from India living in New York, with 2 children. What I tried to capture in this image is how the pool has segregated and orphaned Ajay from the rest of the family. Big thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman for this great project! Spectrum 21, End of the End of Everything I am very honored to have 8 pieces be selected into this year’s Spectrum 21 illustration Annual. Among them is a new piece called “End of the End of Everything” for

The Tiger Beer art is nominated as one of the medal finalist in advertisement category, woohoo! My big thanks to the judges and congrats to all the winner. The Guardian Another fun piece for PLANSONSPOR! Big thanks to AD SooJin, always pleasure! The Wound and The Gift. Show & Tell (blog) - Meg Hunt Illustration. This is the first purely personal piece of artwork I’ve made in a long time, and with it I’m going to break away from the norms here and share something. After spending time with dear friends yesterday and talking about process and struggles, I felt compelled to make something and talk about something I usually hide away.

The fact is, for over a decade I’ve been fighting with anxiety and depression. I feel very weird writing this here— it seems like in the online world it’s something we’re supposed to tuck away. It might not be professional, or it could come off as complaining or bleak. I still feel very weird writing this. I write this with a positive note; after finally getting sick of this pattern I am taking strides to fight these issues at their core and separate my well-being from my work, and for the first time in a while I’m starting to feel good (knock on wood). Daniel Krall. Kelsey King Illustration. Jisookim. Chhuy-ing ia [ portfolio ] Ann Marcellino. Cecile C. Trying to answer to both of you : Hello ! First, I want to tell you that your goal shouldn’t be a school, but a job. Schools are just one way of reaching this goal, and there are numerous valuable schools other than Gobelins. And Gobelins is not perfect (It definetly doesn’t worth any arm or leg !).

Your success mainly depends on your personal work whatever your school is. Now, if you are interested in Gobelins, you need to develop very good drawing skills : anatomy, volume, perspective, dynamism (cause you won’t have many drawing classes inside, and they are necessary to learn animation). If you need more information about Gobelins, here is a very good link : How to stay motivated is a good question. Hope this will help ! AFU CHAN - TUMBLR. Wendi Chen. Sketchbloop (miranda yeo) Lissy marlin Doodles. Hello Everyone! Long time no blog~ I’ve been incredibly busy these past few months but I crawled out of my cave to announce a little somethin’-somethin’~ The Project for Awesome is here!! Woop woop! Some of you might be aware already, but the Project for Awesome is an Indiegogo campaign that happens every year during December in order to raise money for charity and decrease world suck.

This year I was very honored to have a chance to donate 45 posters of my Fault in Our Stars fan art which you can get by donating to the “Nerdfighter Art” tier along with thousands of submissions by other artists in the community. Please consider donating to such a great cause, every small gesture counts! Let’s decrease world suck together! Project for awesome nerdfighter art vlogbrothers dftba tfios john green Hank Green p4a2014. Flominowa's deviantART gallery. The brigette brigade. Tiffanyford. Alyssa Winans Illustration. Land Sketch. AFU CHAN - TUMBLR. Hi I'm Katie. Emily partridge tumblr. Frederator-studios: Emily Partridge’s Impossibear cover for next Wednesday’s new Bravest Warriors comic from BOOM! Yooo 3 days agoJuly 4, 2014 Reblog I want to go curl up in a hole, but I feel like it’s my responsibility to address some things first (some are more important that others): I work on Adventure Time, not Clarence.I’m a storyboard revisionist, not a storyboard artist.I did not personally act to get Skyler fired.

Finally have a chance to post this painting I did for the great yuko ages and ages ago (thanks for the scan bro) it’s like christmas morning (Source: empartridge) 1 week agoJune 26, 2014 Reblog kingofooo: The Prince Who Wanted Everything - title carddesigned by Emily Partridgepainted by Nick Jennings I’m sad to say that due to some messed up materials my comic for TCAF didn’t get made up in time.this is a huge bummer to me, BUT, I’m still gonna have non-comic art stuff for you to look at (like this cute guy, who is in a little zine). 1 month agoMay 10, 2014 Reblog cerberus heyooo.

Genevieve FT. Chopstuff (Choppington) on deviantART. Everyday People. GrizandNorm. Nneka Myers. Meago (Magda) on deviantART. Rose-a-petits-pois. Character Design, Illustration and Concept Art by Kenneth Anderson. Jez Tuya Illustration. Ani-r's deviantART gallery. Illustralicious. The Art of Anand Duncan. Megan Nicole Dong. About Merpeople. Canvascope's deviantART Gallery.

イラスト | enoqi. Doodle dance. Ianjq: STEVEN UNIVERSE PANEL AT WONDERCON ANAHEIMJoin us @ 12:30 TOMORROW in Anaheim, CA for Wondercon! See Rebecca Sugar! Meet The Crewniverse! And get a glimpse of things to come! Ian this is incredible (via rebeccasugar) 11:15 pm • 17 April 2014 Just realized I can now share some of the New Pearl drawings I’ve had harbored forever…. 9:30 pm • 14 April 2014 stevencrewniverse: PROGRAMMING NOTE! (via mc-burnett) 8:17 pm • 14 April 2014 calartscharacteranimation: Skyler Page’s TV show “Clarence" premieres tomorrow night on Cartoon Network — it’s a must-see!! Just aired on the east coast, don’t miss it on the west cost at 7! If you missed it, you can watch the first 11-minute episode here!

7:52 pm • 14 April 2014 joethejohnston: Sorry for the wait everyone, En garde!! 3:08 pm • 9 April 2014 ianjq: SU is coming back at a new night and time— Don’t miss out! ACTION COMEDY NIGHT! 5:38 pm • 3 April 2014 mc-burnett: neo-rama: LOL @ that episode description. ^^^ALL OF THIS. 5:04 pm • 17 March 2014 rooooms laurenzuke: Game Dev Adventures! Jeremyku: Our cyberpunk jam game is done, SkipTrace! Play Here! Made with the help of friends and fellow tumblr people konradwerks and jillianogle. Check out this game yo. I did them musics. These guys are awesome! Super early gameplay video of PolyKnights prototype. Thanks again jeremyku for helping out so far! Also, Dev stream is currently up: far i’ve had it up almost every day. New song for a friend’s game. Motion gif comics? Game is really starting to come together. ALSO, my stream is live yo! Day 7 of new prototype @indieomegajam. Doing some collaboration with who is a kick ass artist. I’ve been doing nearly nothing but coding the last 3 or 4 months in order to teach myself.

My other major source of inspiration is a lesser known japanese ps2 game called Ikusagami, or “Demon Chaos”. I’ll be doing the Indie Omega Jam for another 2 weeks. Anyone here have any experience streaming from Mac? T I M E C A R D T I M E. Drawn by dana. I ordered one of my own pieces from INPRNT to check out the print quality, and I can now attest that it is GORGEOUS. The colors are really accurate to how the digital image looks on my monitor, and the paper is nice and sturdy and has a lovely natural texture to it. You can peruse my print galley here! Unicorn for @sketch_dailies on twitter witch boy Salem (right) and his boyfriend Zephyr (left) for ink and bones Quick sketch thing based on a ref from this photoset quillery: I’ve updated my FAQ with some of the resources I use because people keep asking about brushes, textures, etc.

A little portrait warmup thing to get used to using my bamboo tablet while I’m away from my precious cintiq this week notanalgesia asked: You seem to be really good at drawing smooth curves, so I'm just wondering, do you do that freehand (with or without the stabiliser on a high setting) or use vectors? It’s freehand. This is an old piece, but I’m still fond of it. Chillyfranco (FRANCO) on deviantART. Britt315 (Brittany Myers) on deviantART.

Tumbles (xanthe) Portfolio 2013. Gabby doodles. Marguerite Sauvage's illustration portfolio. Marguerite Sauvage's illustration portfolio. Q P. Verabee. Fashion from old people. [appropriately witty title] Bitches gots to learn. Lorhs. SEARCH AND DESTROY. Kyle cahill Draws. Emstantinople. Hannah Christenson Illustration. My Hand Moves Funny. Victoria Maderna | Illustration portfolio. Craig Phillips - Lions At Your Door. The Art of Jocelyn Sepulveda.