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The best free cultural & educational media on the web. The Best Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe. Feelings about communicating with others. Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24) The PRCA-24 is the instrument which is most widely used to measure communication apprehension.

feelings about communicating with others

It is preferable above all earlier versions of the instrument (PRCA, PRCA10, PRCA-24B, etc.). It is highly reliable (alpha regularly >.90) and has very high predictive validity. It permits one to obtain sub-scores on the contexts of public speaking, dyadic interaction, small groups, and large groups. However, these scores are substantially less reliable than the total PRCA-24 scores-because of the reduced number of items. This instrument is composed of twenty-four statements concerning feelings about communicating with others. _____1. _____2. Introversion Scale.

Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA) This was the first scale we developed in our work on communication apprehension.

Introversion Scale

It is highly reliable (alpha estimates >.90) but it focuses strictly on public speaking anxiety. Hence, we moved on to develop the PRCA and ultimately the PRCA-24. This is an excellent measure for research which centers on public speaking anxiety, but is an inadequate measure of the broader communication apprehension construct. Directions: Below are 34 statements that people sometimes make about themselves. Strongly Disagree = 1; Disagree = 2; Neutral = 3; Agree = 4; Strongly Agree = 5. American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States. Malcolm X Speaks. Streaming Video - Online Resources - Library Guides at Quinsigamond Community College. Top 100 Free Motivational Speeches, Lectures, & Podcasts.

January 7, 2009 To give you a boost for the start of 2013, we've updated our top 100 free motivational audio & video learning resources that we have featured on our site.

Top 100 Free Motivational Speeches, Lectures, & Podcasts

For the past seven years we've featured a Monday Motivation email every week as part of our Free Resource of the Day Emails. From these resources we've selected the top 100 free motivational audio & video resources. You can check them all out by clicking the titles below. We've attempted to order them according the best of the best, but they are all highly motivational free resources to inspire you to greater health & wealth in all areas of your life. Free Audio & Video Directory Here are our Top 100 Motivational Free Resources: 1. From our first edition of the Free Resource of the Day e-mail we wanted to start out with a special one. 2. This audio book, released by isolates everything uttered by Christ in the gospel according to Matthew. TED. VIDEO: Brene Brown – “The Power of Vulnerability” VIDEO: Elizabeth Lesser – “Take ‘the other’ to lunch”

How to use rhetoric to get what you want - Camille A. Langston. Aristotle, the student of Plato, taught first in Plato’s Academy and then tutored Alexander the Great, and finally established his Athenian philosophical school the Lyceum.

How to use rhetoric to get what you want - Camille A. Langston

The Lyceum is an amazing place to visit. Watch this video to learn more about the its remains here. In the fourth century BC, Aristotle compiled several of his lectures, two of which he wrote when he taught in Plato’s Academy and two later when teaching in his Lyceum, into the treatise, Rhetoric, which he used as a text. His teaching method differed from others; Aristotle was a peripatetic lecturer, which means he walked around as he spoke with his students instead of standing in the front of a room. He is accredited with developing the peripatetic teaching style. Aristotle was not born in Athens and was not an orator like the sophists, and one of the most famous orators of the age, Cicero, were.

Are You A Good Listener? Being a good listener is an essential skill that all people could probably work on.

Are You A Good Listener?

Need some more ideas about how to improve your own listening skills? Start with: 9 Things Good Listeners Do Differently. Learn how to be an active listener here! Interested in building resilience? Start with some good listening skills like "echoing. " What is the science behind actually hearing something? Need a TED Talk on this topic? VIDEO: CC Licensed student example speeches. These students volunteered to share their speeches with a Creative Commons license.

VIDEO: CC Licensed student example speeches

Drew Lawson demonstrating wakeboarding – CC BY Corry Jaynes demonstrating his tips for customer service. Joanne Eller demonstrating how to make chocolate covered strawberries filled with Grand Marnier. – CC BY NC Heather Pederson demonstrating how to make Kimbap – CC BY NC ND Josh Davis demonstrating Reference Alignment – CC BY. VIDEO: Terry Moore – “How to tie your shoes” VIDEO: Demonstration Speech – Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial. COMM101: Belmont Speech Lab: "Informative Speech: Alopecia" King Institute Encyclopedia.