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Extra CI activities for each month. Valentine's Day Date - Stem-changing preterite. - Resource: Tu veux sortir avec moi? Il y a un garçon qui s'appelle Olivier.

- Resource: Tu veux sortir avec moi?

Olivier est grand, jeune et très beau. Il y a aussi une fille qui s'appelle Sophie. Sophie aussi est grande, jeune et très belle. Olivier aime beaucoup Sophie et il pense qu'elle est très belle. Il veut sortir avec elle. Donc Olivier va à Sophie et il lui dit: "Bonjour Sophie. Olivier est très surpris. Olivier est très surpris (et un peu fâché).

Olivier est très content. Amazon. Story Listening Handouts. Infothèque - cycle 2 - Liste de fréquence lexicale. En Español. Story Listening? Oh yea! This post encourages you to try Story Listening, and responds to objections to it.

Story Listening? Oh yea!

Story Listening— SL— is a comprehensible input teaching technique developed by Beniko Mason, who taught English to Japanese Uni students, many of whom had failed first-year Uni English. Mason’s students— the “bad” ones— consistently outperformed their traditionally-taught peers, in many cases acquiring twice as quickly as other students. SL is very simple. The teacher tells a story (ideally, a folktale or sometthing from literature) in the target language and illustrates it on the board by drawing pictures, writing key words, using arrows etc.

EP:04 - Qui a volé la Joconde ? #MyLittleMuseum. Life Lessons sharing and respecting others. Facebook. Beetlejuice Halloween Story - Google Slides. C'est la nuit - French Halloween Song by Audrey Misiano. Love Bites. Dracula va chez le dentiste - Ping Pong. Le vampire et La dentiste. Edpuzzle. Edpuzzle. f1 1920 1 jour 1 actu halloween. Copy of Halloween blind drawing - Google Slides. LE COEUR REVELATEUR. 10-15 min Story Listening – Halloween edition! – TOWARD PROFICIENCY. Looking for spooky stories to tell on Halloween week?

10-15 min Story Listening – Halloween edition! – TOWARD PROFICIENCY

The Stories First foundation has got you covered! Here is my selection for my Novice students. I will deliver these stories in my “one story a day” routine using Story Listening supplementation. Don’t speak French? Read on, all of these stories except the first one exist in English. 1. Who said ghost stories have to be spooky? Story listening in my classroom 2. Full story in English Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!) A haunted house. Story listening in my classroom 3. Full story in English Adapted script in French An old lady find a big hairy toe in the forest. Story listening in my classroom 4. Adapted script in English Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!) A young girl disobeys her aunt and suffers the consequences. Unfortunately the video stopped within 2 minutes and no one noticed. Le Collier Vert- A Halloween Story (Past Tense) - Google Slides.

NORMAN - AVOIR UN CHAT. Der Suppenkasper. Invitation to Story Listening - The Stories First Foundation. Demonstration Videos - The Stories First Foundation. These videos were hand-picked by Beniko Mason as a proper demonstration of what Story Listening looks like in class.

Demonstration Videos - The Stories First Foundation

They provide you with information about: language, language level, student population, setting, background information. Below the video you can see some comments from Dr. Mason what tools have been used from the SL tool kit and what makes these videos good SL demos. For your convenience they also come with the written text/ prompter and an audio recording of the reading. Prompters will vary for every class and are just an example for the specific class shown. Videos, Readings and Audio can be provided to students for more input at home. The Stories First Foundation. French One - Story Listening - Le Conte de Monplaisir - 1/31/2017 Part Two. French One - Story Listening - Le Conte de Monplaisir. Ti Malice et Monplaisir. Story Map and Story Mountain.pdf.

Bobby Schuller - From now on when someone asks me " what... This is just one of the best commercials... - Carla Tabah Akkaoui. Paris, Je t’aime Movie Talk - Google Slides. iInventamos un Caracter! - Google Slides. Romana Khan - This movie has won the Oscar for the best... The Olive Fairy Book. Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer, Tyler... - America’s Got Talent Live. Joe Dombrowski - Convinced a room full of 6 year olds that... The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse - ESMA 2015. Demonstration Videos - The Stories First Foundation.

Snack Attack! 20 Animal Bands That Look Like They Are About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever. Presale Special - The Bite-Size Book of One Word Images. Petit Poulet - Chicken Little in French (with audio) Laissez-moi vous raconter l’histoire d'un Poulet.

Petit Poulet - Chicken Little in French (with audio)

Ses amis l’appellent Petit Poulet. Petit Poulet vit dans une petite maison de poulet normale, dans une petite ville normale. Translate? Let me tell you the story of a chicken. His friends call him Chicken Little. Il n’est ni grand, ni petit. He is neither tall nor short. Par une matinée tout à fait normale, Petit Poulet mange son petit-déjeuner dans la cuisine. On a completely normal morning, Chicken Little is eating his breakfast in the kitchen. Il lit les nouvelles. He is reading the news. Il a si peur qu’il laisse tomber son toast dans son café. He is so scared that he drops his toast into his coffee. D’abord il envoie l’histoire par courriel à ses mille amis les plus proches.

First, he emails the story (sends the story by email) to his one-thousand closest friends. La première personne qu’il rencontre dans la rue est Pauline la poule. The first person he meets in the street is Pauline the hen. . « Bonjour, Petit Poulet ! Comprehension-based interaction(s) with French 1 students. Frames. There is a boy called Oliver.


Olivier is tall, young and very good-looking. There is also a girl called Sophie. Sophie is also tall, young and very beautiful. Olivier likes Sophie very much and he thinks she is very beautiful. He wants to go out with her. So Olivier goes to Sophie and he says to her: "Hello Sophie. Olivier is very surprised. Sir Whines A Lot Le Chat! by The Compelling Language Corner. Cashnip Kitty: a real-life story for Spanish classes. Somos 1 unit 4 story asking. Le roi et le chasseur - Great Story Reading Project. Le chasseur et le roi (Conte du Niger) Il était une fois, un chasseur qui était marié à une femme qui ne l’aimait pas.

Le roi et le chasseur - Great Story Reading Project

Un jour, il rentrait chez lui en marchant le long du fleuve quand il a vu un rat. Comme il n’avait rien attrapé, il a décidé de le poursuivre et il l’a attrapé très vite. "Mad Libs" Digital Story. CI Reading Strategies. Reading in the target language can be divided into three phases: pre-reading, reading, and post-reading.

CI Reading Strategies

Each of theses phases is important to contributing to student comprehension and literacy in the target language. Below is a list of reading stratgies which I have collected and written about on my blog (if there is not a link, it means that I plan to write about it). Why is reading important to language acquisition? According to Krashen: “Our reading ability, our ability to write in an acceptable writing style, our spelling ability, vocabulary knowledge, and our ability to handle complex syntax is the result of reading.” I always say that reading is where the magic happens in language acquisition!

AA Post-viewing activities. Blind retell student example. SF_handout_ParentInfo. Invitation to Story Listening - The Stories First Foundation. Class Story.pdf. Class stories comic template.pdf. Play this quiz now! Class Story using Kahoot! Alexandre parle de Noël en France. Biweekly news summaries for French students: December 25, 2017 by Cecile Laine. • Allons passer Noël en Martinique !

Biweekly news summaries for French students: December 25, 2017 by Cecile Laine

• Allons passer Noël au Liban ! • Allons passer Noël à Madagascar ! • Allons passer Noël en Belgique ! (Contemporary Life / Holidays and Celebrations) LE PETIT JOURNAL FRANCOPHONE is a monthly publication that provides comprehensible news summaries from French speaking countries to students. - Great Story Reading Project. Winter Holidays La légende de Saint Nicolas – Beginner Saint Nicolas saves children from a terrible attack.

- Great Story Reading Project

Saint Nicolas et les pauvres –Beginner Saint Nicolas secretly leaves gifts for the poor. Saint Martin – Beginner. Avant Noël 2018 #1 Marie attend Noël. Noël en préparation #1 Le calendrier de l'Avent. Guides to help with follow up questions - Google Slides. Introducing Past Tense while Doing Personalized Questions - Day 3 - Adriana R... 7th Grade - Check-In Chat; Video Recap. SOY YO....Input, output, personalization, engagement, brain breaks, fun.... Copy of Pip (Movie talk) French 1 - Google Slides. Resources for La France en Danger – I Heart Input. Histoire en français avec transcription : Robinson Crusoé. Sous la vidéo, retrouve l’exercice de compréhension orale et la transcription ! Tu peux aussi télécharger le podcast :-) Exercice. Transform Your Language Classroom ~Introduction~ on Trippsscripts. White board fun with Spanish 1.

Comment ça va? - Google Slides. Creating Characters for a TPRS Story with Beginning 7th Grade Students. Tprs-witch. Compelling Instruction. Passerelles pour la réussite : enseigner le français, l'histoire et les arts - [CASNAV] Enseigner le français, l’histoire et les arts Passerelles pour la réussite 11 enseignants de lycées professionnels ont participé pendant deux ans au projet FSE/Casnav de Paris « Passerelles pour la Réussite ». Ce projet dont l’objectif est de faciliter l’inclusion des élèves allophones dans les classes de CAP et de BAC Professionnel s’adresse à tous les élèves. L’équipe s’est appuyée sur les programmes de français, d’histoire, d’histoire des arts et arts appliqués pour créer des documents , papier et numérique, pratique et simple à utiliser tant pour les élèves que pour les enseignants qui les accueillent non seulement en Upe2a mais aussi dans les classes du cursus ordinaire.

Hadrien (hadrien-18) Somewhere to Share – Experiments in Spanish Teaching. Kristy Placido – teacher, author, and teacher-trainer. Jouer avec le FLE: Musique. Commerces, ville, quartier - Jacques Dutronc – Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille - Jean Leloup – Alger - Maxime Le Forestier – Comme un arbre - Nino Ferrer – La maison près de la fontaine - Joe Dassin – Le petit pain au chocolat - Les Colocs – La rue principale - CharlesTrénet – Dans les rues de Québec - Michel Rivard – Schefferville, le dernier train - Anaïs– Christina - Pills et Tabet – 27, rue des Acacias - Vincent Delerm - Voici la ville - Charles Trénet - Dans les pharmacies - Charts - Ville en vain Corps, description physique, santé. Profe Goes to Spain. No prep? No prob! □□ Comprehension-Based Classroom - Resource document. Reading a novel in one week in Spanish class - Tumba - using ideas from Whole...

Terry’s Blog. Just you and me: adapting classroom practice for 1-on-1 Many teachers are beginning to take distance students using Skype or other technologies, and increasingly there are questions about what needs to be done to have a successful 1-on-1 class using TPRS. It's true that there are a few things that should, or can, be... read more. Introducing Past Tense During Personalized Questions - Adriana Ramirez. ACTFL 2018 - Google Slides.