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Article - Ranking Factors for International SEO: 2012 Research By Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics. About The Author: Marcus Tober brings pioneering experience in SEO to Searchmetrics.

Article - Ranking Factors for International SEO: 2012 Research By Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics

As chief technology officer, Marcus is responsible for advanced technology research, product development, and SEO consulting programs. While studying media design and computer science in Berlin, Marcus was already focused on search engine optimization, and he quickly became one of the leading SEO experts in Germany. Seeing the need for an integrated and professional SEO software solution led Marcus to found Searchmetrics GmbH jointly with Holtzbrinck eLab in 2007.

You can reach him at: Earlier this year, we analyzed 10,000 topkeywords, 300,000 domains and several million backlinks, shares and tweets to see what drivesGermany’s Googlerankings - one of Europe’s toughest SEO markets.Many of the usual factors one would suspect do indeed impact rankings, but there are also some surprises.

25 Link-Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website CIO. CIO — You may have an amazing website, but not many people will see it if other sites aren't linking to it.

25 Link-Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website CIO

Relevant inbound links from authoritative, trusted and/or quality websites are every search marketer's dream. (An inbound link, also called a backlink, is a link from an external site that points to content on your site.) Google, which owns about 66 percent of the search engine market according to comScore, sees such links as votes of confidence for your content. Because Google wants to serve users the most relevant, freshest, trustworthy results, inbound links from trusted sites to yours can go a long way toward pushing your content up in search result rankings. Of course, obtaining those inbound links takes considerable time, effort and resources. To help your site develop a quality inbound link profile, we've collected 25 top link-building strategies and tips from three experts: Set Your Link-Building Foundation 1. 2. 3. Continue Reading. Why Measuring Marketing Performance is the Key to B2B Success. When speaking to marketing directors and business owners, one of the most common questions I am asked is – ‘Is all of this measurable?’

Why Measuring Marketing Performance is the Key to B2B Success

We are living in a world where ROI is at the heart of every business process and marketing is not an exception. With the availability of tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot there is a whole host of things that you can drill down and report on. You do, however, run the risk of information overload so what are the top three things you should be tracking in addition to measuring leads generated and customers won?

Are you getting found? Gauging SEO performance SEO is at the heart of helping organisations getting found. Related Resources from B2C» Free Webcast: The Future of Marketing: Social Listening + Action 1. After determining your most important keywords through keyword research, identify, say, your top 10 keywords. 2. Getting found for your brand name is important. Core industry termsLong-tallied termsProblem solution terms; - CTA performance. Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines. Crowdsourced Online Advertising Specialists.

Algorithms That Rule the Web. Google helps us think, Facebook finds us friends, and Pandora plays our own personalized soundtrack.

Algorithms That Rule the Web

It's hard to say whether the computer algorithms that these services use to anticipate our needs and wants are turning us into puppets or geniuses. But algorithms have a huge impact on our tastes, buying habits, and decisions about our digital lives. Back in the 20th century--the primordial age of algorithms--life was simpler and harder at the same time. We never knew what else we might want to buy at Amazon; we didn't know what the most "important" news stories of the day were; and before the Netflix movie recommendation engine, we had no mechanized assistance in determining which DVD to rent next. When we're looking for something online, Google's algorithm frees us from having to sort and search through multitudes of only not-very-relevant results. The technological trend toward ever-more-sophisticated algorithms isn't limited to situations where consumers seek information or products.

Google+ Posts Will Appear on Google Social Search Results. Google has started integrating Google+ users’ public posts into the search engine’s social search results, one-upping Facebook by wielding its search strengths to boost its fledgling social network’s features.

Google+ Posts Will Appear on Google Social Search Results

The move is another sign that our social networking statuses are seeping into all other areas of the web. And, the feature is actually pretty useful if you’re looking for relevant results. This is an obvious and expected step, since Google already annotates results with results from shared social posts on services like Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s also a smart move as Google continues to try to siphon users away from Facebook and other services. Google also is besting Microsoft’s Bing by incorporating social into search. As Google writes on its Inside Search blog, if you’re signed into your Google Account, your search results may start including annotations about those links being shared publicly by people you are friends with (or at least connected to) on Google+.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors.