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SMART Teaching Strategies. Note this site is optimally viewed in a regularly updating Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10 or above.

SMART Teaching Strategies

Javascript should be on. Functionality may otherwise be impaired. Reporting problems To report broken links or any other functional problem in the site, please send an email to Please use the subject "NAPLAN 2014 Teaching Strategies: Technical Issue", and refer to the file address, and the nature of the problem. 27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom. Working walls - not just wallpaper! So working walls –when used well they become an integral part of the learning process, used badly they become terrible wallpaper.

Working walls - not just wallpaper!

Until this year, working walls were pretty much an unused tool in my teaching toolkit until I moved to a school which lives and breathes working walls and now I can’t imagine life without one. Here is my low down on what I think makes a good working wall (and I am still learning and improving this!) So why have a working wall? In the past, teachers have used their wall displays for a multitude of reasons: to celebrate great work, topic display boards of maths and English vocabulary walls (VCOP!). Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen. One way to depict the cycle of education is that it moves between the development of learning and the subsequent expression of understanding ... and the amazing growth of inexpensive mobile technology tools is affording learners the ability to communicate their understanding in ever more creative and personalized manners.

Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen

Media is moving center stage (yes, the pun was fully intended) and what once required tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and training can now be accomplished with an iPad and some inexpensive props. One of the first places I visited when I first came to the United States was Universal Studios. Of course, being a relatively young and willing tourist, my hand automatically shot up when they asked for a volunteer to put on tights and a cape and "fly" like Superman in front of a green screen. Needless to say it didn't springboard me into an acting career but it did spark my interest in how movie magic could be used for education. 1. X 2. 3. The process: Kitchen gardens at school - Science (F,3,6) - ABC Splash - Overview Does your school have its own kitchen garden?

Kitchen gardens at school - Science (F,3,6) - ABC Splash -

Gardening Australia presenter Leonie Norrington meets with Stephanie Alexander, renowned cook, restaurateur, and founder of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Stephanie strolls through the kitchen gardens of two Darwin schools and discusses the program and its aim of teaching children good gardening, cooking and eating habits. Whiteboard Tables – A Tool for Collaboration. Google’s Zurich Office Spaces As I started my exploration into innovative classroom spaces, I became very inspired by both the design thinking movement and modernization of mega-companies’ office spaces.

Whiteboard Tables – A Tool for Collaboration

Places like the Google and Apple campuses’ across the globe have demonstrated how space can encourage collaboration, innovation and fun. The (The Institute of Design at Stanford) is one such incubator of creative thought regarding working together. Art Lessons: Color Outside the Lines. Pin by Kathy Ryan on Awesome Visual on The Importance of Reading Aloud to Kids. Below is a graphic I come across while wading through my feeds today.

Awesome Visual on The Importance of Reading Aloud to Kids

The visual emphasizes the importance of read-alouds in early literacy learning. It also features a set of interesting facts on how reading aloud helps in kids' literacy development. Reading aloud to kids is not only beneficial to young learners linguistic abilities but is also connected to their social and cognitive development. "Table Texting" is a strategy to use with any ... 10 tips for creating a class agreement. Do a quick google image search for ‘classroom rules’ and ‘classroom agreements’ (or ‘essential agreements’ as they’re called in the PYP) and see if anything surprises you… What I noticed is that, despite the heading, many classroom agreements are still lists of rules.

10 tips for creating a class agreement

Do teachers value compliance above learning? These are amongst the most common elements I found, none of which seem to relate to learning... Work quietly.Raise your hand to speak.Listen carefully.Follow instructions.Do your best work.Don’t speak until called on.Be punctual. Pin by Lori Chesser on Teaching Words. How to Promote Your Classroom Library Infographic. Teacher Infographics Classroom libraries can make a big difference in the reading lives of students in your classroom—no matter their age or reading ability.

How to Promote Your Classroom Library Infographic

A Great Study Skills Poster for Your Class. Learning is a lifelong process.

A Great Study Skills Poster for Your Class

It is also an ongoing experience in which we get to discover new and inspiring things about our world. Some argue that with maturity comes mindful and conscious learning but regardless of age variable, thinking about learning from a metacognitive perspective (thinking about how we learn what we learn) does definitely improve the way we learn. In the visual below created by Create Innovate Explore, Rachel dissected the metathinking levels of studying and provided some of the tips on how to hone in one's study skills.

I invite you to have a look and share with your students. Cooperative Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom. July 9, 2013 by Norene Wiesen It’s more than just a generational trend: research has shown that employing cooperative learning strategies in the classroom can actually help students learn better and even like each other more.

Cooperative Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

But breaking students into effective working groups, training them in cooperative learning techniques, and promoting positive experiences for all learners takes know-how. Research out of Stanford University shows that lower-status students may be excluded from full participation in cooperative learning groups even when they repeatedly attempt to engage with the group. While certain students may remain silent because they lack confidence in their ability to contribute due to a language barrier or lower ability, other students who do attempt to participate may be ignored when they speak or are blocked from accessing a task (e.g., other students may physically dominate an area where building materials are laid out).

Manage Class Seating and Behaviour with Class Charts. Class Charts is a free website that lets teachers manage their classroom seating charts online and add additional information about their students. Seating charts are an essential tool of any good teacher . They allow them to organise students into appropriate learning groups as well as help to minimise behaviour issues. With Class Charts you can also choose to include and display key data such as SEN or reading age which can be used to position pupils in the classroom, whatever your classroom setup. The seating plans you create in Class Charts can also be used collaboratively with colleagues to track and analyse student behaviour over time. Speech stuff / Teacher's Pet - Our iPad Rules Poster - FREE Classroom Display Resource - EYFS, KS1, KS2, apple, computer, safety, ICT, IT, ipad, tablet.

Improve Your Learning From A to Z. Hexagon learning: making and justifying connections. This week I tried hexagons with my students. It worked really well. The beauty of following inspiring educators on Twitter is that you benefit from their ideas and knowledge. I first saw Hexagon learning on @jivespin’s blog, which led me to David Didau, NoTosh, SOLO (HookEd), Chris Harte and TheLearningGeek. All explain how these versatile hexagons encourage deeper thinking and rich conversations in the classroom. Hexagon learning can be used in ANY subject and for any topic. My starting point was John Mitchell’s “Hitler’s rise to power” hexagon cards.

Hitler hexagon activity. The instructions are easy and the activity is pretty self-explanatory. Some examples below. The Global Classroom Project: 2013-14 - home. A Really, Really Well-Written Set Of Classroom Rules. A Really, Really Well-Written Set Of Classroom Rules Well, actually 2. You could make the argument that they’re too simple I guess. Or that they seem elementary and wouldn’t work beyond 4th grade. Glue a pom pom ball to the top of students' dry erase ... Essential Questions in Teaching and Learning. Death by Anchor Chart! It has become quite a running joke with my year 5/6 students that I am obsessed with posters- or ‘anchor charts’ in our classroom. For months I have continued to brush off their comments, believing what I have always been told…that students need these visual displays that have ‘captured their learning’…that I was creating a ‘print rich’ classroom environment that gives my students (and visitors to the room) a clear image of our classroom culture and what we are currently learning about.

I had often been told by casual replacement teachers that they were appreciative of the (many) charts as they found it easy to pick up and teach if I was absent. School / Great activity for the beginning of the school year! Art Projects for Kids: Me & My Goals Self Portrait. Bouncy Balls: A Fun Way To Monitor Classroom Noise Level. This is what Bouncy Balls looks like when the classroom is silent: This is what Bouncy Balls looks like when the classroom is noisy: Essentially, Bouncy Balls is a website that activates your microphone and detects noise level. The more noise in the room, the more the balls bounce.

The quieter the room is, the more still the balls remain. Although this tool has a number of applications outside of classroom management, I thought it was a fun, engaging way to monitor noise levels. Are mini-whiteboards the ultimate teaching and learning resource? - Mathematics teaching - TES Mathematics. There’s no shortage of resources out there to give teachers feedback on what pupils have learned. School ideas / Marzano: "This is probably one of my favorite things for my classroom so far. It’s a little self-assessment flip chart. I have made one for each student and it will sit on the corner of their desk. It is small enough that it won’t be embarr. It's Not How Your Classroom Looks, It's About How It Feels. Last week, before the arrival of Ida and Oskar, I was able to sneak in some work time in my new room.

Shoeless learning spaces. School / NOISE…removing one letter at a time when our voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking! Love this! A lot more clearer than just putting up strikes on the board or letting the noise escalate to a point where you just cut. A teacher's heart at Good Shepherd Academy / Inspiration Quotes, Inspiration Sayings, Inspiring Quotes.

6 Creative Tools for Displaying Learning Objectives. These Are My Kind of Classroom Rules. Simple Teaching Tip. New beginnings → Shiny shoes, Crisp new uniforms, Bulging backpacks, Brand new lunch boxes, Untouched exercise books Yes its back to school time here in Australia, week one is already over and the […] Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles, Trivia and Games.

The First Five Minutes #EdChat #EdcampSWO. I've been paying close attention to my time management this year. The Expert Learner with Voice and Choice. 1000s FREE K-3 Primary Teaching Resources and Printables - SparkleBox Australia. What Does It Mean To Inspire? What inspires your students? Photo courtesy (CC) AlicePopkorn via Flickr Inspiration, it means something slightly different to everyone. Or rather the act of inspiring means something different to everyone.

What does inspire mean to you? Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “inspire” as follows: in-spire \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\ transitive verbto influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspirationto exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on <was particularly inspired by the Romanticists>to spur on :impel, motivate <threats don’t necessarily inspire people to work>affect <seeing the old room again inspired him with nostalgia> Whether parent, teacher, or both inspiration should be something always in mind when engaging with your student or child. Often times it’s easy to forget that the smallest nuances can inspire or deter as the case may be. Teaching Resources, Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans - TES Resources.

Brain Gym

What’s the Best Way to Practice Project Based Learning? Work Hard, Be Courageous, Celebrate Growth: The Story of Our Brain Books. 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life. Teaching, Learning, & Life.

Lt-litlearningwalks.pdf. Teaching / Timer Trick! Put your timers on stretchy bracelets to keep your students from wandering on washroom trips, extra-long library visits or manage computer sharing time! Kiddos love it!! This sign posted outside our classroom door gets lots of stop. Learning Hub banner (SB9276) Tips for Holding Students Accountable to Choice Reading: Reading Ladders.