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Canon EOS M - Part 4 - Time-Lapse With The EOS M. Tutorial: How to Build a Dirt Cheap DIY Lighting Setup for Product Shots. If you've got $50, you're well on your way to capturing pro-level product shots.

Tutorial: How to Build a Dirt Cheap DIY Lighting Setup for Product Shots

Getting professional looking product shots almost entirely depends on how well you light your subject. In the past we've shared a few tutorials on how to build your own DIY light boxes, which is an excellent (and cheap) way to light scenes like this, but Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter shows you another approach you can take to capture high-quality product shots. And yes, it's super easy and super budget-friendly. Check out the tutorial below: All you really need for this lighting setup is a cheap softbox with diffusion layer (the one Pike uses in the video is less than $20), LED bulb (also, less than $20), and a bunch of plastic bins, which you can get for about $1 each. What this does is provides a soft overhead light to place over your subject or product, which in some cases is all you need.

How to Set Up Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavs. $8 Ikea Table Into Product Shot Booth For Videos and Photos. How To Shoot B-Roll - The 4 Best Lenses for Shooting Wedding Videos. Top image via Shutterstock When shooting a wedding, you will want a few different lenses to work with.

The 4 Best Lenses for Shooting Wedding Videos

In fact, if you’re carrying your lenses with you, it may be best to swap lenses during the day. Lenses that work great for ceremonies may not work at all during the reception. During the wedding day, you will want to get plenty of intricate details. This includes big things like exteriors of the hotel, church, or venue, down to little things like rings and cufflinks. 35mm Image via The Digital Picture The 35mm is a wide-angle lens that’s perfect for shooting the entire wedding day.

During the ceremony, this lens is great at setting a feel for the vows. Here’s a comparison between the Canon 35mm, Zeiss 35mm, Cooke 40mm, and the new XEEN 35mm from cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC. 50mm Image via The Digital Picture The 50mm lens is the go-to lens for photographers and videographers alike. This video from Digital Rev aims to narrow down the best 50mm by showing off several brands of glass. Producing: Location Release Form [Download] - Indie Tips.


CAMERAS-Basics//how to. EQUIPMENT. LIGHTING-How to. BTS. Top 10 YouTube Channels for Indie Filmmakers. How to learn filmmaking without spending time and money?

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Indie Filmmakers

YouTube is the quickest and most efficient way to find out everything you need to know to make a film. Here are 10 best YouTube channels that will help. 1. Film Courage Film courage offers a great variety of filmmaking, directing and screenwriting tips in a short interview format. 2. Everything an indie filmmaker could possibly want to find on a YouTube channel: loads of tutorials, helpful tips, short films with detailed behind-the-scenes and video production reports. 3.

Yes, Raindance is on the list and for a reason! Subscribe to the Raindance Youtube Channel here: 4. Visual effects tutorials for independent filmmaking, what's more to say? 5. This channel is a perfect find for low-budget filmmaking. 6. DIY filmmaking tips, filming equipment reviews and general advice on production. 7. According to the title, this channel is dedicated to the visual aspects of filmmaking. 8.

Independent Filmmaker's Toolkit. Want to make a movie and want to know how to start?

Independent Filmmaker's Toolkit

Step one: Get a script You can make an average film from a great script, but you can never make even an average movie from a shitty script. If you are feeling isolated as a writer, you could always take advantage of our popular Script Coach series with acclaimed author and screenwriter Jurgen Wolff. Reality Check – Why Scribes Should Also Write Lo-To-No Budget Movies10 Stupid Mistakes Screenwriters Make 5 Things Screenwriters Need to Know About Filmmaking Writers on the Verge: How To Succeed In Screenwriting – The Do List30 Things About Screenwriting Step two: Produce Next you need some money, but if you follow the principals of Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking, you won't need as much as you might have thought. You will also need to Create A Business Plan, and get your Basic Legal Contracts and your Budget and Schedule together. 12 Tips for Indie Producers from M.

Step three: Direct.