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9/11/2001. Who Did It ? Really Did It ?

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The information you can find within this pearltree, is free to use for everybody.

All knowledge must be free and accessible. And this software delivers a mode of exposure that is easily accessible for everyone.

I am very greatful that it at last exists.

When we as an entity, will have reached that ultimate objective, we will be really free from greed.
Greed can only prosper while keeping key information and knowledge secret and contained within certain well defined circles of interest.
It has also become the main interest and the main objective of every recent state governing system.
And it has been the basis for capitalism (disguised as democracy) and communism (disguised as socialism), which are just two opposite sides of the same coin, but handled differently.
And the mixture of them all has lead to either social-democracies in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, or to communist Russia and China, and to a capitalist's dream in the USA, which is protected by massive police and military forces, their top brass chosen by the hidden establishment.

There are a few dictators and small communist states left. All these states are however hell bend on keeping key information away from its citizens their preying eyes.

The events shortly before, during and after 9/11/2001 at the WTC complex, the Pentagon and in Pensylvania were the result from an obvious master plan, to force the US voters to accept endless periods of far away proxy wars, to secure the US needs for energy and raw materials for the coming decades. And to get a secure grip on the Middle East and the former, oil rich Sovjet states which were emerging as controllable new unstable countries. Ripe for the American style of capitalists-ruled democracies.

Bullrun - NSA planting backdoors into cryptography. WTC destruction, the Leftover candidates, Pro&Contra Arguments., page 4. 9/11 The Toronto Hearings - 2011/12 (Full Length) 911 Eyewitness - Help find the Truth! 911 Eyewitness-TV136 10 minute program. 911 Eyewitness Documentary. Truebluestar. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...


Working... truebluestar Uploads Play 1:20:18 911 Eyewitness - Hoboken "Highlights" 60 min. 1,043 views 2 years ago 18:38 Dr.Brian O'Leary speaks in front of the White House - 09/11/06 679 views 2 years ago 33:08 911 Eyewitness-TV136, 30 min. program 77 views 2 years ago 16:01 DC.Morgan.Judy.avi 8 views 2 years ago 7:04 Dr. Related channels on YouTube Representative Press ☞ 91177info WarCrime911 William WAGENER Anthony Lawson cappucinokid100 Sign in to add this to Watch Later. 911 Eyewitness - Hoboken "Highlights" 60 min. "911 Eyewitness" - VO ST FR. 415720.png (PNG-afbeelding, 900x557 pixels) 447669743.png (PNG-afbeelding, 979x600 pixels) WHAT A GRAVITY-DRIVEN DEMOLITION LOOKS LIKE. NIST Plane Animations.pdf (application/pdf-object) Download 19-42.pdf.

Let’s Agree to Put an End to the Petty 9/11 Argument’s , page 9. I'll first answer the "General's" post above, since it is again loaded with misconceptions.

Let’s Agree to Put an End to the Petty 9/11 Argument’s , page 9

That will cost me a few posts. Then, I will start to answer all questions on this page 9, from the top down. ONLY if those people still want answers, since I in fact answer all in the following posts, and have answered them already in that other thread (linked above). Your extra text, General, for which you again do not give a link to, now follows. Not providing source links is very bad behavior in Internet forums, and everywhere, by the way, and you have a habit of doing it, too often to be a simple mistake. I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007), page 11. Aim64c, we have had this discussion before in other threads, and now you give it again another switch, still wrong.

I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007), page 11

Column 79 was not rooted in the bedrock. It stood on top of the protective, 3 times overengineerd, immense thick steel beams "cage" covering the whole ConEd electrical station that delivered electrical power for the whole WTC complex. And snapping of it at one place would not be identical to it being cut over 6 floors, as must have been done to it, to achieve a 2+ seconds freefall period. Of course many more columns were cut simultaneous after that 8.3 delay period. The sound of that, relatively small, has been calculated to drown in the sound of the global collapse starting period. I still firmly stand by my own remarks under my quote from Prof. The WTC 7 seismogram is remarkably identical to the seismographic recordings of the clean-up of the remnants of the first Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing by McVeigh and colleagues from two weeks earlier.

2011 Toronto 9/11 Hearings.(Full Length Video), page 2. 3:16:30 - Chandler asserts that freefall = demolition, but without providing any supporting evidence for this.

2011 Toronto 9/11 Hearings.(Full Length Video), page 2

Where are the traces of a number of known demolitions? LT: Traces? NIST refused to look for those traces. But I think you meant 'tracks'. I have never been able to find online any tracking records for well known demolitions. 3:19:22 - More accusations levelled at NIST, despite the fact that freefall was explicitly stated in their final report. This entire presentation hinges on a single fact. The FREE-FALL ACCELERATION of WTC Building 7, David Chandler, *AUDIO* OF EXPLOSION JUST BEFORE WTC BUILDING 7 FELL. 9/11 WTC Detonations Finally Revealed. 9/11 WTC2 Demolition Northeast Corner Zoomed With Slow (NBC). Damning WTC demoltion charges exposes. 'Control Room' - (Documentary 2004) 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!