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Experience Just How Big the Universe is, in One Mind-Blowing Interactive. You need a more recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

Experience Just How Big the Universe is, in One Mind-Blowing Interactive

Recently, NASA scientists combined data from the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes to discover the most distant galaxy known to date. The galaxy, named Abell2744 Y1, was formed around 13.2 billion years ago when the universe was extremely young. As the universe is expanding, Abell2744 Y1 is currently closer to 40 billion light years away from us, an astounding distance. Image: Galaxy cluster Abell2744 obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope (Credit: NASA) But what does that really mean? Most of us have trouble visualizing the height of buildings, or the distance it takes to get home from work, let alone things on an intergalactic scale. Even cooler are the tidbits of information that are provided when you click on an object. 1. This is the smallest unit of scale in the universe. As you can see from the animation it takes a bit of zooming to reach this scale. 2. 3. 4.

Tres-4 is the second largest planet discovered so far. 5. 6. A New Thermodynamics Theory of the Origin of Life. Why does life exist?

A New Thermodynamics Theory of the Origin of Life

Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning and a colossal stroke of luck. But if a provocative new theory is correct, luck may have little to do with it. Instead, according to the physicist proposing the idea, the origin and subsequent evolution of life follow from the fundamental laws of nature and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.” From the standpoint of physics, there is one essential difference between living things and inanimate clumps of carbon atoms: The former tend to be much better at capturing energy from their environment and dissipating that energy as heat.

Jeremy England, a 31-year-old assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has derived a mathematical formula that he believes explains this capacity. Kristian Peters Cells from the moss Plagiomnium affine with visible chloroplasts, organelles that conduct photosynthesis by capturing sunlight. The Smartest Book About Our Digital Age Was Published in 1929. Scott Eyman’s new life of the actor John Wayne portrays an extremely complicated man who invented his own public persona and played it beautifully.

The Smartest Book About Our Digital Age Was Published in 1929

“Truly, this man was the son of God.” Thus speaks a Roman centurion at the end of George Stevens’s inaptly named The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965). It’s a line that always gets a big laugh, partly because the idea of anything so irreligious as Hollywood hokum commenting on the provenance of Jesus Christ is axiomatically funny, but mostly because the centurion is played by John Wayne, a movie star who might have known a son of a gun when he saw one, but who patently knew precious little else.

Except, one learns from Scott Eyman’s exhaustive new biography, John Wayne: the Life and Legend, Wayne was a rather more cultivated man than his movie persona allowed. The Future of Airline Websites. Green et Vert - Source inépuisable sur le développement durable. Pouvoir d’achat: le bricolage entre particuliers, ça marche aussi très bien. "Les bricoleurs du dimanche enfoncent le clou", nous dit cet article dans lequel l’ouverture des magasins le dimanche est valorisée comme une façon de répondre au besoin de ceux qui favorisent l’autoproduction et le Do it Yourself pour augmenter leur pouvoir d’achat.

Pouvoir d’achat: le bricolage entre particuliers, ça marche aussi très bien

Mais il est possible de s’outiller autrement qu’en parcourant les rayons de Casto le dimanche matin ! De quoi faire plus d’économies, le côté convivial en plus. Start Here. This page is here to help you get started using High Scalability.

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Développement personnel. La création d'idées. Niall Ferguson: Empires on the Edge of Chaos. Bio Niall Ferguson Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is the Laurence A.

Niall Ferguson: Empires on the Edge of Chaos

Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University. He is a resident faculty member of the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies. He is also a Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University, and a Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Click on any word within the transcript to jump to that point in the program. next previous cancel To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials. Encyclopædia Britannica Article economic forecasting Prediction of future economic activity and developments. Economic forecasting on © 2010 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Leap Motion, l'interface de contrôle en 3D qui menace la souris. Un petit boîtier USB, du nom de Leap Motion, crée une interface de contrôle en 3D qui détecte les mouvements des mains et des doigts avec une précision au millimètre.

Leap Motion, l'interface de contrôle en 3D qui menace la souris

Il peut donc remplacer la souris pour piloter un ordinateur avec des gestes naturels. Notre bonne vieille souris sera-t-elle mise au placard ? Boardreader - Forum Search Engine. La mort d'internet se confirme un peu plus à Bruxelles. Internet se substituerait-il à la mémoire ? 2008 - Les Processeurs Flous. HE-Arc/GHU Page: 3 de 2207.05.2008 fuzzy.DOC Le but de cet exposé est de définir et de présenter ce que l’on entend par« processeur flou ».

2008 - Les Processeurs Flous

Pour ce faire, on présente tout d’abord les principes de lalogique floue et ses applications dans le domaine du réglage puis on décritdifférentes solutions pour un organe de commande (processeur) basé sur lesprincipes du flou. Depuis quelques années déjà, on trouve sur le marché des appareils de grandeconsommation (appareils de photos, vidéo, ...) qui sont présentés comme faisantintervenir un réglage par logique floue ou « fuzzy-logic » ou encore « Accueil.