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Fashionista. Welcome to Sustainability Week!


Its lit. Depop blog — US Shipping Carrier Breakdown. Best for fast, low-cost shipping, and offers free supplies, free tracking, and free pickup.

Depop blog — US Shipping Carrier Breakdown

Sales Reports: Comparison. Great John Street Hotel. A Christmas Checklist for Your Etsy Shop. The relationship between brands and “social influencers” – what’s next? Over the last six years, a new breed of online influencers has emerged.

The relationship between brands and “social influencers” – what’s next?

From super-star bloggers to YouTube celebrities, these “social influencers” often have huge followings across multiple platforms – and have become an increasingly attractive way for brands to reach new audiences. This week, the Guardian partnered with leading communications agency, Red Consultancy, to deliver a unique Masterclass exploring the relationship between brands and social influencers, focusing on future trends in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Our panel of expert speakers included Jamie Lennox and Tom Ridgewell, two of the veterans of the YouTube generation, lifestyle and travel blogger Zanna van Dijk, and Anna Whitehouse, creator of Mother Pukka, a portal for news, events and comment for parents. In 2015, six out of 10 of the biggest influencers in the UK were YouTube stars.

Loosen the creative reins for authentic results Brand bravery. Instagram vs. Snapchat. Three Tips to Avoid Costly Shipping Mistakes. For manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, shipping products quickly and reliably to clients and customers is a major concern.

Three Tips to Avoid Costly Shipping Mistakes

But transporting goods by ground, sea or air -- domestically or internationally -- can be a complicated operation for business owners who haven't explored every shipping method and the costs associated with them. Some of the most common mistakes include not knowing which shipping method to choose, being unclear about international shipping regulations and not double-checking shipments before they're sent, according to a USPS spokeswoman. One way to avoid hang-ups is to consult with a vendor's small-business specialist. For instance, the USPS offers over-the-phone advice as well as Shipping Assistant, a downloadable tool that allows customers to standardize addresses, compare rates, calculate estimated delivery times and verify deliveries. Setting Up A Shipping System For Your Business. Shipping is the roughage in an entrepreneur's diet.

Setting Up A Shipping System For Your Business

Nobody's interested in talking about it, but everybody's got to deal with it. In fact, shipping is one of the most challenging aspects of business for many entrepreneurs. Because the fact is, no one shipping vendor or shipping policy fits all. Much depends on the industry you're in, the kinds of products you sell, the weight of the items you're shipping, and your customers' needs.

ASOS_GULLY New Stock – Page 4 – LowKeyLyf. NATALIE WINTER - ABOUT. 12 reasons your business should have a native app before 2016. There's no denying that millennials are relying on their mobile devices to help accomplish their daily needs — whether it be picking up dry cleaning or ordering dinner.

12 reasons your business should have a native app before 2016

But if you already have a mobile site, is developing a native app really necessary? To find out, I asked 12 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) why or why not they think native is non-negotiable. 1. Gain control over user experience. Products Archive - Page 2 of 24 - Thriftwares. Why brands must adapt to 'Generation SnapDash' Biggie Smalls 'If you don't know now you know' lyrics illustration tee – STUDIO 315. The marketplace to buy and sell creative services - Digiserved. Shop ASOS Marketplace for Vintage Fashion & Independent Brands. Every time I visit’s clearance section (a serious bargain basement), I notice something in the top left-hand corner: ASOS Marketplace.

Shop ASOS Marketplace for Vintage Fashion & Independent Brands

I’ve never actually… clicked on it until recently. Want to know how to make it in fashion? We admit it; the fashion industry has a pretty bad reputation for being hard to crack.

Want to know how to make it in fashion?

You’re interested, sure – but how do you actually get an internship? Or start your own label? Or get your work seen by the right eyes? Introducing the Dazed Fashion Forum, a day long event coming soon to the Amazon Fashion Photographic Studio in Shoreditch, designed to break down the barriers and bring the best names in fashion directly to those who want to find their feet in the industry.

Bulk Listing Software for Ebay, Amazon, Magento and BigCommerce. 4 Tricks for Finding Your Brand’s Voice. 5 PR strategies that can help every startup. This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

5 PR strategies that can help every startup

Every six months or so, an article pops up with the headline, "Do you really need a PR firm? " These articles set off myriad phone calls from clients who say, “I read that if we have a great product, we will immediately get PR.” While there are some exceptional products that have grown organically (like Instagram), the technology space is so crowded that being heard above the noise is increasingly difficult. How crowded? There are nearly 1.4 million apps in the App Store, according to Statista, and 300 million people are starting businesses worldwide, Moya K. Although launches, new products and funding announcements do attract media attraction, those events are few and far between. plans to help graduates start a business. By Megan Dunsby Updated: Jul 15, 2015 Published: Jul 15, 2015 Graduates have been encouraged to start a business by with the upcoming launch of its first Start UP event – a one day conference intended to help university graduates develop their business ideas. plans to help graduates start a business

The event will be held at the retailer’s Richmond headquarters on Friday 24 July and will include keynote speeches from StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones and legal firm Joelson Wilson. How Stüssy Became a $50 Million Global Streetwear Brand Without Selling Out. NEW YORK, United States — In 1980, California-bred Shawn Stüssy began creating surfboards that combined innovative performance shapes with a graphic style combining elements from reggae, punk and new wave music, leaving his literal mark on each board with a broad-tipped black marker. His signature paid homage both to graffiti handstyles and his uncle, abstract painter Jan Frederick Stüssy. Get product to market via the ASOS Marketplace. Letitia Allman is Seller Development Manager of the ASOS Marketplace which connects young fashion brands with the millions of customers visiting ASOS each year.

Ahead of speaking at The Fashion Exchange, Letitia answers some questions on how the Marketplace works in favour of small business. Q: When did the ASOS Marketplace launch? ASOS Marketplace launched in November 2010 with 20 Boutiques and a handful of wardrobe recyclers. Can the pop-up shop save our struggling high streets? Analysts estimate that throughout Britain 28 shops every day are shutting their doors for good. In our towns and cities one in every six retail premises languishes empty. Pop-up retail. Pop-up shops have a reputation for opening unexpectedly in interesting locations, trading quickly on the buzz they generate, and can close suddenly when their business goals have been met.

However, if you are planning to open a pop-up retail shop, you need to be aware that consumer law applies equally to your business as to any other. Your business model may be short term, but you risk long term damage to your business reputation if you don't stay on the right side of the law. Trading fairly as a pop-up shop Whenever you sell goods to a customer you have certain responsibilities. Etsy House pop-up shop to launch for Christmas. Etsy House is the company’s first UK foray into brick and mortar retail. Designers applied for their products, which can range from art to body and bath products, to be featured in the store via Instagram.

Authentic Burberry Guide and Where It's Made. How Can You Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers? Find a Pop Up Space to Rent. E-commerce: the legal stuff you need to know before selling online. Retail insolvencies have recently hit a five-year high, partly due to the increasing popularity of internet shopping, and more bricks and mortar retail businesses are moving into online selling. Business mentoring.

Karen Karem. Welcome to Secret Emporium. Adaptation Project. Daily Worth - Social Media Best Practices. The Biggest Room in the World For the uninitiated, social media seems more toy than tool — big on buzz and small on ROI. Which is why, for those who have already built successful businesses and brands without it, it’s hard to justify the time and effort. But, the numbers make it increasingly hard to ignore: More than 200 million people use Twitter, and more than a billion are on Facebook.

5 Ways to Make Tax Time More Serene.