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The world's 50 best travel apps | Time Out. Logistics not your forte? This handy apps will help you prep for your journey FlightTrack Follow the path of thousands of international flights on slick, zoomable maps, with detailed information on departure gates, delays and (heaven forbid) cancellations. Great for those anticipating the arrival of loved ones, or particularly nerdy train-spotters looking to up their game. Available on iPhone + iPad ($4.99) and Android ($4.99) WeatherPro An intuitive app offering weather reports for well over two million geographical locations, feeding in everything from cloud formations and atmospheric pressure to wind speed and humidity, all in enough detail to leave Michael Fish clammy-palmed with excitement. Available on iPhone + iPad ($2.99) and Android ($2.99) Entrain There are plenty of theories floating about concerning the best methods for beating jetlag, but the pointy heads at The University of Michigan are better placed than most to give scientific counsel.

XE Currency Packing Pro Sunscreen Tipulator. 10 Free Travel Apps Every Tourist Needs To ... Appy Traveler: Best new apps for travelers. Bookmark this article and check back in occasionally to see what new great apps we love, and think you should try. Also see: 50 best apps for travelers ... so far Updated July 30, 2014 JetSmarter Uber for private jets.iOS: App Store If you’re in the market for a private flight somewhere, you can now do so using JetSmarter, the Uber of the private jet world.

App users search for various carriers, request flights based on their own schedule and pay for the flight using the app. Fancy a trip from Tokyo to Comoros, the archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean? A shorter domestic flight from San Diego to Las Vegas on a four-passenger jet costs $3,800. JetSmarter also offers an “empty legs” feature, in which users can share the empty seats and expense with other users. A shared 45-minute flight from Houston to Arlington among eight fliers will cost $365 per head.

PackPoint packing list builder Calculate how many pair of socks you'll need.iOS: App Store Android: Google Play We hear you. Entrain Uber Wikitude. 10 Best Free Travel Apps. The 5 Best Apps for Tourists in Shanghai, Useful China Apps. Shanghai Taxi Guide App In this day and age, there is no need to weigh down your suitcase with guide books and dictionaries, all you need is the smartphone in your pocket. We have compiled a list of the 5 most useful and navigable apps for travelers to Shanghai, which can be operated by even the most inept of technosaurs.

The following apps are available for both Apple and Android devices, and most of them are free. Pleco Pleco is a nifty English-Chinese translation app that helps break the language barrier, compiled from over a dozen of the world's best English-Chinese dictionaries. Shanghai Taxi Guide If you have been to China before then you will probably be familiar with the scenario where you are in the back of a taxi repeating over and over to the driver your intended address as he stares blankly back at you in the rearview mirror, only to turf you out when his patience expires.

City Fu Wechat Unlike so many other social media platforms in China, Wechat is entirely original. Best San Francisco Travel Apps | San Francisco Travel. Mobile Apps - Visit Barcelona. Ten essential free phone apps for a visit to Paris. Paris might be a city rich in history but any visitor these days would be wise to make use of modern technology to get the most out of their trip to the City of Light. So The Local has gathered together ten free smartphone apps that could come in handy. Before smartphones, travellers would have to lug a stack of books, maps and guides with them to be able to make sense of the City of Light on their own, but the smartphone has effectively made that extra weight a thing of the past. Independent travellers can literally have the city in the palms of their hands with a collection of a few good apps. The Local has collected some of the best free apps for Paris on Google's Play store. Here are ten that will make your visit that little bit easier: MyCityHighlight gives you local recommendations of the best tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping areas that Paris has to offer, and travellers rate them.

“When traveling in Paris city, you should install and use this application. Portland apps - Travel Portland. Hamburg App - Hamburg Tourismus GmbH. Best London Apps - Traveller Information. Using your smartphone in London may incur data charges, so check your data allowance with your phone provider. You can cut costs by downloading any apps before you travel, and by using London's many wi-fi hotspots when you are out and about. London Official City Guide App Free This free app - on iPhone and Android - helps you make the most of your time in London while on the move. Features include offline maps, weather, restaurant and bar recommendations, guides, and travel information, all without roaming charges.Read More Santander Cycles App Explore London with Santander Cycles' free app - also on Android - showing you bike availability and routes to the nearest docking station.

Addison Lee Car Booking App Book London's largest minicab provider, on the go. Citymapper London App The Citymapper app simplifies public transport in London by providing up-to-the-minute information and multiple route options. MBNA Thames Clippers App Riverside London App Regent Street App Street Art London App. TouristEye - Guide de voyage.