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i.materialise 3D printing service blog Are you looking for a specific model; but can’t find the right size? Dave Cowden, a mechanical engineer with a passion for 3D printing, came up with the solution: Parametric Parts . An interview! What’s your background?

i.materialise 3D printing service blog

blog Why is wall thickness such a difficult challenge to solve? The goal was to create tools to help designers identify and fix potential problem areas prior to 3D printing. The solution had to provide accurate and relevant data, in order to help 3D designers speed up the design and iteration cycle. Man vs Machine Take, for instance, a triangle: at the very tip, the wall thickness gradually becomes zero. The same concept applies to the edges of a blade of grass. blog
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3D Printer Hi Guys, Again, thank you very much for the interest in the project and all support. We have been working hard to bring this high resolution 3D Printer to all of you. Before our FAQ, I would like to share a really nice thing with you.
Community Blog | Fab@Home I've just finished a set of improvements to the pather. Our default pather (source "shared/pather/simplecrosshatchpather.cpp") first traces the outer and inner contours twice, so that the object looks smooth on the outside. Then it fills in the shape with straight lines, and connects the ends of these lines together as well as it can: one level of an 11-sided psuedo-sphere On each successive level, it switches between vertical and horizontal lines, to make the structure stronger: Community Blog | Fab@Home

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ganter on January 2nd, 2013 It’s THAT time of year when everyone will be making amazing predictions about AM for the 2013 year. I was recently at a holiday party (wearing a silver tie and long tails) discussing “3D printing and AM, and it’s amazing feats”. Someone then asked “Haven’t you been playing around with this technology for a while?” untitled