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Share photos on Twitter. TLists - Search. Curate. Join. Quite literally a spork. Must Watch Video: LeWeb 09: What would be the last Tweet of your. Online - Romenesko. Nielsen Business Media Update Message from Greg Farrar Dear Colleagues, Today, we announced that Nielsen Business Media has reached an agreement with e5 Global Media Holdings, LLC, a new company formed jointly by Pluribus Capital Management and Guggenheim Partners, for the sale of eight brands in the Media and Entertainment Group, including Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, The Clio Awards, Backstage, Billboard, Film Journal International and The Hollywood Reporter. e5 Global Media Holdings has also agreed to acquire our Film Expo business, which includes the ShoWest, ShowEast, Cinema Expo International and CineAsia trade shows.

Online - Romenesko

In addition, we’ve made the decision to cease operations for Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews. This move will allow us to strengthen investment in our core businesses – those parts of our portfolio that have the greatest potential for growth – and ensure our long-term success. The X Factor: none of the finalists deserve to win. The X Factor finalists: Olly, Stacey and Joe.

The X Factor: none of the finalists deserve to win

Photograph: Ken McKay/Rex Features. Linchpin by Seth Godin – Video Book Review. Paywall and subscription models: a study of 30+ organisations. Patrick Smith quits paidContent:uk. Photo of @NickHalstead showing off @TweetMeme at #LeWeb on Twitp. Le Web: Marissa Mayer of Google. Cameron Hires Obama Advisers for TV Debates With Brown - Iain Ma. By Iain Martin David Cameron has hired a pair of senior advisers to President Obama to help in his election campaign against Gordon Brown, I can reveal.

Cameron Hires Obama Advisers for TV Debates With Brown - Iain Ma

They have been appointed to help prepare him for his TV debates with the Prime Minister. Until November, one of the advisers – Anita Dunn – was Communications Director at the White House. The other, Bill Knapp, also worked on the Obama election campaign (making TV ads particularly). Knapp is very close to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat who has run and won election in the city as a registered Republican three times. Cwgl - Uploaded by klauslovgreen. Le Web: Chris Pirillo on Genuine Community - One Man and His Blo. Galerie de Robert Scoble. Q&A: Mark Josephson on and the rise of local content. As the recession continues to hurt major media organizations, many news outlets are having to shutter their regional bureaus due to budget cuts, even though the prospects for local content — and advertising — online are growing.

Q&A: Mark Josephson on and the rise of local content

But that is leaving room for companies that specialize in local content to flourish. This summer, purchased EveryBlock, a company that feeds crime reports, restaurant health inspections and other data to news organizations' Web sites, while AOL Inc. recently acquired local-news network Patch. Another local company flourishing right now is This week, the neighborhood newsfeed announced the close of a $7 million Series B round of financing, led by Union Square Ventures.

Average person consumes 34GB of data daily - - formerly. Customer Engagement Report 2010. This is the fifth annual Customer Engagement Report, produced in association with cScape.

Customer Engagement Report 2010

This is the most comprehensive and influential report available on customer engagement, and features expert commentary from the likes of Jim Sterne, Adam Hibbert, Ron Shevlin, Richard Sedley, Steve Woods and Ian Jindal. The research is useful for those who want to get an overview of customer engagement strategies and tactics, and the extent to which companies are adapting to changing customer behaviour and attitudes, and increased use of social media and the mobile channel. The 74-page report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 respondents, carried out in September and October 2010. Respondents include client-side digital marketers and digital agencies.

Liverpool - News - Caught On Camera - Caught on Camer. Queen's English is favoured phone accent - Media news - Media We. Listeners' choice: study reveals Queen's English as preferred phone accent Research by Nuance Communications, conducted by YouGov, shows that more than half of British consumers find the Queen's English the most appealing accent in a call centre, followed by the 34% who prefer a Scottish accent and 26% who prefer a Geordie accent.

The study revealed that half of British consumers are more likely to listen to a special offer or promotion if they find the voice appealing. By contrast, the Merseyside accent is the least popular, followed by the Midlands and West Country accents. Men have more confidence when hearing a women's voice when it comes to complaining via a customer services line than women, with only 8% of women believing female voices inspire confidence when complaining, compared to 15% of men.

More than 60% of Britons find it hard to understand a call centre abroad and among those aged more than 45, this figure rises to more than 70%. This Web Surfing Flowchart Is Way Too Accurate - achewood - Gizm. Jim Murphy: We will ‘get it right’ - The Record Opinion: Serving. I have been involved in the Web side of the newspaper business in one way or another for a little more than a decade.

Jim Murphy: We will ‘get it right’ - The Record Opinion: Serving

My direct involvement started when I was named online manager of a Gannett newspaper and asked to produce that organization's first Web site, continuing through last spring when a newspaper online site I oversaw in another company was recognized as the best community Web site in the nation by a trade organization. And I have never been more energized about a newspaper company's future digitally as I was when I recently met our company's brand new CEO, John Paton, on his first day of work. Paton joins the Journal Register Company from impreMedia LLC, a company he co-founded in 2003. impreMedia has evolved into the top news and information company in online and print serving the U.S.

Hispanic community. The media, the internet and the 2010 British election. Last night, I went to a panel discussion at the Frontline Club here in London looking at the role that the internet and social media might play in the upcoming general election.

The media, the internet and the 2010 British election

I wrote a summary of the discussion on the Guardian politics blog. As I said there, the discussion was Twitter heavy, but as Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes of said, Twitter is sexy right now. The panel was good. Staines made some excellent points including how the Conservatives were focused on Facebook rather than Twitter for campaigning. Facebook has more reach and was “less inside the politics and media bubble“, Staines said. Alberto Nardelli of British political Twitter tracker, Tweetminster, said that the election would be decided by candidates and campaigns not things like Twitter. Google eyes translation for images - - formerly vnunet. AP is Visionary: They See a "Siteless Web" - The Steve Rubel Lif. The Clip Report: An eBook on the Future of Media In the early 1990s when I began my career in PR there were clip reports.

AP is Visionary: They See a "Siteless Web" - The Steve Rubel Lif

These were physical books that contained press clips. Your Printer is a Brat. The AP Is Using Twitter To Send People To Facebook. Wait. What? The President Sets the Pace for Fathers. Vancouver 2010, part 1 of 2. FarmVille Surpasses 80 Million Users [PIC] FarmVille, the massively popular Facebook game, surpassed 80 million monthly active users this week (source: AppData).

FarmVille Surpasses 80 Million Users [PIC]

Facebook has around 400 million users in total. FarmVille has been a breakout hit, with its active user count growing by around 10 million users per month. Note that this isn't simply signups: This is a count of people using the app at least once in the 30-day span. FarmVille's daily active user count is currently 29.7 million — that's almost 30 million people using FarmVille every day. FarmVille's parent company, Zynga, was valued at 1 billion dollars late last year.

Foursquare Gets Some MAJOR Lovin' From The New York Times (Again. Twitter Phishing Attack Spreading via Direct Message [WARNING] Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': exclusive pictures and de. Labour kicks off social media campaign - Brand Republic News - B. eBay seeks annulment of Craigslist divorce - 11/12/2009 - Comput.

Friday 11 December 2009 16:06 Divorce is messy, as eBay and Craigslist are discovering.

eBay seeks annulment of Craigslist divorce - 11/12/2009 - Comput

EBay is suing Craigslist, the top US classified ad website, for diluting its shareholding and invoking a "poison pill" to stop eBay from selling its shares to anyone other than Craigslist. eBay hopes to have Craigslist's actions set aside and have its seat on the board reinstated. Craigslist took the steps after eBay launched a competitive website called Kijiji. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark told a Delaware court he had believed former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and other eBay executives when she said in a 2004 meeting that eBay shared Craigslist's core values. He changed his mind after eBay launched Kijiji, Reuters reported. eBay paid $32m for a 28% share and a seat on Craigslist's board. The US Courtroom View Network is reporting the trial. Email Alerts. My Favourite Tweets.

Vodafone becomes UK's most valuable brand. Untitled. BBC signals an end to era of expansion - Times Online. Value of Social Media Report. Big Biz Embracing Twitter. Did Chatroulette Just Launch the Interactive Video Conferencing. Koua Fong Lee: 'Toyota Defense' May Free Jailed Minnesota Man. LeWeb'10 Dec 8th & 9th 2010 and New Venue !