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Facebook Twitter - The Internet's Largest List of Similes. English (ENGL) < Calendars. Quicksand ; And, Passing - Nella Larsen. Setting book lists - StumbleUpon. Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagram, anagram, software, anagramme, anagrama, wordplay, word play, anagram creator, anagram solver, anagram finder, anagram generator, anagram maker, anagram unscrambler, anagram machine, crossw - St. Forvo: The Pronunciation Guide. The Best English-Language Fiction of the Twentieth Century. Minimal Pairs. MyiLibrary. Free eBooks: Great Books on Your PC, iPhone &Kindle. Top 10 Novels of the 2000s. - Find out the meanings of common sayings.

RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus. Passed vs Past. Etymologically Speaking... From the old Arabic word "hashshshin," which meant, "someone who is addicted to hash," that is, marijuana.

Etymologically Speaking...

Originally refered to a group of warriors who would smoke up before battle. Aaron White adds: You may want to explore the fact that the hashshshins were somewhat of a voodoo-ized grand conspiracy scapegoat cult (the very fact of their existence is impossible to confirm).