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BlackLivesMatter. Ron Paul Quotes. Using Pearltree. Scott Marlett King of Swords ripoff. E Cards. Meet ups. MY CANDIDATES. Games. McAfee is a VIRUS. Trucking. Plantronics Savi 440. {{shoppingcart.totalQuantityDisplay}} Total: {{shoppingcart.subtotal}} {{}} The following PDF links include pictorial step-by-step audio setup guides.

Plantronics Savi 440

Click the appropriate link/s to download a complimentary microphone installation guide. Audio Setup Guide for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Audio Setup Guide for WSR (Coming Soon) Audio Setup Guide for DragonDictate To get one-touch call answer/end with other softphones (Skype, Cisco, Avaya, etc.), download the latest release of Plantronics software. Wireless freedom that won’t weigh you down. Superior Call Management. Box Truck Converted into Amazing DIY Solar Mobile Cabin. If you’ve been thinking about living in tiny houses you’ve probably also considered a bunch of other ways of living alternatively.

Box Truck Converted into Amazing DIY Solar Mobile Cabin

For me when I first started thinking like this I immediately became fascinated with van dwelling, yurts, micro cabins and yes- box truck conversions too. This led me to discovering Rob Scott’s amazing truck houses and so much more. And today I’m still finding even more alternative housing options that continue amaze me and I really enjoy getting to share them with you through Tiny House Talk, Tiny House Pins and the Tiny House Newsletter. So I had to share with you this amazing box truck conversion home that was hand built by Joseph Tayyar who was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. He had the idea in his head four years prior to making it a reality. And he’s free from property taxes and electricity companies. These 25 Unconventional Homes Make The Most Of A Unique Space. Big Trucks Big Bucks IV (144" rear door custom sleeper truck- ARI ) PETERBILT FACTORY SLEEPER WITH ICT CONVERSION.pdf. Sennheiser SD Pro 2. {{shoppingcart.totalQuantityDisplay}} Total: {{shoppingcart.subtotal}} {{}} KnowBrainer Speech Recognition Perspective: We like the Sennheiser SD Pro 1 (one speaker) and Pro 2 (two speakers) microphones for professional clients that want both the freedom of a wireless headset and the ability to switch between accurate PC dictation and crystal clear phone calls, with the push of a button.

Sennheiser SD Pro 2

While testing the Pro 1 and Pro 2 we found the noise cancelling characteristics to be improved over their predecessors the DW Pro-1 and DW Pro-2 and also favor the look and functionality of the redesigned base/docking station. When compared to other similar microphones on the market the SD Pro 1 and Pro 2 are also notably easier to hook up, easier to operate and require no software. Flatbed OTR - Top 1% Pay - Now Hiring Recent CDL Graduates! in Statewide, New Hampshire. To speak directly with a Melton recruiter, call: (918) 675-7668 Recognized as an award-winning flatbed carrier since 1954, Melton Truck Lines is in the top 1% of industry pay and offers excellent benefits to attract professional drivers.

Flatbed OTR - Top 1% Pay - Now Hiring Recent CDL Graduates! in Statewide, New Hampshire

We are currently seeking Class A CDL, OTR Truck Drivers who are recent CDL School graduates OR have at least 1 month OTR driving experience. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Our Class A CDL, OTR Truck Drivers serve the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and provide shippers with consistent, on-time transportation services. We operate within driver-friendly shipping lanes and have a 98% on-time pickup and delivery record, utilizing the most advanced technology available in our 100% air-ride fleet of late-model equipment. Dispute the Accuracy or Completeness of Your Background Report / File. If you believe that any information in your background / file reports is inaccurate or incomplete, you may file a dispute with HireRight for free.

Dispute the Accuracy or Completeness of Your Background Report / File

The dispute investigation process generally may take up to 30 days, depending on the nature, scope and source of the information being disputed. HireRight will promptly investigate the specific information/records that you are disputing. HireRight also has trained customer service representatives who can work with you if you need assistance identifying the specific information/records that you want to dispute.

Applicant & Consumer Overview. Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits. Nuance Americas Online Store - Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset. The Best Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers! Nuance. Newer hardware may not be listed here or on our Web site simply because we have not tested our products with them yet.


We are continually testing new hardware and adding them to the list. However, if your hardware is not listed you may still be able to use it with your Nuance Products. Vxi BlueParrot B250-XT XT+ & Xpressway Bluetooth Headset Review. Olympus DS-2500 Digital Voice Recorder V403121SU000 B&H Photo. Whether you're recording lectures at school or meetings at work, the Olympus DS-2500 Digital Voice Recorder is a perfect choice for almost any professional or student who requires the benefits of a digital voice recorder and dictation device.

Olympus DS-2500 Digital Voice Recorder V403121SU000 B&H Photo

You can record using the DS2 (DSS Pro) format, which saves files in high-compression DSS format using the included DSS Player software. The recorder features push-button control, PC Link, voice activated recording and a backlit 1.74" LCD display. Speech Recognition Forums - Transcription and Digital Recorders. Hands-Free Headset Microphone. KnowBrainer Hands-Free Accuracy: 9.6 Noise Filtering: 9 Comfort: 7 Overall: 7Pros: Budget priced Cons: 90 day warranty Some of our microphones include a built-in USB soundcard.

Hands-Free Headset Microphone

Those that do not, typically include the recommendation to add a proper USB soundcard. This is because the integrated OEM soundcard (that came in your computer) may limit the accuracy of your new professional microphone, or even prevent it from working altogether. When using this Microphone with the VXI Full Duplex Soundcard (NOT RECOMMENDED) you must use a P_100 power converter. This microphone's audio performance was almost as good as the more expensive Sennheiser Headset. Features. Best Windows 8 laptops: the top Windows 8 notebooks we've reviewed. Microsoft fundamentally changed the way Windows works when it introduced Windows 8, ensuring it works better with touchscreens and tablets.

Best Windows 8 laptops: the top Windows 8 notebooks we've reviewed

But what about Windows 8 laptops, Ultrabooks and convertibles? They're all supported, too. One thing Windows 8 has in spades is convergence. A Windows 8 Ultrabook that has a touchscreen? Check. It can be tough differentiating some of these from tablets, but the only conditions required for laptops to make it into this article are that they have a keyboard and also run x86 Intel or AMD processors. All of which means they don't run Windows RT, the version of Windows for ARM systems. So to help you choose the right machine, here's a rundown of the Windows 8 laptops, notebooks, convertibles and Ultrabooks we've looked at so far. Shower Toilet Sink Combo - Best Interior. Untitled. Airstream DWR Design Within Reach Travel Trailer review - Roaming Times.

Important dimensions: Exterior length 16'7", Exterior width 8', Exterior height with A/C 8'8" Price - base MSRP $49,737 (7/09 - info to RoTi from Airstream) Airstream say: "The DWR Airstream travel trailer is a tribute to classic modern design, but it's not only a potential museum piece, it's designed to be part of your life.

Airstream DWR Design Within Reach Travel Trailer review - Roaming Times

Hitch up and drive wherever you want to go—the middle of nowhere (Joshua Tree? Canyonlands?) , or the middle of Manhattan, where you can now see a vintage Airstream in the Museum of Modern Art. Jcwhitney. Vehicle Every Day Carry - Get Home Bag – This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog which can be seen here: He also has a YouTube Channel with several survival/self-reliance related videos which can be found here: Most people in America spend the majority of their time split between three places: their home, their place of work and in their vehicle. Numerous excellent articles have been written on what emergency gear and supplies to keep in your home and to a lesser extent at your workplace. A lot of good material has also been written on Bug Out Bags (BOB) and Every Day Carry (EDC) items as well.

This post will focus on items related to vehicles and what items to keep in them with two primary areas of concern. Most of us rely on our vehicles on a daily basis and would probably also need to rely on them in an emergency situation. Housetrucks. Housetrucks come in all shapes and sizes and are found all over the world. If you’re new to what the concept of a housetruck is, it’s simply a truck where the bed or storage area has been removed (usually) and in it’s place a living area has been installed.

What’s great about a housetruck is that they are usually hand made and are more sturdy and are typically built from higher-quality materials than a mass-produced motorhome. Trying to peg down a housetruck into a certain description of category is literally impossible because they are so diverse and come in so many flavors. Some have small 4-cylinder engines while others are rolling behemoths built to accommodate an entire family. Then there is everything in between. An excellent book I recommend on housetrucks is “Some Turtles Have Nice Shells” by Roger Beck. Here are some photos for you to get an idea of what housetrucks are all about and just how much they vary.

Handmade Micro Cabin Built on a 4×4 Diesel Truck For Sale. Elaine Cabin Tiny Home on Wheels by Rich Daniels. Small Houseboat is 550 Square Feet of Bliss: Would You Live Here? Electromagnetic radiation protective clothing for EMI/RF sensitive people. Holland Shielding Systems BV Anti-EMI/RF E-Smog personal protection is functional, effective shielding against electromagnetic fields. This shielding clothing may be worn while working in an environment with high electromagnetic radiation but can also be used for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation.

This EMI/RFI shielded clothing is made of the same material as our Faraday tents, is very strong and can easily be washed. The electromagnetic radiation protective clothing can be made in any size and even according to your supplied drawings. Fabric Selection Guide. EMF Shielding and Conductive Fabric Selection Guide With so many fabric choices, which one is right for my application?

The table below summarizes the major characteristics of each material. If you still have questions, call us at +1-518-608-6479, or send an e-mail inquiry to "Get Samples of All Our Fabrics" Can't decide which fabric is right for your application? Booklet includes a coupon worth $25 towards any fabric from our line. Hornby Island Caravan's Tiny Home Your Next Office or Micro Guest House. If you’ve been wanting a tiny house on a trailer to call your own, and you don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder up to a sleeping loft, then this one might be yours. This particular model is being used as an office and was built for a customer by Hornby Island Caravans. Ian and Mathona wanted an office that could also serve as a micro guest house when family or friends come over. So they did what anybody would do… (I’ve been waiting for the chance to use that line.) Rustic-modern-tiny-house-for-sale-007.jpg (JPEG Image, 1275 × 1650 pixels) - Scaled (60%)

Woman's 20' Off Grid Shipping Container Tiny House. Make a shipping container your home for less than $185,000 - Sep. 5, 2014. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Most international freight today travels in huge steel containers that can stack on the decks of ships and be offloaded onto the backs of tractor trailers. Sometimes the containers get shipped back to Asia. But most of the time, they sit idle around U.S. ports. You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home. All you need is around $2000 to begin building one of these epic homes – made from recycled shipping containers! Check out some of these amazing creations! Granny Flat Modern Small Home: Garden Pavilion. Man Converts Shipping Container into Tiny Home on Wheels. 160 Sq. Ft. Rhino Shipping Container Tiny Home. This 160 sq. ft. Off Grid Solar Powered Tiny House is Completely Self Sufficient “Out-Of-The-Box” Portable Cabin. Window Daybed - White.

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Bible References. Computer/Internet fixes. Music Videos. News. Causes. STOP NATO. Hillary. Britexit. Wikileaks DNC. SOLD - GONE- Rocketa 49cc scooter Yellow Silver Black. SOLD - have more scooters though. awesome scooter, u know this thing is cool. 49cc scooter runs strong and FAST. low miles only 1293, clean condition, just replaced carburetor email call text show contact info. Off the Grid. Recipes. Health and Gardening. Articles. Research.

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