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Three ways to get better sleep - ACTUAL ORGANICS. Lists You Need to Make for a More Satisfying Life in 2016. I wasn’t always a list-maker.

Lists You Need to Make for a More Satisfying Life in 2016

For most of my life I’ve been more of a scraps-of-paper-notes-everywhere-and-5-unfinished-journals-at-a-time type of gal. But after researching and interviewing some of today’s most successful people last year, I’ve realized organization is a fundamental key to success. It’s also not just office organization or systems and processes, it’s organization of one’s entire day, entire week, entire life. Successful, satisfied, happy people have multiple ongoing lists that are prioritized and edited regularly. If you are like I was, surrounded by post its and ready for change, here are some lists to get you started. 1. This is a lesson I learned after sitting down with Chalene Johnson, we need a list to guide all lists. 2. Often, we don’t achieve greatness in life because our goals are flat out uninspiring. 3. 4. 5. 14 Things Phenomenally Successful People Do Differently.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”-Bill Cosby What quality do you think differentiates the winners from the losers?

14 Things Phenomenally Successful People Do Differently

Why are some people so successful in reaching their goals while others can’t achieve them? 6 Habits Of Highly Successful People Before Bedtime. We’ve all heard the stories about the mega-successful who wake up early every day and conquer the world before most people put the coffee on.

6 Habits Of Highly Successful People Before Bedtime

But what about the other time of day that plays an equally important role? 17 Small Things To Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter. Intelligence is flexible and there are a lot of things to give it a daily boost.

17 Small Things To Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter

For smart thinking your mind needs 3 things: To be trained in thinking processesTo have plenty of informationTo focus on a problem or idea For example, Thomas Edison was able to think of his light bulb because: He was a trained logical thinkerHe knew a lot about electrical engineeringHe focused on solving a problem. 7 Mindfulness Habits That Lead To 365 Days of Happiness. Would you like to become smarter, healthier, be in better shape, feel more relaxed, and have more energy than you thought possible?

7 Mindfulness Habits That Lead To 365 Days of Happiness

Of course you would! If you adopt these 7 mindful habits into your everyday life, your next 365 days will be your best ever! 1. Become Mindful in Your Everyday Life To be mindful simply means to pay attention on purpose. You were in auto-pilot mode, or daydreaming. Do me a favor, take 15 seconds right now and look around. 2. We put food in our body when we feel hungry, bored, stressed, depressed and for a number of other reasons. 3. 15 Productivity Hacks For Procrastinators. Let me guess.

15 Productivity Hacks For Procrastinators

You should be doing something else rather than reading this article. But due to some unknown force of nature, you decided to procrastinate by reading an article about how to hack procrastination. You deserve a pat on the back. Fortunately, procrastination is not a disease. 10 Simple Hacks To Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds, Backed By Science. Yawn.

10 Simple Hacks To Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds, Backed By Science

It’s easier said than done trying to actually catch some Z’s, and there is an entire spectrum of people, all desperately trying to claim back the realm of sleep and their quality of sleep. We all want high quality of sleep, and yet so many of us find ourselves tossing and turning hours after we hit the pillow, unable to slip into the Land of Nod.

However, we all deserve to get the kind of sleep we deserve, and so we’ve rounded up some of our best and most useful sleep hacks to try and help you find it a little bit easier to curl up under the covers and nod off. So, without further ado, here are ten of our simple sleep hacks… 1. 6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Feel Like Doing Nothing. Even the most ambitious, motivated people occasionally have difficulties getting things done.

6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

The good news is that we can often discover why we’re in a slump. Even better, there are ways to get out of the slump and get motivated again. Here’s 6 ways to get motivated when you feel like doing nothing. 1. 15 Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Become Highly Successful. Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is?

15 Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Become Highly Successful

For most people, it’s not one specific thing. Rather, it’s the result of many daily habits that are repeated over and over. Here are 15 small things you can do every day to ensure that you’re being intentional with your time and spending it on your priorities. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine and watch your success soar! 1. 25 Tiny Habits That Could Totally Change Your Life. Research, as well as common sense and personal experience, is showing us that small steps get us to far away places.

25 Tiny Habits That Could Totally Change Your Life

The key is to consistently take those small steps in the same direction. Building a big, life-changing habit is difficult: it’s hard to keep the willpower going long enough to see change. But building a tiny habit? That’s doable. BJ Fogg, Director of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, has done extensive research this very topic. 20 Things Smart People Don't Do.

The first question that merits an answer is what makes an individual smart. Is it the abundance of facts that one can memorize? Is it the above average, or exceptional, IQ? Perhaps, it is the wisdom to make a sound decision at the crucial moment, or knowing how to make the best out of the bad situation. Maybe it is the ability to take as many aspects as possible into consideration before deciding on the future course of action. It is probably a good combination of all the previously mentioned traits. Of course, if someone is smart and successful, it is hard to pinpoint what exactly is responsible for that person’s success and wellbeing. 1. 7 Things That Productive People Do In The First 10 Minutes At Work. Ah, a new day at the office. But will it be a good one, full of productivity? Even though offices can be unpredictable places, there are things that productive people do differently to squeeze the most out of their work day, every day.

Productive people know that the first 10 minutes of their day in the office can make or break the amount of work they can get done. 10 Easy Ways to Rise Earlier Than Anyone Else. You want to get a head start on your day. You know that you have more energy in the morning, and have heard the old cliche about the early bird drilled into your head from childhood. But you just can’t get yourself to bridge the gap between the idea of doing it, and the actual doing it. This Is Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side (Backed by Science) We all know that duration of sleep is critical for mental and physical wellbeing, but it turns out that sleep position may be another important factor in the quest for optimum health.

Specifically, a small body of research suggests that, for many people, sleeping on the left side may be the ticket to better health and better sleep. The theory stems from Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health and medicine that originated in India. So why all the fuss about sleeping on the left side? Turns out it may be good for our digestion, our backs, and even our hearts due to the positions of different organs.