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Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction: 8th ... - Google Books. On Our Radar: Stylekick. This fashion tech app helps users track current trends, create their own, and even shop them.

On Our Radar: Stylekick

We recently spoke with Stylekick’s CMO Natalie Gray and CEO Karn Saroya to tell us more about what the company is creating. Describe Stylekick. Stylekick is a Toronto-based startup that creates personalized and dynamic shopping experiences that are unique to each person’s individual style. As a user’s style evolves, we keep track and only show looks we know users will love. Stylekick works by letting users flip through thousands of outfits styled by real people. We see people using Stylekick to drive traffic to their blogs, keep up with the latest trends through our editorials & top picks sections, to build a following around their style–and to sell products as brands, boutiques or as individuals. Can users set their style and choose which bloggers to follow? Yes, users can chose to follow specific people or brands on Stylekick. Ingénierie. (Français) Wheretoget lève 2M$ auprès d’Alven Capital et accélère son développement international – Alven Capital.

Mademoiselle Jude: AskAnna, mon appli coup de coeur ! Hello mes petits chats, Aujourd'hui j'avais envie de papoter avec vous d'une Nouvelle Application : AskAnna !

Mademoiselle Jude: AskAnna, mon appli coup de coeur !

J'adore les applications, et encore plus quand les créateurs de l'App nous intègrent à leur projet ... Ils sont supers disponibles et adorables... Pour la petite histoire, je suis super indécise. Ce n'est pas facile au quotidien, mais c'est comme ça ! Alors quand Marion de l'App m'a contactée pour me parler du projet, j'ai été totalement conquise...

Puis l'application est sortie mi-juin ( oui oui il y a quelques jours ) et là, c'était carrément TOP ! Mademoiselle Jude: AskAnna, mon appli coup de coeur ! AskAnna, l’assistant mode d’un nouveau genre. Aujourd’hui, nous vous faisons découvrir les coulisses de l’application AskAnna, une app précieuse pour les fashion victimes.

AskAnna, l’assistant mode d’un nouveau genre

AskAnna vous évite les fashion faux-pas, en vous donnant son avis sur votre tenue vestimentaire. How Polyvore Became a Trend-Setter in Social Shopping. This story first appeared in the June 2011 issue of Entrepreneur.

How Polyvore Became a Trend-Setter in Social Shopping

To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. Tastemakers: Pasha Sadri and Jess Lee of Polyvore. Photo© Eva Kolenko The future of shopping is social (as in network). For that, you can thank companies like Polyvore, an online community whose members curate product images from all over the web to make digital fashion collages, called "sets," that can be shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Co-founders Pasha Sadri (CEO) and Jess Lee (VP of product) got their data mashup cred at Yahoo Pipes and Google Maps, respectively, and have created what is essentially a crowdsourced fashion magazine that reflects real-time trends.

The idea for Polyvore first came to Sadri in early 2007, after he'd built a virtual mood board tool to help with a house redesign project. An eye for fashion: Here's the winner from the Seattle Angel Conference. Six entrepreneurs presented their ideas at the Seattle Angel Conference on Wednesday afternoon in hot pursuit of one very big check.

An eye for fashion: Here's the winner from the Seattle Angel Conference

And while each of the entrepreneurs offered compelling pitches to the crowd of more than 150, only one had the style and finesse to woo the judges. Glamhive, a two-year-old Seattle startup which rewards fashionistas with gift cards for sharing their favorite outfits online, took home the top prize and the $205,000 check Fashion is certainly moving online, and as one of the judges cleverly noted, the founders possess a “passion for fashion.” Co-founder Stephanie Sprangers started her talk by noting that 3,000 photos are shared every hour on Instagram with the hashtag Outfitoftheday.

That’s where Glamhive, which employs nine people and is looking to raise $1.2 million, steps in. “Through our platform, we enable people to take photos and connect them to products, and then product to retailers, so that every photo is shoppable,” she said. Glamhive - The Fashionable Wife. Happy Friday all!

Glamhive - The Fashionable Wife

Today I am excited to tell you about a really awesome fashion website + app! It is called Glamhive – think of it kind of like a shoppable Instagram. And I am sharing a little Q&A I did with Stephanie, co-founder of Glamhive! What is Glamhive? We describe Glamhive as a ‘shoppable’ Instagram. What can you find? Almost everything! People can shop by look or use our search to find products from their favorite retailers and brands. What will users find on GH that they won’t find anywhere else? Two big things: 1. all photos are shoppable – companies similar to GH are a hit and miss on this. 2. rewards – again, no other site or app offers rewards to the people who create content and people who shop. The truth is, anytime anyone hashtags a brand or gives a retailer a social media shout out, they are helping to drive awareness and sales for that brand.

How did Glamhive start? Glamhive is an idea that my co-founder Gisella Walter and I had.