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Islamic. Christian. Mooji. Alan Watts. Ramana Maharshi. Osho. The Alchemy Web Site. Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about the magic of Water. Power of Thought - A Quantum Perspective - By Kent Healy. The Real TRUTH !!! Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy. Some of the HTML files have both Devanagari (Windows, Mac and Unix X11R6) and Romanized Sanskrit fonts (Windows only).

Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy

Instructions to install the fonts can be found at Avinash Chopde's ITRANS site. Press the "Shift" key and click on a link below to download the fonts for your system: If you do not install these fonts, you will see some other characters in place of the Sanskrit fonts but the English texts are not affected. You do not need to install the fonts if you are viewing the PDF files. Media at; ebooks; audio books. Yoga Sutras (01/85) Swami Rama‬‏ Timaeus (dialogue) Participants in the dialogue include Socrates, Timaeus of Locri, Hermocrates, and Critias.

Timaeus (dialogue)

Some scholars believe that it is not the Critias of the Thirty Tyrants who is appearing in this dialogue, but his grandfather, who is also named Critias.[1][2][3] Timaeus begins with a distinction between the physical world, and the eternal world. The physical one is the world which changes and perishes: therefore it is the object of opinion and unreasoned sensation. Aesop's Fables.