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Unreliable narrator. An unreliable narrator is a narrator, whether in literature, film, or theatre, whose credibility has been seriously compromised.[1] The term was coined in 1961 by Wayne C.

Unreliable narrator

Booth in The Rhetoric of Fiction.[1][2] While unreliable narrators are almost by definition first-person narrators, arguments have been made for the existence of unreliable second- and third-person narrators, especially within the context of film and televison. An exception is an event that did not or could not happen, told within the fictionalized historical novels, speculative fiction, or clearly delineated dream sequences. Narrators describing them are not considered unreliable. Overview[edit] Classification[edit] 12 Lonely Negative Words. Are you disgusted, disgruntled and disheveled?

Well, unfortunately you’re never going to be gusted, gruntled or sheveled. Disgusted, disgruntled and disheveled are what you might call “lonely negatives.” They’re negative words whose positive partners have vanished or never existed in the first place. 50 Old British Dialect Words to Incorporate into Conversation. In 1905, the Oxford University Press published the sixth and final volume of The English Dialect Dictionary, a compilation of local British words and phrases dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

50 Old British Dialect Words to Incorporate into Conversation

The EDD set out to record all those words used too sparsely and too locally to make the cut in the Oxford English Dictionary, and by 1905, more than 70,000 entries from right across the British Isles had been compiled, defined, and explained. The entire enterprise was personally overseen (and, in its early stages at least, partly funded) by Joseph Wright, a self-taught linguist and etymologist who went from attending French and Latin night classes while working in a textiles factory to becoming Professor of Philology at Oxford University.

Although Wright published a number of other works during his lifetime, The English Dialect Dictionary is by far his greatest achievement, and is still regarded as one of the finest dictionaries of its type. Helen Macdonald’s ‘extraordinary’ memoir wins Samuel Johnson prize. Pablo Neruda’s Extraordinary Life, in an Illustrated Love Letter to Language. By Maria Popova A swirling celebration of one of the greatest creative icons of the twentieth century.

Pablo Neruda’s Extraordinary Life, in an Illustrated Love Letter to Language

Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda was not only one of the greatest poets in human history, but also a man of extraordinary insight into the human spirit — take, for instance, his remarkable reflection on what a childhood encounter taught him about why we make art, quite possibly the most beautiful metaphor for the creative impulse ever committed to paper. Learn how to write creative fiction, short stories, memoirs, and novels. Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing. What Books Do for the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great L... It looks like it’s wasting time, but literature is actually the ultimate time-saver — because it gives us access to a range of emotions and events that it would take you years, decades, millennia to try to experience directly.

What Books Do for the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great L...

Literature is the greatest reality simulator — a machine that puts you through infinitely more situations than you can ever directly witness. Literature performs the basic magic of what things look like though someone else’s point of view; it allows us to consider the consequences of our actions on others in a way we otherwise wouldn’t; and it shows us examples of kindly, generous, sympathetic people. Autumn is upon us. Autumn is upon us.

Autumn is upon us

The air is refreshingly crisp as winter prepares to draw her first breath. Light chestnut brown and golden leaves gently clatter down the side of my shelter settling on the damp dewy grass. Andy Mackenzie sur Twitter : "@LilacLounge xxxx ❤️... Andy Mackenzie sur Twitter : "@LilacLounge xxxx... 12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms.

English has changed a lot in the last several hundred years, and there are many words once used that we would no longer recognize today.

12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms

For whatever reason, we started pronouncing them differently, or stopped using them entirely, and they became obsolete. There are some old words, however, that are nearly obsolete, but we still recognize because they were lucky enough to get stuck in set phrases that have lasted across the centuries. Here are 12 lucky words that survived by getting fossilized in idioms. YourFry - A digital storytelling project for everyone. IndoEuropeanTree.svg. Cancel Edit Delete Preview revert Text of the note (may include Wiki markup) Could not save your note (edit conflict or other problem).


Please copy the text in the edit box below and insert it manually by editing this page. When Charles Darwin Hated Everybody. By Maria Popova A necessary reminder that even geniuses have their despondent days.

When Charles Darwin Hated Everybody

“The day of days! ,” wrote an elated 29-year-old Charles Darwin in his journal after his cousin, Emma Wedgwood, accepted his marriage proposal, proceeding to famously weigh the pros and cons of marriage and merrily conclude that the enterprise was worth it. My poetry pearl. Sue Carney sur Twitter : "@andymack1966 a beautiful poem by @StormBenedict brought a tear to my eye. It's exactly how I feel about us xxx ❤️

30 Old (And Useful) Slang Names For Parts of the Body. Fingerprint words: Verbal tics that define us, and how they spread to others. Holly Allen Not too long ago, I was forced to come to grips with something terrible about myself.

Fingerprint words: Verbal tics that define us, and how they spread to others.

I use the word iteration a lot. More than any human being should. If I had to ballpark it, I’d set the over/under on daily utterances at five. 15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters. To the modern eye, it's often unclear what silent letters are doing in words, and learners sometimes simply have to memorize them.

15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters

But the silent letters are very often hidden remnants of how the words passed through different languages on their way to English. Origin of languages: Tower of Babel, proto-languages, and the brothers Grimm. The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (image via Wikimedia) The Tower of Babel story is a fanciful attempt to account for a very real question: What was the first language and why are there now so many of them?

The video below from TED Ed shows a brief history of how languages evolve, as speakers of the same language lose contact with each other in the centuries after migration and gradually drift linguistically in different directions. What's most interesting is not simply how we got multiple languages but rather how we determine, without the benefit of a time machine, which modern languages are related. The Writer's Technique in Thirteen Theses: Walter Benjamin's Timeless Advice on Writing. AEIOU and sometimes Y: How many English vowels and what is a vowel anyway? Gretchen McCulloch How many vowels does English have?

Five, right? A, E, I, O, U. Oh, and sometimes Y. Why I’m looking beyond the English lexicon for the word that doesn’t exist. Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers. 13 Times Twitter's Literary Elite Got It Completely Right. Writing no longer buys a champagne lifestyle. Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With. Ever finished a book? Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles. Jacobsescape : Our souls didn't just touch they ... Poetry. World Wide Words. "Which" Versus "That"

Avoid Mistakes - Figures of Speech. The Most We've Ever Said About Curation At Upworthy - Upworthy Insider. Kafka on Books and What Reading Does for the Human Soul. Dear Mr Gove: You are too unexpert to determine young people's reading. Word Clouds. The Worst Day Of My Life Is Now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction.


Poetry. The Coming of the Toads. E.B. White’s Beautiful Letter to a Man Who Had Lost Faith in Humanity. The Perfect Essay. Draft is a series about the art and craft of writing. The challenge of translating Finnegans Wake. Lin Burrow reviews ‘Holy Shit’ by Melissa Mohr · LRB 26 September 2013. Is any word untranslatable? 'As a Dog Returneth To His Vomit', 'They All Lived', 'Psyche 101' and 'Born A... Mind your slanguage, and don't be an erk. YOLO. The most beautiful words in the English language.