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21st Century Skills Definitions. The IMLS Project Team and Task Force considered the list of skills commonly referred to as "21st Century Skills" and modified it slightly to better align with library and museum priorities.1 The resulting list includes the following additions: Basic Literacy, Scientific & Numerical Literacy, Visual Literacy, Cross-Disciplinary Skills, and Environmental Literacy.

21st Century Skills Definitions

Not every skill on this list will be aligned with every institution’s vision and mission. Further, not every community will prioritize the same skills. Library and museum leaders should consider this list as a starting point beyond which it should be customized to fit the unique character, requirements, and priorities of the institution and its audiences. Reason Effectively Use various types of reasoning (e.g., inductive, deductive, etc.) as appropriate to the situation Use Systems Thinking Analyze how parts of a whole interact with each other to produce overall outcomes in complex systems. Unit Map: Who Am I? Ihom. Find Lessons Plans for Art, Math, Language Arts, and Science.

Teaching Digital Citizenship In Elementary School. Classroom Discussion: Beyond Turn and Talk. Carrie Kamm has 15 years of experience in education and is currently a mentor-resident coach with the Academy for Urban School Leadership’s (AUSL) Chicago Teacher Residency program.

Classroom Discussion: Beyond Turn and Talk

She is a coauthor of TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do for our Students and our Public Schools… Now and In the Future and a member of the Center for Teaching Quality’s collaboratory. Recently, I have been spending quality time with the Common Core Standards. My current obsessions are text complexity, close reading, and the speaking and listening standards. Starting at first grade, students are expected to know and be able to do the following during small- and whole-group discussions: follow participation rules, build on others’ comments, and ask clarifying questions. Many teachers rely on Turn and Talks or Think-Pair-Shares. Establishing Discussion Norms Start with what students know. Next, share video footage of other students participating in discussions. Can’t find the right video examples? Building Stamina. TeachThought - Learn better.

Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. Special Pricing – Expiring In… 15 hours 35 minutes 45 seconds!

What’s inside each “Genius” package? Genius – Webinar Listing – 14 iPad and Mobile Learning Webinars 20 MORE Free iPad Apps Educators Can’t Live Without! There are thousands of free iPad Apps out there, but finding the perfect ones for you can be tough. I’ve spent hours searching for the best-of-the- best, free iPad Apps for Educators, and I’m sharing all of them with you in this webinar! The Foundation Skills, Job Skills. Browse : Material Type: Lesson Plans.

Professional Development Webinars for Educators. Preparing for T-TESS: How to Meet the Challenges and Make T-TESS Work For Texas Schools Get an Inside Look At What to Expect From T-TESS and What You Can Do to Make Your Implementation a Success Drawing on the experience of 64 districts that piloted T-TESS in the 2014-2015 school year and over 200 currently piloting the program, we’ve identified some of the toughest and most common challenges of T-TESS implementation.

Professional Development Webinars for Educators

Join Susanna Garza and Samantha Gallegos of ESC Region 20 as they walk you through what to expect and offer strategies, tools, and resources to help turn the challenges of T-TESS into opportunities for school success. Suggested audience: Central Office Staff and Campus Administrators. A certificate of attendance and the PowerPoint presentation will be made available after the webinar.

Teaching Materials

Consider these Videos. Ed Technology. LBPSlideshow’s Newsfeed. Caring School Community. The Caring School Community (CSC) program is a nationally recognized, research-based K–6 program that builds classroom and schoolwide community while developing students’ social and emotional skills and competencies.

Caring School Community

CSC focuses on strengthening students’ connectedness to school—an important element for increasing academic motivation and achievement and for reducing violence and delinquency. The What Works Clearinghouse, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), and the U.S. Department of Education have highlighted the Caring School Community program’s research base and effectiveness.

Our Implementation Resources can help support SEL practices in your school or district: Find Out More Purchasing options. Bullying. Bloom's Taxonomy Visual. Common Sense Media. Cycles of Learning. K12 Lab Wiki. Design thinking is a methodology for creative problem solving.

K12 Lab Wiki

You can use it to inform your own teaching practice, or you can teach it to your students as a framework for real-world projects. We believe that creative confidence comes from repeated practice using a human-centered creative process to solve problem scenarios called design challenges. After using the process on these challenges, people will have another tool, the design thinking process, to apply towards solving real life problems. Check out these tour modules we facilitate for students at the

How to bring design thinking into your school Getting Ready Resources Helpful resources to train others about design thinking.