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Time Management, Productivity, & Project Tracking Software (Mac/PC) Moodscope - Lift your mood with a little help from your friends. Drinking Diary - monitor how much you drink, and reduce it. Garmin Connect - Télécharger, analyser et rechercher des activités de course à pied, de cyclisme et de plein air. Running - Accueil. Dynastream Innovations. Zeo Personal Sleep Coach - Home. Fitbit. Philips DirectLife: fitness, health and successful weight management. The Data-Driven Life. Untitled. The Social Memex – Mark Carranza’s Memory Experiment. Mark Carranza has been keeping a list of his ideas since 1984.

The Social Memex – Mark Carranza’s Memory Experiment

His list has more than a million entries, with more than 7 million connections between entries. Although the media window above appears to contain a video of Mark’s talk at QS #3, Mark preferred that MX not be shown yet, so what you see on screen during the sound recording of talk are the faces of some of us in group, listening with interest. But even without being able to see the tool in action, Mark’s description is wonderful. Some highlights: Mark describes his personal workshop as “The institute for the prevention of design.” His program is DOS software, last updated in 1992. Fenn's home. Start Here. We will be down for maintenance at 10PM PST and be back shortly after.

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We apologize for any inconvenience. Gotta do some maintenance! Mint will be down for a bit starting at about 10:00 PM Pacific. We'll hurry back. You’re using an unsupported version or are in compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. Treatment Ratings and Reviews for 589 Conditions. Self Tracking. Free Tools to Help You Manage Your Health.