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DIY Anthropologie Gumball Necklace. I’ve realized that I enjoy making stuff from unusual materials.

DIY Anthropologie Gumball Necklace

Hose clamps, hex nuts, you get the idea…. Tutorial - How to Make a Multi Way Silk Cord Necklace. Wire Golden Snitch Necklace.

Geo shapes & Wood

Pearls & Multi-Strand. Ribbons, Bows & Hearts. Tassels. Hi there, friends and followers of 52 Mantels!

I'm Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I am just thrilled to be here today to share a project with you! Thank you so much to Emily for inviting me, and for trading blogs with me for the day {be sure to stop by my place to see what she has to share}! As for me, I'm married to my best friend, mama to my 4 year old "Little Crafter," addicted to Starbucks, and happiest when I'm creating something. On my blog you'll find a variety of projects; everything from kids' crafts to home decor to holiday ideas and jewelry. Last weekend my husband was away.

What's a girl to do, but to break out the beads and make herself something pretty? The kids and I ate at the bar all weekend because the table was covered with my projects. This pendant was easy, although a little time consuming. You will need: 4mm bicones beads {I used rose, charcoal and clear Swarovski crystals} ball pins oval pendant {I used this Pear Accent with Rhinestones} silver jump rings Pear Necklace with Swarovski crystals. Sometimes a simple design can make a big impact.

I love this flower clasp so much that I decided to make it the focal point of the necklace. Dangle a few chains from it and finish it off with some colorful beads. Want to make your own Flower Clasp Necklace? You will need: chain decorative toggle clasp {I used a flower clasp} jump rings beads eye pins To begin, cut a length of chain to 24 inches. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am now a Prima Bead Blog Team Member.

A couple weeks ago I received my welcome package. Holy cow! They sent me a ton of supplies! Wire wrapping is one of my favorite jewelry-making techniques.

I learned how to wire wrap when I interned with jewelry designer Amanda Keidan back in 2004. Once I got the hang of it, it took my jewelry-making to a new level. It’s a really simple technique that creates unlimited possibilities. You will need: Beads of your choice. Chain: I recommend at least 16″, more if you want your necklace to turn out longer. Wire, depending on the size of the hole of your bead, probably around 20-24 gauge. Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters. The steps: Take your round nose plier and make a loop at the end of a 3″ piece of wire.

Slip as many beads onto the wire, and bend the wire however you like. Now that the beads are on the wire, you will make another loop at the unclosed end. Now you should have one long chain attached to your row of beads on either end. Take two 3 inch pieces of wire and attach to the newly cut chain via the loop method. You are done! The finished product! Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I’ve been thinking of something to give to my mom who I love and miss dearly.

She loves jewelry and always asks me to make her something and I rarely oblige, so I thought this time around I’ll give her a few. I’ll be sharing how easy it is to make your own simple stone DIY necklace today – it’s pretty straightforward even beginners will have no problem in making it. It’s very versatile so you can use your preferred beads (or your gift recipient’s preferred beads) and spacers.

I’m also sharing how I packaged my mom’s gift – and giving you a free printable tag and box template to download as well! Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. When I saw this gorgeous bluejay arrow necklace from Digby and Iona, I knew I needed it.

At $150, the necklace is a bit out of my budget, so I decided to go for a DIY inspired by Digby and Iona's necklace. I already had a bluejay feather that my mom found in the forest while walking the dog a little while ago, so I just needed a few basic other supplies. I’m off to my local German Market today with the family.

It’s the ultimate Christmas tradition and even though the stalls are the same every year and it’s always mega busy I don’t mind, it’s worth it for the festive atmosphere and hot gluewine! It is also one of the things me and Al did together when we first started dating, so it’s dead romantic for me as well! Ahem… Anyway. Head pins and eye pins are a staple of jewellery making.

One of the most useful reasons to use head pins is to turn beads into pendants or charms. As long as there’s a hole going all the way through it, you can use this technique. Another Faux Agate Jewellery tutorial! Is this starting to get a little over the top? I just keep on getting inspired by the beauty of semi precious stones and wanting to replicate them in my accessories. I guess it doesn’t hurt that they’re bang on trend at the moment. May as well make the most of it! Enamel Instruction: Like all things fashion, jewellery has its trends. One day we’re all plaiting into chain, the next everything we own has studs on it. I am a self confessed trend addict. I love trying to get ahead of the trends and start making DIY’s based on them and I’ve noticed recently more wrapped pendants knocking around.

I love how a year ago I wouldn’t give bead wrapping the time of day. I have a favorite long beaded necklace that I wear too often. My friends and family know what necklace I am talking about (ha)! Back in high school I had a “bead phase” and loved making jewelry. This post won’t be a full tutorial, more of like a really detailed jewelry trick. I love wearing lots of jewelry, especially layering lots of delicate necklaces. Unfortunately, layering up on necklaces causes them to become impossibly tangled. They never stay quite where you want them to and the small chains are so hard to get untwisted. And that is where this little trick comes in. HI! I’m Megan Ballarini of Sweet Lilly Doodles, and I’m going to show you how to make a cute and easy silhouette necklace! Mothers day is coming fast! This would be a fun way to show off your kiddos, or be a sweet gift for your favorite mother!

This colorful necklace caught my eye. The little petals reminded me of paint chips; and guess what? Pinterest is my number one go to site for inspiration. It is kind of an addiction, actually. I have been collecting vintage keys over the past year and finally got around to turning them into necklaces. Since each key is unique I made each necklace unique. I used two different colored suede cords instead of chain. My super awesome selfie: Instead of adding a clasp, I left the ends raw so that they can be tied onto a knot or bow. This also makes the necklaces adjustable. Hello! It's Been a Looong Time! Happy Hour Projects.