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Spanish language teaching ideas websites. Learn Spanish online websites. Spanish resources and worksheets. Professions/Job titles in Spanish. Reading in Spanish. Past times Pasatiempo. Kahoot! 15 encouraging phrases a Spanish speaker like me would love for you to learn. I'm a 38-year-old bilingual Mexican-American, and I recently came to a very interesting realization about non-Spanish speakers.

15 encouraging phrases a Spanish speaker like me would love for you to learn.

I meet a lot of people at work, on the street, and in my community who want to make an effort by speaking my native language. It's great. But often, they default to the same handful of phrases: "Hola," "Buenos días," maybe a "Como está" once in a while. I was chatting with a co-worker recently about my work as a writer. I could tell he was very proud of me. Let me explain: "Si se puede" means "yes we can," and it's a renowned cry of Latino pride made famous by American labor leader and social activist Cesar Chávez way before President Barack Obama made it a slogan. But the phrase is so generic now that it has almost taken away the true meaning of his pride.

That wasn't his fault, of course. 5 Top Tips to Learn Spanish.

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Spanish speaking countries food. Verbs in Spanish. Conquistadors History of Spanish conquest. Ele3to5mathspanish. Spanish speakers. Spanish Numbers 0-10 Adding and Subtracting by Espanol con Emily. Letter sounds and pronunciation in Spanish. Private class e-pal info no access publicly. Festivals and dates in Spanish speaking countries. Spanish speaking Culture and country info. Animals in Spanish. Español. Solar system in espanol. Writing in Spanish. Simple greetings Spanish. Purchase or print resources. Making books for Spanish class. Spanish location, position and directions. Calendar days months. Songs in Spanish. Why study Spanish. Spanish teacher blogs. Spanish Lesson 1.8: ¡Hola! - Unit Review by Wisewire. In this lesson, students review their knowledge of the following concepts and themes: Spanish expressions to introduce yourself and greet others; vocabulary related to family, classes, and school supplies; rules of gender and number of Spanish nouns; and the worldwide influence of the Spanish language, including the modern culture of the United States.

Spanish Lesson 1.8: ¡Hola! - Unit Review by Wisewire

This printable lesson bundle includes: • A core lesson with introduction, video and print instruction, practice exercises, a review section, and a 5 question quiz • Three videos that support the teaching of the vocabulary, grammar, and culture of the lesson, one bilingual, one in English, and one in Spanish • A beginner level worksheet and advanced level quiz that complement the lesson • An accompanying teacher guide with correct answers *We have provided the videos embedded within the lesson PDF and also separately in (.mp4) format.

Please verify that you have appropriate and updated software for viewing the videos before you purchase.​ PBL Projects. For a more current list, please visit is a list of PBL projects I have attempted in my Spanish 1, 2, and 3 classes.

PBL Projects

I have included links to posts related to each project (where available) and evaluated the success of each project.For more information on Project-Based Learning in the Target Language, How can I change one habit to improve my life? Audience: teammates (support group) Why students care: personal investment and rewards Success level: 10 What the project needs: an outside audience and clear final product goal Why should people watch telenovelas?

Audience: language learners Why students care: brain candy, eye candy, authentic culture, absurd acting and storylines What the project needs: a more purposeful final product goal. Must-have: a separate profile for your kids on Netflix. Read on to find out how to set it.

Must-have: a separate profile for your kids on Netflix

Perhaps you and your family use the same profile on Netflix. You watch The OA while your son devours Pokémon and your daughter tunes into Peppa Pig. I didn't know this but, apparently, having a common profile is not such a good idea. It's better to give your kids an individual profile which they can use freely. Why? No inappropriate movies or series You may not have noticed but there's quite a lot of racy stuff on Netflix. Who knows, maybe it's a good idea to also create an individual profile for your partner? But how do you do it? First, create an individual profile for your child. Click your name on the top right, then click "Your account" Next, click "Manage profiles". Now make sure the profile is child-friendly. In the profile overview, click on your child's profile. Is your child a little older? Click your name on the top right, then click "Your account". Don't have Netflix yet?

La Familia. Catalan parrot. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Spanish version. Aprende los colores. Ayudas gráficas. Yr 7 Spanish. Teaching the sound-written links Phonics is for me the point of departure for language learning whether introducing KS2 learners to a foreign language for the first time, beginning with an ab initio KS4 GCSE class or teaching adults.

Yr 7 Spanish

What I mean by phonics is teaching the key sounds of the foreign language (‘key’ being those sounds that are written the same butpronounced differently in English) and fixing them in long-term memory by embedding them in words, often nouns but not always. The words are learnt in a multi-layered way through seeing a vivid image, hearing and repeating the sound of the word and doing an accompanying gesture. The three strands of this VAK approach strengthen memory, making the knowledge robust and secure enough for easy retrieval at any time, and more importantly, for application to new words in new contexts. Here is a fuller explanation of the above and a short film of the approach we use. Phonics resources. The Natural Order of Language Acquisition. I'm always amazed when I talk to people about language learning, how much pressure we needlessly place on ourselves.

The Natural Order of Language Acquisition

Ego, paradigm, we just don't like to wait... call it whatever you want - when it comes to language, people seldom claim that learning a foreign language is easy! Words like "Fast" and "Easy" are the by words of language schools who are trying to convince you that their program is better than the rest. Spanish icons background design Vector.