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Symbols and their meaning Symbols and their meaning SYMBOLS and their Meaning Introduction Occult symbols are fast replacing Christian symbols in our culture. Therefore, we encourage you to use this list to warn others, especially Christian children who intentionally wear and display them because they are popular. Keep in mind that some of these symbols have double meanings. For example, the pentagram has been used to transmit occult power in all kinds of rituals for centuries, but to Christians the same shape may simply represent a star -- a special part of God's creation.

Mizozo fake link What is Mizozo? Mizozo is a user generated content site which is in the process of a major shift in business. Originally a news site, Mizozo is now becoming the first truly transparent corporate entity. Not only will everything be laid out, but everyone will have a say in how things are run and get a cut of the revenue. The Satirical Art of Paul Kuczynski - Stop and Think The Satirical Art of Paul Kuczynski - Stop and Think
Religion and Sexual Ethics
Books of Adam Books of Adam This is my cat. Her name is Lola, and she's not all there. When Lola was a kitten, she somehow got outside and drank antifreeze. She was never quite right after that. I decided to keep her indoors until she was an adult, because I didn't trust her to take care of herself outside. A couple years later, I decided to see if I could expand her horizons beyond the confines of my house.
14 Cool And Unusual Aquariums EmailEmail Do you live a stressful life, have high blood pressure and insomnia? Keeping an aquarium may be a good therapy for you! 14 Cool And Unusual Aquariums
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Wilhelm Reich, Victorians, and Sexual Revolutions Wilhelm Reich, the father of the sexual revolution, started out as a star pupil of Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology. Reich was admitted to the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association in 1920, while he was still a graduate student, and already a radical idea was percolating in his head: that sexuality, fundamental to our being, and yet a source of shame for centuries, had the power to heal much of what ailed us, if only we would let it. Breaking with religious teachings that the sole function of sex ought to be procreation and that any other erotic pursuit was sinful, Reich offered a new and defiantly humanist perspective, asserting that sexual pleasure was beneficial—indeed, necessary—to human flourishing, and that, when it came to orgasms, the more the merrier. Wilhelm Reich, Victorians, and Sexual Revolutions
Character Vaults : Famous People and their Drug Use Famous People and Their Drug Use by Erowid v2.0 - Apr 4, 2012 Reference Status Key ReferencedBelieve reference can be foundLikely, but don't know about referencesCommon rumorUnsubstantiated rumor v1.0 - Feb 1, 2004 - Erowid - v1 published.v1.1 - Jul 30, 2005 - Erowid - Updated.v1.2 - Jul 8, 2006 - Erowid - Updated.v1.3 - Dec 8, 2006 - Erowid - Updated.v1.4 - Jan 11, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.5 - Apr 3, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.6 - Sep 25, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.7 - Mar 13, 2008 - Erowid - Updated.v1.8 - Mar 18, 2009 - Erowid - Updated.v1.9 - Mar 4, 20010 - Erowid - Updated.v2.0 - Apr 4, 2013 - Erowid - Added dozens of entries. Character Vaults : Famous People and their Drug Use

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