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Apis - Face recognition for the masses. AJAX Language API - Language Detection. Twitter API Wiki / FrontPage. 50 Twitter Tools and Tutorials For Designers and Developers. Twitter appears on innumerable personal and professional websites nowadays, whether it is a simple “Follow me” badge in the header or a display of the author’s latest tweets in the sidebar.

No longer a fad, Twitter is now a necessity for every website, not just for sharing your thoughts and keeping in touch with people, but also for marketing, advertising and even searching. But you may be wondering, How can I make Twitter work the way I want on my website? Five awful sites built on the Twitter API - Download Squad. Since Twitter decided to take care of the frequent outages that used to plague its servers, I've actually started using it here and there.

Five awful sites built on the Twitter API - Download Squad

It's a nice service, and definitely has useful applications. You've only got to look as far as sites like NowPublic and Twubble to see how the API can be put to good use. However, there are a mountain of applications feeding off it and they're not all contenders for Best in Show. These five definitely are, but only if it's a show dedicated to sucking at Twitter API use. TwitemperatureFinally, a service that can tell you how hot or cold you are on Twitter.