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Spanish movie talk / stories

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Corto de animación: Un día en el parque. Crimen de fastidio. El doctor solitario — Read to Speak Spanish. Carla el Unicornio. Docs vous permet de créer et de modifier des documents en ligne gratuitement. Tout Google avec un seul compte.

Docs vous permet de créer et de modifier des documents en ligne gratuitement

Unit 26 Peardeck movie talk Pip - Google Slides. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : One of my favorite stori... Update - 12/4/17: Arianne Dowd has created some amazing resources to go along with the trailer!

Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : One of my favorite stori...

Click here to see them You may have seen that Ferdinando el Toro / Ferdinand the Bull is being made into a movie. I am very excited about that and will definitely use it in the future, but in the meantime, I love using the Disney short film to start my unit about Bianca Nieves y los siete toritos, a novel by Carrie Toth. I blogged about it a couple of years ago, but wanted to share the Ferdinando materials again because I just used them and it went to well with my Spanish 2 students. Also, I LOVE this story!! The slideshow is basically what I did during one and a half days of class (85 minute class periods). So, here is what we did: Reviewed previously learned vocab (slides 2-3)New vocab: repeated and acted out new vocab, played Quizlet Live (best way to introduce new vocabulary!)

If you are looking to use this story with a higher level class, here is the transcript. (380) Pinterest. Problemas con despertarse. Los cortos en el aula de español (ELE) Historia de animación en blanco y negro creada por Disney y que enseguida se convirtió en un éxito, siendo premiada con un Óscar en el 2012.

Los cortos en el aula de español (ELE)

Para nuestra clase de E/LE es ideal porque no tiene palabras y permite una gran variedad de explotaciones didácticas: crear los diálogos, poner la voz del narrador, contar la historia en pasado…, pero nosotros te queremos proponer algo distinto también, ofrecerles doce adjetivos (aburrido/a, concentrado/a, decepcionado/a, decidido/a, divertido/a, enamorado/a, enfadado/a, extrañado/a, monótono/a, preocupado/a, sorprendido/a y triste) con los que tendrán que contar la historia. Para este trabajo es recomendable trabajar con diccionarios. Signs Existe un vídeo muy similar, Signs, también sin palabras pero que no es de animación y tiene una historia un poco más larga y compleja, que se puede trabajar con estudiantes adultos como el de Paperman. BBC News - 'I want to be the best dancer in the world' El esposo tacaño y el triunfo de la camarera — Read to Speak Spanish.

La chica de la lavandería - picture storytelling - Google Slides. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : FREE Cuento/Canción de la Semana: #Idiota. Using stories in the classroom has been the best way for me to transition away from traditional, so much so that I have a workshop that focuses on just that!

Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : FREE Cuento/Canción de la Semana: #Idiota

During the past year, I have really enjoyed creating and using Stories/Songs of the week. The stories (some are more like video descriptions) are based on popular music videos. On Mondays, my students listen to the story before they see the video. My students have enjoyed listening to the stories and the songs, and acquiring lots of language from them. I am looking forward to sharing more about how I use Story/Song of the week this fall at MaFLA, NHAWLT, and TCI Maine! My latest "story of the week" is based on the song and music video #Idiota by Juan Magan. In this (free) document you will find the suggested order of activities for the week, the story, some links to other activities related to the story, a cloze activity with the translation of the song, and a link to the slideshow below. Ya no quiero verte más. Gendes, A.C. - #NosotrosPorEllas.

Pixar SparkShorts. Story #1: La vaca quiere un amigo – Google Drive. 5 ways to jazz up Weekend Talk. We like to talk about our weekends or breaks when we get back to class, but sometimes my students get bored with the same ol routine. (Ok, to be honest, I get bored.) Our brains crave novelty. Who said that? Was it Susie Gross? Here are a few ways we change up our “What did you do over the weekend?” Muévete si…. It’s easy and requires no prep at all. Guess who? ElsabadopasadoconBusteryHidoga.pdf. El sábado pasado con Buster y su hermana Hidoga. Spanish Children's Stories - The Spanish Experiment.

Rock Paper Scissor Movie Talk + Resources – Loading up my little darlings with Comprehensible Input. Milking a Video Chat: Part 2 – La Maestra Loca. Schmalz Valentines day resources. MovieTalk: Ageless, Timeless, Priceless ACTFL 2018 - Google Slides. Movie Talks. Movietalk Database - Google Sheets. Place Names for Storytelling - Spanish — Read to Speak Spanish. 4th hour Spanish 1 Story Listening Day 43. The Legend of the Loup Garou : La Leyenda del Loup Garou by Annabelle Allen. Este niño de 9 años diseña esculturas a... - Yahoo En Español. Curriculum map/articulation for Look I Can Talk. Spanish Children's Stories - The Spanish Experiment. Cohmedy - Wow...I didn't expect that ❤️ Film-based Unit: Justino (el anuncio para la lotería de Navidad 2015) Cabalgata de Reyes Magos 2018. Spanish Santa Claus - Easy Spanish - Spanish Festivals #7.