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Vietnam: One Ton of Cats & Chickens To Be Crushed Or Burnt – Fight Dog Meat. Breaking news: on Thursday July 14, Vietnamese officials will crush or burn half a ton of live cats and half a ton of live chickens, in the northern province of Quang Nin. The cats and chickens were seized from two trucks which were smuggling animals from China, into Vietnam. Neither driver could produce documents for their consignments, so therefore Vietnamese law stipulates illegal goods be destroyed by crushing or burning. Vietnam does not have animal protection laws and consequently does not recognize animals as sentient beings, able to perceive of feel things, therefore the animals will be treated as objects.

In January 2015 one ton of live cats were seized in Hanoi, Vietnam, after being trafficked from China. The cats were unloaded from the truck, and still entombed in the bamboo cages, the loaded cages were laid out in a line on the road. This last truckload of cats were seized at midnight on Tuesday and the chickens the next morning. Thank you for reading, Michele Brown, Founder. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival 101: All You Need to Take Action. What really happens during China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival? How many dogs are killed? Where do they come from? Is it true dogs are tortured first? Our Cat and Dog Welfare team in China provides the answers.

How Many Dogs Will Die? At its height, the Yulin dog meat festival was said to be responsible for 10,000 to 15,000 slaughtered dogs. In 2014 that figure was reported as dropping to 2,000 to 3,000. Is the Festival Just About Eating Dogs? The festival takes place to mark the summer solstice. Can the Government Stop It? We believe we are reaching a point where there is little value for the government in defending an industry that is being revealed as being more about crime than tradition.

As far as the Yulin dog meat festival is concerned, it is no longer sanctioned on any level by government so – what you’re seeing is a kind of unofficial agreement by dog meat lovers to meet up once a year. But I Heard the Festival Was Cancelled? Where are the Dogs Sourced? Where do They Go? How do They Die? Vietnam: One Ton of Cats & Chickens To Be Crushed Or Burnt – Fight Dog Meat.

1000 chinois manifestent contre la consommation de viande de chien à Hong Kong. Le festival chinois de Yulin, aussi appelé festival de la viande de chien, a révolté l’occident. Mais ce que de nombreuses personnes fronçant les sourcils vers l’Asie semblent ignorer, c’est que de nombreux asiatiques s’opposent eux aussi à cette pratique.

Le 28 juin dernier, 1000 personnes sont descendues dans la rue à Hong Kong, pour répondre à l’appel de plusieurs associations de protection animale. Les manifestants s’opposaient au festival de Yulin, mais aussi, et plus généralement, à toute consommation de viande de chien ou de chat. Une pétition contre la viande de chien Partant du Zheda Garden, le cortège a traversé la ville pour se rendre au Central Government Office, afin d’y déposer une pétition demandant au Gouvernement de Yulin de cesser d’organiser son funeste festival. «Arrêtez de manger des chiens et des chats !» , «Arrêtez de manger nos amis !» Notre ami Ping Fei Lo était sur place.

Une majorité d’anti Yulin à Pékin Stop à la culpabilisation de l’occident. Why the dog meat trade can’t survive. By Jill Robinson, Animals Asia founder With the Yulin dog meat festival about to take place, there has never been greater interest in the issue of dog meat eating in China. Last year we saw the local authorities distance themselves from the festival. This year unprecedented opposition has seen it hit the headline again.

We await reports on how this has affected this years’ events. We are indebted to over 80,000 of our supporters who have added their name to an open letter to the dog meat traders. Our team has also posted the letter to our own social media including the details of the huge international response. The message and the response is clear and unavoidable. Talking to Karen about the response she received was enlightening. But this belies the fact those working so hard to combat cruelty to dogs and cats come from all countries and all backgrounds – and we’re proud to work at all levels. The criminality of the dog and cat meat industry is its Achilles heel. China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Dogs and cats rescued as Ricky Gervais condemns event.

Charity workers have managed to salvage or buy hundreds of dogs, cats and kittens – which have this year been added to the menu - from traders before they faced being cruelly beaten then killed. Many were still wearing collars – proving these innocent animals had been stolen from their owners who had been keeping them as pets. Adam Parascandola for Humane Society International said: “It’s nauseating to think that these poor guys were next to be beaten to death and eaten.

“We know that these are only a small number compared to the thousands who have already suffered and died, but every life saved is precious.” Up to 10,000 cats and dogs are due to be slaughtered today during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. Charity campaigners say they have seen first hand the back alley slaughterhouses in operation. They often arrive in packed lorries with barely enough room to breathe, before they are beaten alive to tenderise their flesh. Festival de viande canine : elle sauve cent chiens de la marmite. Yang Xiaoyun a payé environ 7 000 yuans (990 euros) samedi pour sauver les chiens dans la ville de Yulin, selon le site Netease. Des photos postées sur les réseaux sociaux ont montré cette femme de 65 ans arpentant un marché à Yulin où les chiens étaient exposés dans des cages. Elle compte loger les chiens chez elle à Tianjin, métropole du nord-est de la Chine, à environ 2 000 kilomètres de là. Yulin, dans la région autonome du Guangxi, organise un festival annuel de la viande canine durant le solstice d’été, qui a provoqué les protestations des défenseurs des droits des animaux.

Des partisans de la cause animale se sont par le passé rendus dans la ville pour y manifester lors du festival, achetant parfois des chiens pour les sauver de la marmite. Des habitants de la ville ont assuré que les chiens n’étaient pas abattus de manière cruelle. La viande de chien est servie accompagnée de litchis. En Chine, le massacre de chiens qui révolte le Web. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Marine Benoit A Yulin, le 22 juin, des milliers de chiens et de chats seront abattus pour satisfaire les gastronomes superstitieux au grand dam des internautes partisans de la cause animale.

Une coutume de l’ethnie Zhuang, peuple de la région autonome du Guangxi, située au sud de la Chine, veut que la viande de chien, consommée au solstice d’été, apporte chance et santé pour le restant de l’année. C’est sur cette foi que le 22 juin se tient dans la ville de Yulin un festival au cours duquel se déguste de la viande de canidé et de félin, accompagnée de litchis et d’alcool fort. Pendant les jours qui précèdent les festivités, les marchands de la cité exposent leurs animaux dans des cages, souvent empilées.

Les bêtes sont in fine abattues sur place, la plupart du temps à coups de bâton, devant les passants désireux d’assister à leur mise à mort. Lire aussi : La Chine s’éveille au respect de l’animal. HSI: End the Dog Meat Trade. Sans titre. Ricky Gervais slams 'horrible' China dog meat festival, saying it 'breaks my heart' to see animals suffer. Getty Ricky Gervais is urging the public to get behind his campaign to shut down China's "horrible" dog and cat meat trade. The actor has joined forces with the Humane Society International to put an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Up to 10,000 dogs and 10,000 cats are estimated to be killed each year during the barbarous event, which this year starts on June 22.

In preparation for the festival, the Humane Society International has filmed thousands of animals, many of them pets still wearing collars, being seized from the streets. Eyevine They are then packed into wire cages without food or water before being brutally killed. Gervais said it "breaks my heart" to see the bewildered faces of the tortured animals after watching footage of the conditions they are kept in.

He said: "My friends at Humane Society International are working tirelessly to end this cruel trade all over Asia, and they desperately need your help. Barcroft "No animal deserves to be treated like this. " Page not found - Kim's Petitions. Sans titre. The Illegal Dog Meat Festival That Nobody Is Stopping. Recent news out of China suggesting that officials have "banned" the Yulin dog meat festival has understandably given campaigners cause for hope. However, this announcement is not what it appears to be, and the hundreds of thousands of dogs — and cats —suffering in Yulin and other Chinese animal markets still need our help.

Between 10 and 20 million dogs per year are believed to be killed for consumption in China, with live dog and animal markets all over the region, as well as many illegal dog slaughterhouses. The killing of dogs for meat in the Chinese city of Yulin in the South Western Guangxi province has gained international notoriety for the sheer volume of dogs involved and the local trader's unashamed promotion of dog eating as a local tradition.

Dog to be slaughtered for meat in Yulin city, Guangxi province in 2014. Photo by HSI Colby in Houston. An end in sight for the Yulin festival? So what is the latest news from Yulin? Cause for hope? China says "no" to dog meat. Chine : le Festival de la viande de chien de Yulin déchaine les polémiques. Dans certaines régions de la Chine, la viande de chien est considéré comme un met raffiné. Cette pratique remonterait à environ 500 ans avant Jésus-Christ, ou même bien avant. Néanmoins, comme de plus en plus de Chinois ont des chiens comme animaux domestiques, ils estiment que manger des chiens est un comportement cruel et barbare. Ces dernières années, des militants pour les droits des animaux ont lancé plusieurs campagnes, à la fois en ligne et sur le terrain contre la consommation de viande de chien.

Ils lancent chaque année un appel pour l'abolition du “festival de la viande de chien” qui propose des plats de viande de chien accompagnée de lychees et alcools forts. Cet événement a lieu dans la ville de Yulin, dans la province de Guangxi, lors du solstice d'été du calendrier lunaire. L'année dernière, les militants pour les droits des animaux ont avancé que plus de 10 000 chiens avaient été tués lors de ce festival.

Pourquoi un festival de la viande de chien?! 为什么要有狗肉节?! EndYulinDogSection. The Illegal Dog Meat Festival That Nobody Is Stopping. Little Crow's "Save Wonderful Nature and Animals + ART": #StopYulin2015 Dog and Cat Meat Festival - 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015. Art by Keiko Olds Also visit here↓↓↓ #StopYulin2015 STOP Dog Meat Festival in China. Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports (Part 1/2). Watch Video↓ Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports (Part 2/2) Dog meat festival in China In China,Yulin, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, there is a tradition that has lasted for 600 years. We do not want dogs to die for this occasion. In any country, there are traditions that have become habits that occur every year.

On that day, special foods are served. The true traditions are passed down from generation after generation and not losing it's value. The people of this world cannot say that something is a tradition if they do not value it. To have a tradition is to pass down the symbol of their family and activities. I want to ask the Chinese people. This is not tradition, this is just eating because you want to. You can quit easily, but your too lazy to quit. If you want to call this a tradition, then classify this as a bad tradition to follow. News. Chine : le Festival de la viande de chien de Yulin déchaine les polémiques. Public shelter - Poland - ESDAW. Dogs Bludgeoned and Killed in Leather Industry. Deeply disturbing PETA Asia undercover investigation reveals that dogs are bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys, and other accessories. At the slaughterhouse, the investigator filmed workers as they grabbed one dog after another around the neck with metal pinchers and bashed them over the head with a wooden pole.

Some dogs fell unconscious, while others cried out and writhed in agony. Some still struggled to breathe after their throats were cut before their skins were ripped off their bodies. Dogs who were next in line for slaughter wailed and barked as a worker hit them in an effort to get them to walk more slowly.

One employee told the investigator that this facility bludgeons and skins 100 to 200 dogs a day. In November 2014, a PETA Asia investigator visited dog-leather processing plants in China and documented the process of turning dog skin into women’s fashion gloves, work gloves, and other accessories. China Dog Skinned Alive | Dog Meat | Paws for the News | Paws for the News|Pet News|News about Pets|Animal Welfare&Cruelty|Pet Education|Pet Health|Pet Travel.

Please sign the Petition below objecting to China’s Dog Meat Consumption and Trade Shuangyashan HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE CHINA “26 November 2014 3.00 in the afternoon: Maomao is sold to a restaurant owner, after being stolen from her Loving Family that morning. While fully conscious, the trusting loved pet who only knew kindness from her owners was tied to a pole and the dog butcher seized her left hind paw and began to slowly sawing through her fur and flesh and sinews, cutting tendons and veins and sawing into her bones as she screamed in agony, unable to save herself from this horror. Slipping in her own blood, she fell to the ground in blinding pain as her lower left leg was severed and tossed aside. The butcher was only using a small knife, which proves none of the cuts were clean cuts or rapid. It is impossible to severe a dog’s legs with any speed while only using a small knife. Remember: this dog was FULLY CONSCIOUS!

Look at the dog’s face in the photos. Please sign all petitions! China: Fully Conscious Pet Dog Has All Four Legs Severed Before Being Skinned Alive | SAY NO TO DOG MEAT.NET. Shocking report out of China! A three-year old Golden retriever named Maomao (毛毛), who was a loved pet was stolen one week ago, in the morning. She had given birth to puppies only 45 days earlier. The stolen dog was then sold to a dog butcher/dog meat restaurant at 3pm on the same day, where unthinkable cruelty was deliberately inflicted upon her. WARNING: reader discretion advised.

While fully conscious, the trusting loved pet who only knew kindness from her owners was tied to a pole and the dog butcher seized her left hind paw and began to slowly sawing through her fur and flesh and sinews, cutting tendons and veins and sawing into her bones as she screamed in agony, unable to save herself from this horror.

The butcher begins to severed the pet dog’s other hind leg. Slipping in her own blood, she fell to the ground in blinding pain as her lower left leg was severed and tossed aside. The butcher was only using a small knife, which proves none of the cuts were clean cuts or rapid. 1. 2. PEUT-ON ENCORE L’APPELER UN ETRE HUMAIN ? !!! - Une Loi Pour les Animaux de Chine. Mardi 2 décembre 2014 2 02 /12 /Déc /2014 22:56 Maomao (毛毛), une golden retriever volée puis mutilée vivante à SHUANGYASHAN (双鸭山 Province de HEILONGJIANG 黑龙江) English version below ( merci à Maxine ) 26 novembre 2014 dans la matinée : Maomao (毛毛), une adorable golden retriever de trois ans qui avait accouché 45 jours auparavant, a été volée. 26 novembre 2014 dans l’après-midi, à 15h00: Maomao est vendue à un « restaurateur ».

Voici ce qu’elle a subi : le « restaurateur » a commencé à MUTILER la pauvre chienne, d’abord une jambe, ensuite une autre, jusqu’à la quatrième. A un moment donné, un passant a proposé 500 yuans (environ 65 euros) --- tout ce qu’il avait --- au « restaurateur » pour acheter Maomao. Le propriétaire effrendré a immédiatement alerté la police mais les policiers ont prétendu qu’il faudrait attendre lundi pour s’en occuper… Les yeux pleins de larmes, un ami des animaux de SHUANGYASHAN, HEIHU (Tigre noir黑虎 ), a composé une chanson en mémoire de Maomao. 30 novembre : Ce côté sombre de la Corée du Sud | Web Journal Tchintcha. SAY NO TO DOG MEAT.NET | Bringing an end to the dog and cat meat trade internationally.

Justice for Maomao, Chinese pet dog snatched from loving owner and sold to restaurant for her meat! SAY NO TO DOG MEAT.NET | Bringing an end to the dog and cat meat trade internationally. Petitions | NoToDogMeat / NoToCatMeat. NoToDogMeat / NoToCatMeat | Official Blog of NoToDogMeat Campaign.