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Gestes tactiles

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Microsoft offers touch guidance to Windows 8 Metro-app developers. Since Metro-style applications for Windows 8 should all have a touch-first experience, Microsoft has recently released a brief but useful “Windows 8 Touch Guidance” documentation on how developers should think about touch in their applications.

Microsoft offers touch guidance to Windows 8 Metro-app developers

The four-page PDF touches (pun) on some interesting touch characteristics of Windows 8 – including but not limited to drag-down/up for select/deselect, semantic zoom and panning and swipe from edge. The document also establishes some useful guidelines on content and interactive element placements for different grip positions – landscape and portrait, and positions – one hand, two hand, rested on surface or on stand. Through user research, Microsoft has also found a 7x7mm touch target optimal for the average index finger width of 11mm.

Dan Rodney's List of Mac OS X Multi-Touch Gestures. Touch Gesture Reference Guide. The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces.

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

The guide contains: 1) an overview of the core gestures used for most touch commands 2) how to utilize these gestures to support major user actions 3) visual representations of each gesture to use in design documentation and deliverables 4) an outline of how popular software platforms support core touch gestures (below). Guide de référence des interactions tactiles. Une synthèse des gestuelles tactiles – Les Smartphones « Convergence Tactile. Les éléments tactiles envahissent de notre vie quotidienne. Ce n’est pas une La Palissade que de dire cela. Le moindre lecteur de MP3, aussi petit soit-il se retrouve avec une surface tactile et même multitouch dans certains cas… Cette explosion des surfaces tactiles ne s’accompagne pas d’une réelle normalisation des gestuelles (gestures en anglais). Du moins, cette remarque n’est pas tout à fait juste. En effet, les gestes sont souvent les mêmes mais la traduction dans les environnements (OS) ne correspond pas toujours à la même chose.

Ainsi, seul deux gestes semblent toujours faire la même chose et cela quelle que soit la plateforme : Le Pinch/Spread, le fait d’utiliser deux doigt en les écartant ou les rapprochant pour agrandir/réduire ou zoomer/dézoomer dans un élément. Les gestes en fonction des cultures. iPad : conception et ergonomie de l’interface. Dans un article précédent nous avons étudié les secteurs d'activité où l'iPad s'est rapidement implanté et les usages qu'il permet.

iPad : conception et ergonomie de l’interface

Allons un peu plus loin aujourd'hui. Pour replacer le contexte, une étude de comScore de juin 2011 montrait que l'iPad représentait 89% du trafic mondial de données sur tablette. L'iPad est donc actuellement hégémonique sur ce marché et c'est lui qui définit les conventions d'interactions sur tablettes. iPhone 4S Gestures and symbols review-Explained in Simple english - Tech Bit N Byte. Buying any new Apple product is always a joy.

iPhone 4S Gestures and symbols review-Explained in Simple english - Tech Bit N Byte

From the beautifully designed packaging, to the minimal setup time, right up to the joy of using an interface for the first time, it feels like it’s been designed especially for you. The iPhone 4s is an exceptionally amazing smartphone. If you’ve owned an internet-capable smartphone before, you’ll discover just how much better the iPhone is than the other models on the market; and if you’ve just arrived from a regular old-fashioned mobile phone, well,’wow!’ Is going to be an understatement. In this feature we’ll get acquainted with your new device’s hardware features, including every button, switch, slot, port, and plug. iPhone Symbols Like a Mac’s menu bar, the top of the iPhone’s screen displays a number of status icons-shorthand for various settings and connections. Gestures and Techniques Although Apple has designed the iPhone, ipod touch and iPad to be simple to learn, sometimes you want a primer on the basics.

UX guidelines for Metro style app development. The proliferation of rich interactive web applications across the cloud and mobile devices continues to create new opportunities for creative design and development.

UX guidelines for Metro style app development

As these technologies evolve, Microsoft is committed to providing best-in-class tools for building modern applications. In support of these industry trends Microsoft is consolidating our lead design and development offerings — Expression and Visual Studio — to offer all of our customers a unified solution that brings together the best of Web and modern development patterns. Blend continues to ship as a standalone tool with Visual Studio 2013, as part of a consolidated designer/developer offering. Common Windows 8 Touch Interactions and Features. As you might know the new Windows operating system, Windows 8 is a touch-centric and more mobile oriented than any earlier Windows versions.

Common Windows 8 Touch Interactions and Features

On touch-enabled PCs, Windows 8 touch interactions let you manipulate the things on your screen in a way that feels comfortable. It has all the little niceties you’d expect to make a touch screen device feel right, including several built-in touch keyboards. Here are a few common Windows 8 gestures. Basic Touch Gestures in Windows 8 Consumer Preview Comparing to Windows7, Windows 8 has following features System Requirements: Windows 8 works on any PC that works Windows 7, though it may use even fewer resources.

Hardware support: Windows 8 has built-in support for USB 3.0, many printers, many sensor types, and data modems. Cloud Integration: Log in with your Live ID, and settings, data, and Metro apps sync automatically across cloud services like Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.