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Sans titre. This delicious way to use dandelions was sent to me by a reader in Denmark!

sans titre

She was kind enough to translate and share a few traditional Scandinavian foraging recipes with me, including this one for Dandelion Syrup that she makes each summer. Thank you Tina! You can visit her Danish blog by clicking HERE. Below, you’ll find the recipe as translated. The only thing I did differently was to use 75 dandelions, since mine were small, end-of-the-season ones. Fermented Hot Chili Sauce Recipe. Michael Hung's Fermented Chili Vinegar Hot Sauce Recipe. Sichuan-Inspired Pickled Vegetables. You will love what happens to radishes and carrots in this pickle -- one turns a sheer sunset pink while the other practically pulsates orange.

Sichuan-Inspired Pickled Vegetables

Chinese pickles are a cook's great cheat. In an elaborate Chinese menu, they save you from having to pull off time-consuming appetizers while they tune up palates for what's to come. Graines à faire germer chez soi et à consommer. Les graines ont des goûts, des saveurs et textures différentes, ce qui permet des repas variés.

Graines à faire germer chez soi et à consommer.

Conseils de choix des graines Les graines doivent être de bonne qualité, provenant de l'agriculture biologique (si possible), stockées dans de bonnes conditions (à l'abri de l'humidité, des rongeurs, de la lumière dans des pots de terre ou de verre), ne pas être trop vieilles (elles se conservent cependant très longtemps, au moins deux ans sans problèmes), ni avoir été rôties ou grillées, être sans traitement (ni avant ni après la récolte) et sans insecticides. Les graines à germer peuvent être achetées dans les magasins d'alimentation bio, mais aussi par correspondance (par ex. catalogue Thompson & Morgan qui présente une gamme non bio de graines à germer) et sur le Net. How to Make Thai Sweet Chili SauceSheSimmers. If someone asked me what I would choose as the one single dish to have as my last meal on earth, I would, of course, have a hard time coming up with an answer.

How to Make Thai Sweet Chili SauceSheSimmers

However, I am surethe incomparably magnificent combo of hot-off-the-steamer Thai sticky rice, Thai-style grilled chicken, and this beloved Thai sweet chilli saucewould be hovering through my mind as one of the top five contenders. Thai sweet chilli sauce has been a quintessential part of my life. A life bereft of it is simply unimaginable.

In fact — and please don’t tell anyone — this post was inspired by a movie which I recently saw wherein the protagonist’s existence revolved around hummus to the point that he even used it as toothpaste. This Thai sweet chilli sauce is to me like what hummus is to that guy in the movie. The heat is mostly in the veins and seeds of chilli peppers. Tips on how to make this sauce for low-carbers or diabetics. Originalité sur le gril. Delicatessen with love. Eat, Eat, Eat!!!

Delicatessen with love

From Grandma with love I will never forget grandma Sara’s artichokes. Irish Recipes and Drinks for St. Patrick's Day at Epicurious. Radish Pickle Recipe: Hot and Spicy, Seasoned Sliced Radishes. Black Radish Relish Recipe. Two friends joined Dana and I for dinner at Parts and Labour in Toronto a few months ago.

Black Radish Relish Recipe

We were spoiled as Chefs Matty Matheson and Matthew DeMille sat us in the kitchen and encouraged us to eat a large percentage of the menu. Raw Recipe Beet Chips. Ask anyone who knows me what my biggest downfall is when it comes to food, and they will tell you potato chips.

Raw Recipe Beet Chips

When stress mounts, I can just hear the chips little voices. “Susan, we will make you feel better. Susan, we are crunchy and salty. Susan, we taste so good.” What they forget to say is, “Susan, we will bloat you like there is no tomorrow. I have tried to find some alternatives that I really like. Dossier: Déshydrateur. Popcorn cru.... à découvrir - vert ma nature. 3 kales, 3 recettes « Kale & cie! Nous vous proposons ici nos recettes préférées pour apprêter les différentes sortes de kale.

3 kales, 3 recettes « Kale & cie!

Il y a d’abord notre recette de chips de kale pour le frisé, une salade légère pour le kale red et white russian, et finalement une recette de salade crémeuse pour le kale de Toscane. Chips de patates douces. Quelqu'un veut des chips?

Chips de patates douces

Elles sont bonnes, fraîchement faites, encore tièdes, croustillantes à souhait, légèrement salées et... oui, un peu huileuses, ce sont des chips après tout! Mais pas de gras trans, saturés, hydrogénés et autres cochonneries des chips du commerce. Do Chua (Vietnamese Carrot and Daikon Pickle) Are you getting sick of me talking about Suncoast Organics yet?

Do Chua (Vietnamese Carrot and Daikon Pickle)

I hope not, because I’m going to talk about them again. This week I got the prettiest rainbow-colored carrots in my goodie box. Another “first” for me. I’d seen pictures of them in cookbooks and magazines, but never, ever found them in any market around here. My photo journal: Homemade Ginger Ale two ways. Here are two recipes for homemade ginger ale I tried recently. One is for the impatient (me) and the other for those, who don't mind waiting few days (sometimes me) and then be rewarded with truly home-brewed ginger ale or you could even call it a ginger beer. It does have small amount of alcohol and superb, intense gingery flavor. Spicy and very refreshing, would definitely make a great cocktail mixer. It makes Gin and Ginger sound very good all of a sudden. To make Ginger Beer you will need: 1c sugar freshly grated ginger root (1 1/2-2 tablespoons), use the fresh ginger root you can find, it really makes a difference juice of one lemon 1/4tsp baker's yeast cold fresh spring or filtered water special equipment: clean 2L plastic bottle, funnel, patienceDirections: Through a funnel add sugar and yeast to a plastic bottle.

Butternut Squash Spelt Biscuits. I have the worst case of writer’s block. I don’t know what to say.