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Blog. January 22nd, 2015 by bdring It’s ORD Camp time again this weekend.


Every year I have done a gonzo build of some type of CNC machine. This year I only had a few hours to spare, so I wanted something simple. These are never meant to be practical machines, just conversation starters. Parametric SVG editor. Laser Open Source (LAOS) 2.x Laser at Buildlog.Net Blog. February 28th, 2011 by bdring The second generation open source laser cutter/engraver design from is complete.

2.x Laser at Buildlog.Net Blog

The new machine is called the 2.x Laser. Laser Cut Wood & Laser Cutting Services-Library of Patterns. Lightwave Laser's exclusive patterns below have endless applications, such as room dividers, window coverings, custom panels, and lighting.

Laser Cut Wood & Laser Cutting Services-Library of Patterns

There is no extra charge when using these patterns. We are also able to design a custom pattern or work with your supplied artwork or concept. The renderings below represent samples that are 23" x 23". If you would like to purchase a 23" x 23" panel in one of the patterns below in 1/4" finished Cherry, the cost is $68.00 each (shipping not included). Patterns can be scaled up or down to meet your specifications, however our standard price is based on the pattern as represented below.