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Rent Edelkrone 3' SliderPLUS Pro. Lowel DP One-Light Kit D2-102 B&H Photo Video. New York - ShareGrid Private Beta. The Event Videographer's Resource. Four Reasons to Produce SDEs Why would you subject yourself to the difficulty and stress of an SDE in the first place? The Event Videographer's Resource

The biggest reason of all is marketing purposes. When you book an SDE, the client is paying you to market your work to 200 or more people. Before my company started doing SDEs, when we did traditional wedding videos, the couple and their parents and maybe some of their friends were the only people who would see it. Our audience was 10–15 people, tops. Impact C-Stand with Sliding Leg Kit LS-CS40MK B&H Photo Video. Make Your Own DIY Light Bar for Just $60. If you're looking to save a little bit of money on lighting and don't mind taking on a bit of a project, you can build a mountable DIY light bar using a vanity light fixture and wall plate for just $60.

Make Your Own DIY Light Bar for Just $60

Here's Film Riot's always informative and hilarious Ryan Connolly to walk you through each step. Gear for a Same Day Edit Wedding Shoot. B&H Shopping Cart. Impact Turtle Base C-Stand Kit - 10.75' (Chrome) LS-CT40MK B&H. Filtration Basics: Cost, Uses, & Filters You Should Never Leave Home Without. Using filters can help give your images subtle improvements and changes that are otherwise difficult to capture and repeat consistently in post.

Filtration Basics: Cost, Uses, & Filters You Should Never Leave Home Without

Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter offers a great introduction into filtration: why we use filters, rectangle vs. round, cheap vs. expensive, and which types are must-haves. There are many, many, many different filters that give different results, like warming and cooling filters, but probably the ones you never want to leave home without are Neutral Density (ND) and Polarizing filters. While polarizers help to reduce (or completely get rid of) reflected light (like in water), ND and GND (Graduated ND) filters have a bunch of uses, but mainly they're used to darken areas of your frame that might be too bright, (the sky, for example), allowing for a more balanced exposure (with the ground).

These ND and GND filters are the ones Pike covers in his video. Head on over to Pike's original post for more info on each of the filters he used in the video. Screenshot 2014 09 11 09 21 26. Gear Gift Guide. Still looking for the best gear gifts for that special filmmaker in your life?

Gear Gift Guide

I’ve got you covered with gifts from $10 to $100 and beyond. If you still can’t find anything, you can always get them a gift card to Amazon or B&H Photo Video! Gear Under $10 Cold Shoe Trimount To many accessories and not enough cold shoes? Get Yours on Amazon. Why I Bought an EOS-M Camera for Video. I just pulled the trigger on a new Canon EOS-M and here are 7 reasons for my actions.

Why I Bought an EOS-M Camera for Video

If you want a cheap APS-C camera for video you can find it here. 1. Price Tag The EOS-M was launched with an $800 price tag, which is ridiculous seeing as it shared almost identical features with cheaper rebel cameras. Amazon. The Best Cheap Video Camera Right Now. It is December 1st 2014 and there is a great deal on what I’m calling the best cheap video camera.

The Best Cheap Video Camera Right Now

Rent cameras and gear like lenses and oculus rifts in New York. Tutorial: Your Car is (Still) Your Best Friend for Capturing Smooth Tracking Shots. Forget using expensive dolly tracks or handheld gimbals to pull off beautiful camera moves.

Tutorial: Your Car is (Still) Your Best Friend for Capturing Smooth Tracking Shots

You've got a car, right? Admittedly, using cars to get these shots is kind of an old school technique that indie filmmakers have been using for a long time, especially before handheld 3-axis gimbals came along. (In fact, you can get some amazing shots using a car and a gimbal in tandem.) But since gimbals are becoming more ubiquitous (though still spendy), it seems like now's as good a time as any to remember one cinematic tool that you might've forgotten -- or hell, maybe you never knew! So, if you own a car, or at least know someone who will lend you theirs for the sake of filmmaking, you can use it to capture high angles, creative special effects, and (of course) smooth tracking shots. Kamerar FF-3 Follow Focus Review.


ProAm Crane Test Footage. Review - ProAm DVC200 Crane / Jib / Tripod - Only 2 minutes long. Worklights - Light gels? $10 Fotga ND Fader vs $200 Genus Eclipse. RONIN. 10 Best DSLR Gear Purchases for Beginners. It’s a daunting task.

10 Best DSLR Gear Purchases for Beginners

Figuring out what gear you need to shoot video on a DSLR isn’t terribly simple. There is soooo much stuff out there for shooting with HDSLRs these days. We have rigs, glide cams, tripods, sliders, cages and much more. 20 Gear Purchase Under $20. Don’t have a large gear budget?

20 Gear Purchase Under $20

No worries, there is a lot of important equipment that can be had without breaking the bank. It is also getting close to Christmas… And a lot of these purchases would make for great stocking stuffers for that special filmmaker/photographer in your life. 1. Macro Tubes Attach to the rear of your lens for fantastic macro shots on almost any lens. 2. Impact Light Kit Bag (34 x 13.5 x 12") A4236 B&H Photo. The black Light Kit Bag (34 x 13.5 x 12") from Impact makes transporting your lighting kit easy and secure.

Impact Light Kit Bag (34 x 13.5 x 12") A4236 B&H Photo

The bag is designed to hold three monolights along with their reflectors (such as Impact VC500LR), four stands, boom, umbrellas, cables and other support gear but can also be used to hold other lighting equipment instead. You'll have plenty of room to take along enough lighting gear for a portrait session - all packed in an organized and accessible way. A touch fastened divider tray separates the stands, boom and umbrellas from the lights preventing them from bumping together and causing scratches or damage.

For additional smaller equipment such as cables and small accessories, there are three interior 10.5 x 8.0" zippered mesh pockets. The bag is made from soft, padded water-resistant nylon and contains six movable touch fastened interior dividers (6 large, 2 small) that will permit you to configure the bag to accommodate the gear you need that day. DP4 Field Monitor. Starting At Buy 800 x 480 HDMI / LOOP THRU composite • component. Advanced. Lensse S3 Follow Focus: A Super Affordable Studio FF Unit. Macro Tubes: Getting Close on the Cheap. For only $10 you can get macro shots with almost any lens using these macro tubes (you can find the Nikon version here). I found it didn’t work well with my wider primes but I got good results using a 50mm prime and my 28-70mm zoom.

There are 5 parts to this particular macro tube set. One piece attaches to the camera, then there are three sections in the middle for adjusting how close you can get, and finally the end that attaches to the lens. You can add or remove the middle rings to adjust how close you are able to get to the subject. Keep in mind these tubes will narrow your lenses range. The images below were shot with a 50mm lens. Working with Less Part 5: Build a Motorised Slider. David Kong here, with my fifth and final post in this video/article series that is all about working with less gear, for less money, and making it look good.

You’ll find the first four videos embedded at the bottom of this post. In this video, I give an in-depth tutorial on how to build the custom motorized slider that I use. If you want to see it in action, check out my video A Portrait of Macerata, below. All of the sliding shots and well as the two crane shots were taken using this slider. WATCHED.

DSLR Shooter

How to get 2 Cameras, 2 Lenses, and 2 Tripods for under $3000. I recently got an email question from a reader asking me what gear would best fit his needs. I thought I would share my answer with you guys. After talking a little, we came up with this wish list for a kit. Kit Wish List: My Rig Setup for NAB Coverage. Essential Video Production Gear for Filmmakers. Production Gear Packing for a Two Day Shoot. 5 Essential Tools You Probably Don't Have For Your Productions. What's in Caleb's Audio Bag? Thought I would give you guys a tour of my audio bag. In this video you see everything I use for audio except XLR cables which I keep in a different bag. In total, this kit would cost around $1250 new, but you could definitely cut some corners and you don’t have to have all of this to get started.

I have linked all the gear mentioned in the video below. What’s in your audio bag? Canon 200DG Deluxe Gadget Bag Product Highlights. Lighting Kit for $1000. Filmmaking Accessories Kit for $200. May 31, 2014 There are many small filmmaking accessories which I use on a daily basis, but I haven’t mentioned them in other kit videos because there are too many, and I’m always trying to keep the episodes short! Lighting and Grip. 4x85W Fluorescent Head Very inexpensive setup, which has a decent light outputFluorescent bulbs give off soft lightCan be used at half power via two switchesBulbs have a green tintLong cord to mains powerExact model is not available in the US Photosel 85W Fluorescent Bulb 90+ CRI 85W Daylight Balanced bulbNo tint – very high CRIAbout four times brighter than original bulbs that come with the fluorescent headPricey, but completely worth it.Very large, and delicate.Exact model is not available in the US.

Filmmaking Kit for $5000. Awesome modular LED video lighting kit from £24 to £150+ Laing P-03 stabilizer REVIEW - Half price of the Glidecam HD2000 - Worth it? Awesome Kovacam K05 stabilizer & X4 vest review. This Sexy Short Film Was Shot in Just a Day with the DJI Ronin & S900 Hexcopter. What kind of film can you churn out after only one day of shooting? This isn't really a challenge, but a serious question: how much do you think you could get done within a 24-hour shooting period?

If it was five years ago I'd say, "Psh! Probably not much," but now that there are so many compact, easy-to-use, and inexpensive cinematic tools to help you move your camera, the indie film set has never been more efficient. This short film called Open Your Eyes by director Sheldon Schwartz and DP Michael FitzMaurice was shot in just a day using several motion control/stabilization systems from DJI, like the S900 hexcopter and the Ronin gimbal stabilizer, which not only shows just how quickly a film crew can work, but also how great the S900 and Ronin can make your footage look.

Check it out below: Learn How to Build a Good DIY Rain Machine for $15 (& a Great One for $60) If your scene is calling for rain, don't wait for Mother Nature to get her act together. You can create your own rain and not spend a ton of money to do it.