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Aging while female is not your worst nightmare » Feminist Current. I’m going to tell you a story that is so common and so troubling it is effectively split off from the emotional lives of young women, tucked away into whatever neural recesses exist for the purpose of shelving information that feels irrelevant yet distantly threatening.

Aging while female is not your worst nightmare » Feminist Current

I wonder if young women will read this? The irony is that they probably won’t, and the silently nodding heads will be ones that are graying, like mine. After passing out of childhood and into puberty, I, like most women, entered a three-decade phase of my life that included an adolescence and young adulthood that was peppered with the sexual harassment, sexism in the workplace, mommy wars, pay gaps, and gendered put-downs that few females escape. It was a huge chunk of time.

Ideal to real: What the 'perfect' body really looks like for men and women - Style. Style May 2, 2014 at 8:51 AM ET Lammily/Marco Romero Each set of 3-D illustration images shown was created for TODAY to reflect the body size and shape dimensions from a study in 2012.

Ideal to real: What the 'perfect' body really looks like for men and women - Style

Above is the "ideal" body of a woman (left). On the right, the average body of a young woman, based on BMI. Who Farts? And Who Cares? Sociologists Martin Weinberg and Colin Williams wanted to know.

Who Farts? And Who Cares?

They and their team interviewed 172 college students about their habits and concerns about farting and pooping. They published their results in an article called Fecal Matters. They discovered that everybody farts and everybody cares, but not everyone cares all the time or equally. They separated their results by gender and sexual orientation. When they asked people if they were worried that the hearer would “feel disgust,” heterosexual women were most likely to agree and heterosexual men the least, with non-heterosexual men and women in the middle, but flipped such that men were more worried than women.

What Science Tells Us About the 'Ideal' Body Shape for Women  Many scholars of Renaissance art tell us that Botticelli's Birth of Venus (c. 1486, pictured above) captures the tension between the celestial perfection of divine beauty and its flawed earthly manifestation.

What Science Tells Us About the 'Ideal' Body Shape for Women 

As classical ideas blossomed anew in 15th-century Florence, Botticelli could not have missed the popular Neoplatonic notion that contemplating earthly beauty teaches us about the divine. Evolutionary biologists aren't all that Neoplatonic. Like most scientists, we've long stopped contemplating the celestial, having -- to appropriate Laplace's immortal words to Napoleon -- "no need of that hypothesis. " It is the messy imperfection of the real world that interests us on its own terms. My own specialty concerns the messy conflicts that inhere to love, sex and beauty. CATALOGUE MAGAZINE - Your fashion, beauty, design and music magazine. I've shaved all my hair off before.

CATALOGUE MAGAZINE - Your fashion, beauty, design and music magazine

I was 25 years-old, a little boozed, and at a friend's house when I suggested that we shave my head. "Il faut se débarrasser des qualités dites féminines" Propos recueillis par Sophie Mignon Le Vif/L'Express : Née en Iran, vous refusez, petite fille, le voile-cagoule mais aussi la robe et le pantalon réglementaires.

"Il faut se débarrasser des qualités dites féminines"

Vous vous déshabillez et courez nue dans l'école, tandis que les "corbeaux", les femmes couvertes d'un tchador, tentent de vous rattraper. I segni sul corpo delle donne. C’est décidé : je ne porte plus de soutien-gorge ! Et Se passer de shampooing, de gel douche, de maquillage, d’épilation drastique, de déo du commerce, de protection hygiéniques classiques … ok.

C’est décidé : je ne porte plus de soutien-gorge !

4-Year-Old Has The Perfect Response To A Boy In Her Class Who Called Her 'Ugly' Four-year-old Siahj Chase has some choice words for mean people, and she's not afraid to share them.

4-Year-Old Has The Perfect Response To A Boy In Her Class Who Called Her 'Ugly'

Siahj -- who goes by "Cici," her mom, Sonya, told The Huffington Post -- has "always been quick on her feet. " Based on this video Sonya shared on Facebook, wherein Cici recounts her response to a boy in her class who called her "ugly," she also has her priorities straight: "What happened in school today? " her mom, Sonya, asks in the video. Trina Read. Big Beautiful Wellness. Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More. I Know the Rules- I Just Don’t Care. I Know the Rules- I Just Don’t Care “Yes ma’am, I know.”

I Know the Rules- I Just Don’t Care

To the horror of the woman I was speaking to, I was in fact fully aware that my over the knee boots and very tight pants accentuated my large thighs. Crise d'angoisse, sentiment d'irréalité du monde autour - Stress, anxiété, angoisse. L’objectivation sexuelle des femmes : un puissant outil du patriarcat – les violences sexuelles graves et la dissociation. Bulimia Is A B*tch: Losing Control And Finding Freedom  The content of this post may be triggering to some readers. Tummy Pride  By Ellie Herman What caused your eating disorder? It's a question that others ask but also one that I ask myself. The answer is not known with any degree of certainty, but I do know that in my desire to become a healthier eater, I wanted to have a stomach that I "was proud of," and that sort of tummy was flat, thin, and toned.

Few things bothered me more during recovery than the new feeling of my stomach touching the waistband of my pants. Database Error. Leonard Nimoy celebrated full-figured women through photos. Un blog participatif où les femmes racontent leurs corps. Jade Beall Photography. What a “Perfect” Woman’s Body Was Supposed to Look Like Over the Past 100 Years. 1910: The Gibson Girl All images by Greatest. 1920: The Flapper All images by Greatest.

Unruly Bodies. Genre \ Normes \ Résistances: colloque de Sophia - Sophia. Newsletter février 2015 + Unruly Bodies. Genre \ Normes \ Résistances.


My First Period - Spoken Word of Staceyann Chin. Vidéo: le corps idéal selon les époques - Beauté. Physiognomy: Faces, Bodies, and the “Science” of Human Character. Flashback Friday. Reader Lindsey H. sent me a copy of a book called Vaught’s Practical Character Reader, apparently published in 1902 and revised in 1907 by Emily H. Vaught. Also available on Amazon. The book can best be described as an application of the theory of physiognomy, which is the idea that you can tell all kinds of things about a “person’s character or personality from their outer appearance” (wikipedia). Watch How the Ideal Female Body Changes Over 3,000 Years. Teenagers With Poor Body Image Are More Likely To Become Obese. Thinking you're fat could actually lead to weight gain, according to new research on body image in teens.

A paper published in the journal Psychological Science found that teens who have distorted body image — specifically, that they thought they were overweight when they were actually normal weight — had a 40 percent greater risk of becoming obese before turning 30, reports New York Magazine’s Science of Us. Researcher Angelina R. Sutin of the Florida State University College of Medicine analyzed longitudinal (that is, long-term) survey responses from 6,523 people who checked in at 16 and then again at 28. Breaking News: Menstruation Is Awesome! Photographer's Stunning Nude Self-Portraits Face The Struggles Of Aging Head On (NSFW) You may not feel you have that much in common with an old factory or abandoned mental asylum. But photographer Sarah R. Bloom sympathized with these derelict spaces, identifying their process of aging and decomposition with that of her own middle-aged body. She took to her camera to further explore the relationship between them.

The Philadelphia-based artist embarked on this particular photography project at the age of 39 -- she'd already been capturing nude self-portrait for a year and a half. As the artist encroached on the final phase of her thirties, she struggled to accept the bodily changes she was undergoing and was struck with the fear of running out of time. Tabou ou pas tabou : le caca est-il l'ennemi du couple ? - Rue89 - L'Obs. Pipi, caca, prouts et rots sont bien humains. Pourtant, en couple, certaines personnes préfèrent risquer l’occlusion intestinale plutôt que de se laisser aller à un besoin naturel en présence de l’autre. Ariane Cassandre Corisande, née d’Auble. Real Women Have Back Fat  Real women have back fat. Real women also don't have an ounce of back fat. Real women, in fact, have all kinds of curves and wrinkles and pockets and lines.

Every single body is different and has its own flaws and perfections, the result of a complex play of socioeconomic factors, heredity, health issues, lifestyle choices and a myriad of combinations of those factors. Women, just like men, come in every imaginable shape and size. While none of this is big news, the thing that has me worked up at the moment is the double standard when it comes to weight and gender. Fat Bodies Went On Stage Because She Wanted To See How People Would Respond. Ashton Kutcher Acceptance Speech - Teen Choice Awards 2013 (High Quality) Ashton Kutcher Told A Bunch Of Teenagers How To Be Sexy, In The Smartest Way Ever.

Herself. 'This Girl Can' Reminds Women That Healthy Bodies And 'Perfect' Bodies Are Not The Same Thing. Being an active woman rarely involves looking picture-perfect -- and a new commercial shows that there's nothing wrong with that. Sport England, an organization providing services and funding to sports programs in the UK, launched the "This Girl Can" campaign on Jan. 12 after research showed that 75 percent of English women would like to be more active.

“Before we began this campaign, we looked very carefully at what women were saying about why they felt sport and exercise was not for them," Sport England CEO Jennie Price said in a press release. "Some of the issues, like time and cost, were familiar, but one of the strongest themes was a fear of judgement.

Worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again. " The 90-second ad shows women of all body types participating in their favorite sports -- without any concern for what they look like. Vénus de Willendorf. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Vénus de Willendorf, de face. Fat Femme Artist Picks Apart Your Preconceived Notions Of Beauty, One Photo At A Time. Day after day we're fed image after image of a certain body aesthetic: tanned, toned, waxed, oiled and perhaps a little digitally retouched.

Today let's do things a little bit differently. We want to honor beautiful bodies that break the conventions we encounter in magazines, on television, on billboards and just about everywhere else. The radical and magnificent photographs of artist and activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater deconstruct the oppressive body ideals that govern so many of our desires, cherishing the impact of real, human forms. Où sont les femmes ? Merkel et Hidalgo effacées de la photo de la manif - Rue89 - L'Obs.

Une photo historique ? Au point que le journal israélien Hamevasser la publie en page 3 de son édition. Sauf que, si vous regardez bien, il manque des gens. Les mésaventures d'une "Big" Princesse. Queer and Body Positive Calendars for 2015. La vidéo qui fait relativiser les complexes corporels. Winning a Weight-Loss Competition Made Me Hate My Body. La choquante vérité des mannequins grande taille ou comment l'image de la femme idéale a changé. Une flore vaginale senteur pêche, et puis quoi encore ? Boyfriend Uses Ryan Gosling Meme To Fight Absurd Pooping Double Standards.

Monstrous Feminine - Jessica Ledwich. The Weight of the Nation: Part 1 - Consequences (HBO Docs) The Real Reason Fashion Labels Are Failing Plus-Size Women. 16 pictures of beautiful women with scars, bumps and stretchmarks (NSFW) The Goddess Project Official. In 'SHINE' Video, 10 Total Strangers Got Naked Together And Found Body Acceptance. 11 Things That Helped People Everywhere Love Their Bodies In 2014. Body-image, movement and consciousness: examples from a somatic p...: ingentaconnect. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review/Revue canadienne de philosophie - Abstract - <i>How the Body Shapes the Mind</i> Shaun Gallagher Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2005, 284 p.

Body Image Movement. Une maman entre en guerre contre les diktats physiques » Au fil de l'actu. Love at any size. Tara Lynn dans Vogue comme vous ne l'avez jamais vue. The Adipositivity Project. Fat people doing sport. EMBRACE – The Documentary. This Woman Wants To Change How All Of Us See Our Bodies. I'm a Body-Positive Feminist and I Had Weight-Loss Surgery  CURVES - art photography book by Victoria Janashvili. 'CURVES' By Victoria Janashvili Is An Art Photography Book That Will Celebrate All Women's Bodies. 'How Not To Make Love To A Fat Girl' 5 Things You Need To Know About Interacting With Me, a Fat Girl Who Wears Revealing Clothes 

HuffPost Live. Tabou ou pas tabou : le caca est-il l'ennemi du couple ? - Rue89 - L'Obs. Tess Munster-Plus Model. CURVES THE ART BOOK. A Body Positive Woman's Reflections, and Struggles, With Weight Gain (Wait, Am I A Hypocrite?)  Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women" (CUPSI 2013) Pourquoi avant la pilule, les femmes n’avaient-elles pas un enfant tous les neuf mois ? Des congés "règles" pour les femmes ? - Hors normes. Je ne pourrais jamais vivre dans ton corps. Daniele Marques.

Myometrium. Le corps post-grossesse de Lara Stone. Marianne Rosenstiehl photographie les règles, et nous explique pourquoi. Tina Fey Summed Up Kim Kardashian's Nude Photo Shoot 3 Years Before It Even Happened. 2014 — Aleah Chapin. Elle montre l’illusion qui peut se créer autour d’un corps de femme! Cachez-moi ce poil… La pute, la sainte, et celle qui n’existe pas. Catherine Wallemacq Grosseur et désobéissance. Jezebel. I've Stopped Apologizing For My Body During Sex. L'hégémonie du sexe glabre. The Sexy Lie: Caroline Heldman at TEDxYouth@SanDiego. The San Francisco Times. Target Photoshops Junior's Swimsuit Model With Disastrous Results. Boggle!: Photo. Body Positivity !