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Lets Talk Payments. Dwolla’s API to Enable Same Day ACH Transfers. In the United States, the ability to transfer funds from one bank account to another within the same business day has been a pipedream since the 1970s.

Dwolla’s API to Enable Same Day ACH Transfers

The ability to not only do that but do it affordably and through an API endpoint starts today with Dwolla’s Same Day ACH pilot program. Announcing Dwolla’s Same Day ACH Pilot Program The pilot program will offer platforms advanced access to Same Day ACH, allowing members to initiate credit transfers via Dwolla’s White Label API and providing faster funds availability to their users. The benefits of Same Day ACH Payouts with Dwolla White Label: Fast: Send money to your customers’ existing bank accounts within the same business day.

Finicity Announces New ACH Account Verification API. New offering for payment and funding apps provides industry’s broadest direct ACH account verification service in North America MURRAY, Utah — September 20, 2016 — Finicity, winner of the Finance API of the Year by API World, today announced the release of its new ACH Account Verification API.

Finicity Announces New ACH Account Verification API

The service enables payment and investment app developers to rapidly verify account details required to initiate inbound ACH account transfers. With the broadest coverage of directly sourced account information in North America, Finicity provides financial app developers more than 1,400 direct integrations to dramatically improve new client onboarding and ongoing funds verification sourcing. Electronic Payments and Financial Inclusion for Businesses. Speaking of financial inclusion, professionals commonly refer to individuals, disadvantaged families and groups of the population overall, rather than to the business community.

Electronic Payments and Financial Inclusion for Businesses

Meanwhile, small and micro businesses around the world are often in a similar need for appropriate solutions to plug into the financial system. And electronic payments, in particular, are universally important for individuals, businesses and governments globally as a link into the international financial system. According to the recent World Bank report, developing and accelerating electronic merchant payments at the broader level can help countries advance financial access and financial inclusion. Indeed, findings by Moody’s suggest that electronic payments added $296 billion to GDP in the 70 countries studied between 2011 and 2015, which is equivalent to the creation of ~2.6 million jobs on average per year over the five-year period, or about 0.4% of total employment in the 70 countries.

Top FinTech Influencers in the United States of America. These are exciting times for financial services.

Top FinTech Influencers in the United States of America

On one hand, several FinTech startups are solutions for specific problem solving and on the other hand, incumbents are bringing more digitization and tech-enabled products to their existing customers. The ongoing debate between banks and FinTechs at war is also giving way to collaboration, partnership and acquisition. We at LTP are happy to announce the top FinTech influencers in the United States of America (USA). These influencers are people that are bringing about the change we need in the financial services space.

This list is not restricted to new disruptors and not just the big boys at incumbents. Exclusive Interview With Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO of eSignLive. LTP recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO of eSignLive (formerly Silanis Technologies), the world’s leading electronic signature provider.

Exclusive Interview With Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO of eSignLive

Since the company was founded in 1992, the software has automated business transactions that require secure, compliant and enforceable e-signatures. Recognized as the enterprise market leader, the company is responsible for processing more than 600 million documents annually – more than any other e-signature vendor. LTP: Could you give a brief about eSignLive journey? In terms of how it evolved itself to provide new age offerings to new-age clients starting way back in the early 90’s. Pay-By-Selfie as an E-Commerce Catalyst.

Biometrics (behavioral, in particular) are increasingly gaining popularity in the financial services industry worldwide.

Pay-By-Selfie as an E-Commerce Catalyst

The technology is claimed to be the most convenient method as users don’t have to remember the numbers, codes or passwords. Seeking to leverage the technology, a range of banks has turned to testing biometrics on limited audiences/particular markets. It may not take long till the industry makes biometric authentication mainstream and ditches passwords once and forever. Not all biometrics, however, are being explored and applied at the same rate and pace. Blockchain and the Next Generation of Real-Time Settlement Solutions.

Despite a range of successful trials and projects aimed to test blockchain-powered solutions, we are still a step or two away from the industry-wide implementation of distributed ledger technology in core banking infrastructure.

Blockchain and the Next Generation of Real-Time Settlement Solutions

Among the spheres where blockchain has particularly high expectations to meet is in payments, trading, the matter of financial inclusion, real-time settlement and more. Real-time settlement has recently been under the spotlight with Bank of England emphasizing the way blockchain can affect the next generation of real-time gross settlement (RTGS) solutions. RTGS is the platform that underpins interbank transfers, and the BoE’s RTGS handles transactions worth around £500 billion a day – equivalent to almost a third of Britain’s annual economic output, as reported by Reuters. Is the Middle East Ready to Bank on FinTech? Being one of the least explored by FinTech startups and investors market, Middle East holds a great promise for companies looking to expand operational boundaries.

Is the Middle East Ready to Bank on FinTech?

Some estimates suggest that less than 0.1% of FinTech investment originates in the Middle East. “Consequently, the region’s banks and FinTech startups are lagging behind their foreign counterparts in the development of new services and business models,” said David Martinez de Lecea, a principal at Roland Berger. Explaining the behavior model of regional banks, he added that “by analyzing and replicating proven ideas, UAE banks can become first-followers and very quickly revolutionize the way financial services are provided in this country. If all parties, such as banks, regulators, technology providers and customers, align, the UAE banking sector could be seriously transformed very soon.” Insights in to Fintech in India with Amit Goel Tickets, Mon, 17 Oct, 2016 at 12:30 PM. Amit Goel (Co-Founder & MD at will share his insights in to the development of Fintech in India.

Insights in to Fintech in India with Amit Goel Tickets, Mon, 17 Oct, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Amit's Experience: Co-Founder & Managing Director at Lets Talk Payments (LTP). CU Wallet Chooses AnchorID to Deliver Customized Authentication for Credit Unions. CU Wallet member financial institutions will now have access to both Know-Your-Customer compliance and future-proof multifactor authentication technology.

CU Wallet Chooses AnchorID to Deliver Customized Authentication for Credit Unions

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. And KINGSTON, NY, September 13, 2016: Kontomatik Speaks at Sibos, Geneva. 16.09.2016 Warsaw, Poland: Kontomatik is happy to announce its participation at Sibos, Gevena on September 26th – 29th. Chief Technology Officer of Kontomatik, Piotr Wlodarek, will be participating in a panel discussion titled “PSD2 – The opportunity to reinvent the online payment and banking experience.” Piotr will be accompanied by the experts from UBS, BPCE, European Banking Authority, Fire financial services and Citi. The Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC) is an EU Directive, administered by the European Commission (Directorate General Internal Market) to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). What a Difference a Year Makes! Just Past the BIG BANG Moment in Indian FinTech. It was my 24th consecutive day in India, the longest I had stayed in the country since I left for the US for the first time in 1994.

I had visited after almost exactly one year. And even after such a long stay, in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune, it did not feel nearly enough. Giftbit’s Custom Currency Platform Launches for Online Businesses. Giftbit’s Ecommerce Currency platform to change the way online businesses approach marketing TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco, CA ­ September 13, 2016 –­ Giftbit today announced the launch of the Giftbit Ecommerce Currency platform.

The SaaS platform enables custom currency for online businesses, including gift cards, promo codes and refund credits. Giftbit provides a web application and checkout API that allows business teams to control, create, send and track their custom currency. “We recognized a significant gap in the tools available to online businesses,” explains Leif Baradoy, Co­-founder and CEO of Giftbit, “No merchants are building their own CRM, but they’re all building their own custom currency because there isn’t a great solution on the market. Half of Online Retailers Lack Localization Capabilities When Expanding Internationally. New survey of national online retailers from Ingenico ePayments and InternetRetailing reveals an awareness of the benefits of localization but dissatisfaction with current capabilities London, UK – 13 September 2016 – The key to global success in retail is thinking local.

But results of a new national survey reveal an extraordinary lack of local consideration from many retailers when going international. ItzCash and Visa announce collaboration to expand access in payments ecosystem. ItzCash to target transaction volume of US$ 10 Billion by FY20 September 14, 2016 Mumbai: ItzCash, India’s leading digital payment solutions company announced that as a part of a strategic alignment, the company has been approved as a member of the Visa network. The move makes ItzCash, a non-bank institution in the country to get a direct membership from the global payments technology company. In a first of its kind partnership in India, and one of its kind arrangements globally, the payment network titian has inducted ItzCash, a payments FinTech to become its direct member.

This empowers ItzCash along with Visa to rollout innovative and globally successful solutions along-with offering a seamless payment experience across all its physical and digital platforms. The company is looking at generating transaction volume of approx. Pleo, A Smart Company Card That Automates Expense Reports, Closes $3M Seed Round. Pleo is a company card paired with an app that automatically does your expense reportsMore than 650 companies signed up for early access to Pleo, currently available in beta$3M seed round will go to further product development and public launch in Denmark and UK. Ebury Increases Customer Base by 50% in Partnership With Avoka’s Digital Onboarding Platform. Ebury also sees lending volumes boosted by 2.5x. Visa Launches mVisa: A New Mobile Payment Service to Take on M-Pesa.

Payments heavyweight Visa has just launched a mobile payments solution in a bid to shake up the competition in the profitable money transfer industry, which is currently dominated by Safaricomm’s M-Pesa. The solution, called mVisa, is a new mobile payment service that will accelerate digital commerce in Kenya and across Africa. Visa has partnered with four banks – Co-Operative Bank, Family Bank, KCB, and NIC Bank – as part of its initial rollout. With this new solution, users can directly access all of the funds in their bank accounts to pay merchants or individuals. Because the transaction runs through the Visa network, the consumers and merchants do not need to be customers of the same bank or mobile operator. This brings, for the first time in Kenya, a versatile and secure mobile payment solution, powered by Visa and its partner financial institutions. Summer Ticketing Fraud Leading to Rising Chargeback Costs. Exclusive Interview With Talal Bayaa, Co-Founder of Bayzat.

FinTech Innovation in Southeast Asia. PayU & Citrus Pay Agree to a $130-Landmark Deal in Indian FinTech. United under PayU brand, combined payments powerhouse will reach more than 30M Indian customers and 200K+ merchantsNew leadership team brings together deep financial services experience in emerging marketsPayU to build on Citrus Pay capabilities, offering breadth of financial services New Delhi, India, September 14, 2016 – PayU, the global online payment service provider, today announces that Citrus Pay, a leading Indian payments technology player, will become part of its Indian operation. Amex Bot for Facebook Messenger Now Live for Card Members. The Amex bot for Messenger, previously previewed in Cannes in June 2016, is now live and available to US consumer and OPEN card members. Mastercard Chip Momentum: Reducing Fraud One Year In. Chip Cards in Market at 88% as Chip-Active Terminals Reach 33%

The Digital Payments Industry in North America Will Bring Half a Trillion in E-Commerce Retail Sales by 2018. Payments industry in North America and beyond has evolved tremendously, democratizing business opportunities. Cost-efficient cross-border digital payments solutions have shed barriers for SMEs to conduct business around the world, competing with large international companies.

China Is Home to the Largest FinTech Unicorns in the World. Meeting Millenials’ Payment Expectations. How [And Which] FinTech Startups Are Breaking Banking for Freelancers. Big Opportunity and Many Solutions: Banking & Payments Veterans Exchange Experiences With Lending Startups. The Latest Blockchain-Related Initiatives Bringing Closer Wide Adoption.

Technologies That Will Transform Compliance and Regulation. Blockchain Decentralizes the Power of Alliances Beyond R3 CEV. Aces Up Banks’ Sleeves. Connaizen Has Been Making Noise in FinTech and For All the Right Reasons. Nequi Aims to Build a New Way of Accessing Money. Disruption & Scale: Can FinTech Startups Really Have it Both Ways? 15 Startup Accelerators Dedicated to Africa’s Entrepreneurial Talent. Is Cash-Replacement a Philosopher’s Stone or Trojan Horse? Exclusive Interview With Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku. The Wonderful By-Effects of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Worldpay Extends Relationship With Ingenico (UK) Limited. Collaboration Will Drive the Next Wave of Innovation. Boku Raises $13.75 Million in Further Venture Funding. Why Do We Need Digital Identity Systems in the Financial Services Industry?

AI Is Not the Future, It’s the Present. InsurTech Product Getmeins™ Expands With Innovation and Intelligence to Fight Fraud. Cash Is a State-Backed Utility – Part 3. How Cognitive Computing Can Transform Businesses. Is Consolidation in Banking a Response to an Increasing Threat? The Origins of Disruptive Innovation. What Do Millennials Want From Banks?

Synopsis of Mobile Payments in Australia. 41 International FinTech Accelerators & Incubators Nurturing the Future of the Financial Services Industry. India FinTech Roundup. Contextual Commerce: From Single-Purpose Apps to All-In-One Platforms. ACI Worldwide Integrates Ethoca Alerts Into Global E-Commerce Payments Gateway. Bizfi Originates $144M+ in Financing to Small Businesses in Q2 2016. Can A Bot Help Your Bank Speak Millennial? Cash Replacement 101: Acceptance and Risk Management. What Makes FinTech So Successful and Disruptive? The Cost of Saving the World With Blockchain. Total Indian FinTech Investments and Segment-Wise Analysis [Infographic] Multi-Bank Platforms as a Unification Tool in the Financial Services Industry. Blockchain Will Define the Future of Social Networks.

How China’s Payments Firewall Crashed the American Dream. Why Bank Branches Are Here to Stay. The Benefits of Cloud-Based Banking Infrastructure. The Game of E-Wallets: The Era Of ‘Cold War’ Between West (PayPal, Apple Pay) and East (Alipay, Samsung Pay, Paytm) Why the Largest Tech Companies Are Pushing a Deregulatory Agenda for FinTech. Chronicled Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Open Registry for Internet of Things on Ethereum Blockchain. Banking Data in Portugal Becomes Available With Kontomatik API. The US Has Lost Its VC Crown to Asia. The Largest Banks Comprise the Foundation of FinTech Growth and Development. 40 FinTech Companies Transforming the Cash-Heavy Payments Industry in Africa. Global. Payments. Innovation. Plug and Play FinTech Unveils the Startups Accepted for Its Fourth Batch of the Program.

Great Northern Instore Partners With Shelfbucks to Expand Industry Rollout of In-Store ‘SmartDisplays™’ for CPGs and Retailers. Crypto-Wallet for Cryptocurrency Adoption and Regulation. Many Customers Are Carrying the Wrong Credit Card, J.D. Power Study Finds. August Bangalore FinTech Meetup - Lending & Payments Tickets, Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 6:00 PM. Consumer Security Compromised in Favour of User Experience. Ushering in the New Era of Global FinTech Connectivity, Standardization and Coopetition. The Bank of the Future Will Not Acquire Customers, It Will Nurture Them. EdTech: When Technology for the Sake of Technology Creates a Mess. Three Types of Mobility Transforming the Financial Services Industry. The Key Elements Defining the Perfect Checkout Experience in M-Commerce. Why a Company Builder Is the Best Way to Found in FinTech. Smart Data Is at the Core of FinTech Innovation. How Blockchain Technology Will Change Global Payments. Interview With Matteo Carbone, Judge of MEDICI Top 21- Insurtech.

Exclusive Interview With Max Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Float, One of the Fastest & Most Accessible Credit Products on the Market. The Importance of UX in the Financial Services Industry. Not Everything Is Magical in the FinTech Unicorns Club. Cash Is a State-Backed Utility – Part 2. Exclusive Interview With George Kesselman, Co-founder and CEO of InsurTechAsia. Social Commerce: The Quest from ‘Likes’ to ‘Complete Purchase’ Will FedEx and USPS Have to Scooch in the Face of Local Rivalry?

The Magic of Open APIs.