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Report.pdf. Mhwb-outcomes-11_14_2012.pdf. Intelligence Praise Can Undermine Motivation and Performance.pdf. Awareness Is Overrated. Think of the last time you were at a party and shocked your fellow guests with some dire statistic about the black-white incarceration divide or global warming or poverty in Brazil.

Awareness Is Overrated

What you felt at that moment probably wasn’t just empathy or sadness at the state of the world. No. If you’re honest with yourself, it mostly felt good to be the bearer of bad tidings. Can Free Play Prevent Depression and Anxiety In Kids? Over the past 50-60 years, play time in kids’ lives has been drastically cut.

Can Free Play Prevent Depression and Anxiety In Kids?

School days and years are longer and parents often schedule enrichment activities for their children instead of giving them space to direct their own play. Children are rarely given the freedom to direct their own activities, leading to a persistent rise in children feeling that they have no control over their lives. Secrets of the Creative Brain. As a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who studies creativity, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many gifted and high-profile subjects over the years, but Kurt Vonnegut—dear, funny, eccentric, lovable, tormented Kurt Vonnegut—will always be one of my favorites.

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Kurt was a faculty member at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in the 1960s, and participated in the first big study I did as a member of the university’s psychiatry department. I was examining the anecdotal link between creativity and mental illness, and Kurt was an excellent case study. He was intermittently depressed, but that was only the beginning. His mother had suffered from depression and committed suicide on Mother’s Day, when Kurt was 21 and home on military leave during World War II. His son, Mark, was originally diagnosed with schizophrenia but may actually have bipolar disorder. While mental illness clearly runs in the Vonnegut family, so, I found, does creativity. “Doing good science is … like having good sex. To My Comrades Still Navigating Higher Education. Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self. I'm mentally ill, and I should never own a gun. When I was 21 years old, I moved back home to upstate New York after graduating from college.

I'm mentally ill, and I should never own a gun

I felt like the lowest form of life possible for having failed the expectation that I would be able to live on my own. Why You Hate Work. Photo THE way we’re working isn’t working.

Why You Hate Work

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job, you’re probably not very excited to get to the office in the morning, you don’t feel much appreciated while you’re there, you find it difficult to get your most important work accomplished, amid all the distractions, and you don’t believe that what you’re doing makes much of a difference anyway. What I Be Project by Steve Rosenfield Photography. These 9 College Students Want To Tell You About Their Mental Illnesses. Breakup Letter to Stanford University - Alok Vaid-Menon. Mental Illness Associated With Shorter Lifespan More Than Heavy Smoking. Approximately 9.6 million American adults have been diagnosed with serious mental illness (SMI), and a new study indicates that this could have a bigger impact on lifespan than smoking cigarettes, due to an increased risk of suicide and other high-risk behaviors.

Mental Illness Associated With Shorter Lifespan More Than Heavy Smoking

A team of researchers led by Seena Fazel of Oxford University came to this conclusion following a meta-analysis of over 400 papers. Their full analysis was published in World Psychiatry. How to Win the Lottery (Happily) Colors thing. Depressed, but Not Ashamed. Wrap Your Brain Around This: An Infographic On The United States Of Mental Illness.

Fuck you stanford again. Policies hamper students' return from mental health leave. Brown University student Okezie Nwoka experienced his first manic episode in the fall of his junior year.

Policies hamper students' return from mental health leave

After being hospitalized for a week, Nwoka spoke to administrators about remaining on campus to complete the semester. Student Mental Health and Well-Being Oversight Committee. Stanford University is developing new initiatives to ensure Stanford's broad and long-term commitment to understanding, supporting and encouraging student mental health and well-being.

Student Mental Health and Well-Being Oversight Committee

In Fall 2006 the Student Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force was created to address the prevalance and complexity of student mental health issues at Stanford University. After two years of research and discussion, this diverse body of administrators, faculty and students released the Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force Report containing numerous recommendations based upon its findings that seek to promote student mental health and well-being on campus. Bill Text - SB-967 Student safety: sexual assault. (a) The governing board of each community college district, the Trustees of the California State University, the Regents of the University of California, and the governing board boards of independent postsecondary institutions, as defined in paragraph (3) of subdivision (i) of Section 67381, institutions that receive public funds for student financial assistance shall adopt a policy concerning campus sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking that includes all of the following: (1) An affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by a complainant.

Bill Text - SB-967 Student safety: sexual assault.

“Affirmative consent” is a freely and affirmatively communicated willingness to participate in particular sexual activity or behavior, expressed either by words or clear, unambiguous actions. It is the responsibility of the person who wants to engage in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the consent of the other person to engage in the sexual activity.