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Musica miercoles

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CANTICUENTICOS "Cumbia del monstruo". Song Activity Links. Don Omar - Pura Vida (from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game LP) Vox Borders - Cumbia's driving beat originated from... Spanish Music Database 2 OFFICIAL-1 (1).xls. Luis Mejía - PERFECT - (SPANISH VERSION) Eres tú + Eurovision - Song activities for Spanish classes. Eres tú is an original song written for the 1973 Eurovision contest and originally performed by the Spanish group Mocedades.

Eres tú + Eurovision - Song activities for Spanish classes

In 2017, the popular group Morat released a cover of this classic song. These comprehension based lesson plans are designed for using Eres tú as a song of the week. Daily activities for five days are included (four solid days of lesson plans and materials and a fifth day of links to possible extensions). (115) Carlos Vives, Sebastian Yatra - Robarte un Beso. La graduación = La libertad.

Have you seen Álvaro Soler's new song/video "La libertad"?

La graduación = La libertad

I love it and here is why:Álvaro Soler sings it and students like everything that he does.It has a great message.It is catchy.It is super repetitive.It is pretty comprehensible.The vocabulary that is not comprehensible is excellent for students to acquire: aguantar, hogar, picaba, parar, olvidé, más allá, acaba de... among others.

The video is very appropriate (with the exception of a few quick shots of some drinks that may or may not be alcoholic). (114) Carlos Vives, Shakira - La Bicicleta. Canciones contagiosas 1 - Song bundle for Spanish classes. This bundle of six songs for Spanish class is a must-have!

Canciones contagiosas 1 - Song bundle for Spanish classes

It includes lesson plans and activities for six songs that students (and their overly enthusiastic Spanish teachers) LOVE. All of the lesson plans provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with and explore the meaning of the song lyrics through lots of comprehensible input and several targeted listening activities. Each lesson plan includes easy to understand readings in Spanish about the content of the song, fictitious backstories, and/or artist biographies. The songs included in this bundle are: Yo quiero by Gente de Zona ft. La Gozadera by Gente de Zona ft. Sofía by Álvaro Soler Andas en mi cabeza by Chino y Nacho. Canciones contagiosas 1 - Song bundle for Spanish classes. Don Pepito y Don José - Animaciones Con Encanto. Bringing the “Kitipun” craze into class. Bringing the “Kitipun” craze into class by Megan Smith | Apr 11, 2019 | 2 Authentic Resources, Culture, Music | 6 comments Have you heard "Kitipun" yet?

Bringing the “Kitipun” craze into class

If not, you need to! The first single from Juan Luis Guerra's new album was just released on April 5 and it's making major waves. The bachata beat is super catchy, the lyrics are sweet, and the visuals make it easy to understand what he's saying (PERFECT for language classes). Line Dance - LA PALOMA. 40+ Songs to Learn Spanish with Beginner Classes. March Music Madness! I am such a fan of March Music Madness!

March Music Madness!

Anything that relates to basketball in March in Indiana (go Hoosiers!!) Is SURE to be a huge hit!! I do not know who originated the idea, but boy, have they made a difference in the dull weeks leading up to Spring Break in my classes! I first heard about this on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook group. Last year I purchased the TPT unit from Spanish Plans. POP UP! Pop Up is my favorite game of all time!


Zero prep! 100% Engagement! Differentiation! Wait time! And the teacher sits down to play…great when the teacher is exhausted. To set up: Grab a vocabulary list, print out this form and number your students. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : Canción/Artista de la semana para español 1. Canción/Artista de la semana para español 1 Update 8/17/18: Click here for Story AND Song of the week.

Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : Canción/Artista de la semana para español 1

The stories (sometimes video descriptions) are based on the music videos of songs.Update 11/8/15: See links to lots of songs and slideshows from Elena, Dustin, Amy, Nelly, and Bethanie here.In Spanish 1, I am having a song and artist of the week. It is a fun way to start class each day. Also, they are exposed to a variety of accents, people, geography, and culture!

I encourage them to try to sing, or at least read the lyrics and follow along. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : Canción/Artista de la semana para español 1. Gucci Gang - Parodia. La Santa Cecilia - Calaverita. #Jesse&Joy - #Chocolate. Teaching Culture Using Music Videos. One of my favorite things to do is expand on a music video to create a cultural lesson.

Teaching Culture Using Music Videos

My students love music videos! Thanks to March Music Madness (and here) my students are bopping around school at dress rehearsals and sports practices to Spanish language music. And thanks to Kristy Placido's creative lessons, the track team requested I play Yo voy gana'o before their most recent meet! And the baseball and tennis teams told me they stopped, danced, and sang at their practices when they heard it.

CI for the win! I started with this lesson: (click the image to go to Kristy's TPT store) It includes an embedded reading. March Music Madness in Spanish class - mania musical de marzo - Mis Clases Locas. Inside: March Music Madness in Spanish class to spice up the winter updated for 2019!

March Music Madness in Spanish class - mania musical de marzo - Mis Clases Locas

This also includes the evolution of the many brackets, including Mania musical de mujeres. It is about that time of year that everything is all brackets. This is my fifth year doing an all class March music bracket competition. I know there are MANY variations by many different teachers who are desperate to spice up a dreary time of year. Here are my previous posts, so you can see the evolution. Un Año.

2019 March Music Madness! Cantajuegos 'Soy una taza' COREOGRAFIA 2. Río Roma Mi Persona Favorita Lyric Video. Luis Fonsi- Sola (Edited).mp4. Luis Fonsi- Sola (Edited).mp4. March Music Madness in Spanish class - mania musical de marzo - Mis Clases Locas. AprendemosJuntos - José Manuel Zapata, tenor. 3BallMTY - Inténtalo ft. El Bebeto, América Sierra. Cuento/Canción de la Semana: To' My Love by CEAUTHRES. "To' My Love" by Bomba Estéreo (video here ) is sure to be a hit with students at ALL levels!

Cuento/Canción de la Semana: To' My Love by CEAUTHRES

The song is appropriate, catchy, and repetitive. This FREE product is an sample of what is in this bundle . See this blog post to learn more about Story/Song of the week. This is more of a video description than a "Story". It will be a great way to review physical traits. Eres tú + Eurovision - Song activities for Spanish classes. Spanish Prepositions of Location Song and Dance.

Music Bracket - mania musical 2019 in Spanish class by Mis Clases Locas. Updated for 2019!! This includes everything you need to teach a music bracket mini unit in a world language class Spanish class. It can be adapted for any level of Spanish from exploratory Spanish to Spanish 4. It is perfect for March madness or anytime your class needs a fun break! It could be a bell ringer class starter for 3 weeks or a 1 day sub plan.

Spanish Valentine's Day Songs: A Classroom Playlist. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : A cuento/canción for Int... I love the song and I think students will too! Stories always make the song much more meaningful and comprehensible. I created this story below (or click here for a better view) for my Intermediate students, but I have run out of steam (due to working a pretty big other project) to create any other activities (like here). But if anyone wants to collaborate and/or help out, let me know... or go ahead and take it and adapt it (obviously don't sell it -- yup, I have to say that!). Motivation low? Try this for a quick pick-me-up!

January and February can be tough months to teach. It’s cold, the holiday fun is over, then mix in a few snow-days (or worse yet – a day you THOUGHT they would call off) to get everybody off schedule… sometimes you need something different to get their attention again! Dance can do that… but if you’re like me, my dance skills aren’t good enough to get in front of my students and freestyle! Nope… just no. German teacher, Candis Carey, shared this great idea at her TL music session during ACTFL 2018. She taught us about using “Just Dance” in the language classroom.

Cyber Profe - Baile Viernes S1. Casi llega tarde – Teaching Comprehensible Input. Los Verbos Reflexivos - “Y No Hago Más Na’” por El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico ... “Soy una taza”: propuesta para llevar la canción a clase de español. Mocedades - Eres tu (video clip) Riverdale Cast 3x10 - Eres Tú (Lyrics) (Full Version) by Camila Mendes (Spani... Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida (Audio)

Enjoy Learning Languages with Music! Ir A Infinitive “Vivir Mi Vida” Cloze Activity by Srta Spanish. Your students will be singing this song all year! This resource includes a listening activity to go with "Vivir Mi Vida" by Marc Anthony (free on Youtube!). Students listen to the song and fill in the missing words. Then, students complete practice activities identifying grammatical targets where they hear it in the song, and write sentences of their own using song lyrics and structures. Locura De Marzo 2019 Trailer. En Español Lyrics, Songs, and Albums. Cubanos Todos - Havana Compas Dance. Guillermo Anderson El Encarguito. Reina reech chocolate. Abeja-El desayuno.


Celia Cruz - Rie Y Llora.