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Uilang. Tools. Public-APIs/ at master · abhishekbanthia/Public-APIs. GitHub - JamesPan/pdf-smart-crop. Directory of public APIs for web and mobile. Backpack/ at master · palmerhq/backpack. Google Groupes. WrapAPI: APIs for the whole web. MonkeyLearn - Build Apps with Machine Learning. Tutorials. Tributary. Public-apis/ at master · toddmotto/public-apis. Best Python Resources. The Python community is amazing at sharing detailed resources and helping beginners learn to program with the language.

Best Python Resources

There are so many resources out there though that it can be difficult to know how to find them. This page aggregates the best general Python resources with descriptions of what they provide to readers. New to programming If you're learning your first programming language these books were written with you in mind. Developers learning Python as a second or later language should skip down to the next section for "experienced developers". What to learn in 2017 if you’re a frontend developer. With our fast-paced ecosystem we tend to spend our time trying the latest inventions and arguing about them on the internet.

What to learn in 2017 if you’re a frontend developer

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do that, but probably we should slow down a bit and take a look at things that don’t change much: they could greatly improve quality and value of our work, and understanding of those new tools. This post is a mix of my experience and my wishes for the New Year. I want to hear your suggestions as much as I want to share mine. Learn how to write readable code Most of our work isn’t in writing new code but modifying existing code. I recommend reading these three amazing books — in this order, from shortest to longest: Learn how to write for humans A big portion of communication with our colleagues and other people are textual: task descriptions and comments, code comments, Git commits, chat messages, emails, tweets, blog posts, etc.

Imagine how much time people spend reading and understanding all that. Learn the old computer science wisdom. SymbolHound: Search Better. Code Better. Visualizing Algorithms. The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated… The real powers come from devising external aids that enhance cognitive abilities.

Visualizing Algorithms

How The American Academy Helped Create The Alt-Right. American academics are rightly alarmed by the ascendance of the alt-right and its entrenchment in American politics.

How The American Academy Helped Create The Alt-Right

The alt-right includes nativists, conspiracists, isolationists, Putinists, white nationalists, and masculinists. The alt-right is pessimistic about the ability of people of different races and religions to live together, and is hostile to both legal and illegal immigrants. Alt-right websites warn against the dangers of miscegenation and criticize the pro-life movement as “dysgenic” because it encourages breeding by “the least intelligent and responsible” women. But American academics have been slow to acknowledge how dependent the leaders of the alt-right are upon playbooks that they learned on university campuses.

SVGOMG - SVGO's Missing GUI. Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI's Gym. · HEAD · Asura / Android Client · GitLab. What is this project for? · HEAD · Asura / Android Client · GitLab

The goal of Asura is to make it easy to build an individual app which parses a JSON File and display it in a ListView, mainly just with configuring a single file. How do I get set up? 0.1 Fork the repositories "android" and "data" or its mirrors.0.2 Import the project in Android Studio or use an editor.1. Edit build.gradle (applicationId, versionCode, versionName).2. Change the application icon in app/src/main/res/drawable (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi).3. Repositories Official repository: GitLab Official mirror (Pull Request are welcome): GitHub.

Image-Charts documentation - Google Image Charts replacement. Image-Charts Usage Policy There’s no limit to the number of calls per day you can make to the Image Charts API.

Image-Charts documentation - Google Image Charts replacement

However, we reserve the right to block any use that we regard as abusive. The Image-Charts API returns a chart image in response to a URL GET or POST request. The API can generate many kinds of charts, from pie or line charts to bar charts and radars. All the information about the chart that you want, such as chart data, size, colors, and labels, are part of the URL. To make the simplest chart possible, all your URL needs to specify is the chart type, data, and size. The preceding link is an example of a basic Chart API URL. All URLs start with followed by the parameters that specify chart data and appearance.

Let’s examine the URL above in more detail: Play again cht=p3& chs=700x100& chd=t:60,40& chl=Hello|World& chan& chf=ps0-0,lg,45,ffeb3b,0.2,f44336,1|ps0-1,lg,45,8bc34a,0.2,009688,1 This is the base URL for all chart requests. . # Feature support and roadmap. Marketplace. Finder.js.

Learning tools

Untrusted - a user javascript adventure game. RapidAPI Marketplace - Product Hunt. Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser. Index.