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100 years ago, people were eating things that most of us will never taste. So what happened? Narrator: In 1905, a book called The Apples of New York appeared.

100 years ago, people were eating things that most of us will never taste. So what happened?

It featured hundreds of Apples with names like Westfield Seek-No-Further or Esopus Spitzenburg, a favorite of Thomas Jefferson. If it wasn't for preservationists for like Ron Joyner in Lansing, North Carolina‎, most apples including the Virginia Greening, an apple dating back to the 1700 with thick green skin and yellow, coarse, and sweet flesh would no longer exist. It isn't just apples. In the last, century nearly 75% of our agricultural crops had disappeared.

They're simply gone. Vandana Shiva is a global ambassador on a mission to save seeds around the world. To learn more about seeds swaps and seed sovereignty, visit THE LEXICON OF SUSTAIN ABILITY The Science Behind Power Naps & Why They’re So Good For You. We recently came across a great article about sleeping at Healthy Holistic Living (HHL), and wanted to archive it on our website alongside a few that we’ve already posted on this subject.

The Science Behind Power Naps & Why They’re So Good For You

Sleep is still somewhat of an enigma in the scientific world – from the correct way to sleep to why we need it, the study of sleep still has a long way to go before we fully understand its intricacies. As HHL points out, approximately 85% of all mammalian species sleep more than once a day, and scientists are not completely clear if humans are naturally monophasic as opposed to polyphasic. Has modern society conditioned us to be so, just as it has influenced so many other aspects of our health? If we examine the topic from a historical perspective, the work of historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech is a good start. In 2001 he published a paper that included over 15 years of research. People can't get enough of this new organic, vegetarian fast food. When you think about fast food, what comes to mind?

People can't get enough of this new organic, vegetarian fast food.

If you're like me, you probably start salivating as you imagine greasy burgers, gloriously deep-fried onion rings, and calorie-laden milkshakes. Yum. Basically, this. Image via Thinkstock. A new fast food restaurant in California is aiming to broaden that image by introducing a vegetarian option. Break The Internet (Hilarious Photos) Voici comment les couverts influencent nos goûts. L'expérience à tester: manger avec les oreilles. What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey On An Empty Stomach Every Morning. When it comes to my health, I take as many precautions as I can and do right in whatever way I can.

What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey On An Empty Stomach Every Morning

I eat healthy food, I make sure to stay active, but sometimes there are little things I like to try to maintain good health, and after a month of drinking apple cider vinegar and honey each morning, I can report that it’s totally worth it. Together, apple cider vinegar and honey are a powerful health booster. According to some, it can be used to relieve joint pain, inflammation, and chronic sore throat, but those aren’t things that I can attest to personally. 20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In The Human Body. Coke is the most valuable brand in history, and “Coca-Cola” is the world’s second-most recognized word after “hello.”

20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In The Human Body

However, the beverage itself is an absolute poison to the human metabolism. Coke is very close to the acidity level of battery acid and consequently it can clean surfaces equivalent to and often better than many toxic household cleaners. 8 Life hacks/astuces pour profiter pleinement de l'été ! □148. Oméga-3. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Les acides gras oméga-3, notés également ω3 (ou encore n-3[1]), sont des acides gras polyinsaturés que l'on trouve en grandes quantités dans certains poissons gras (comme le saumon), dans les graines de chia, le lin, la noix, la cameline, le colza et le soja. Manger peut-il nuire à la santé ? «Manger peut-il nuire à notre santé?», un reportage pour mieux connaître nos assiettes. Manger peut il nuire à notre santé. SantéTotale7. What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke. More bad press for Coke continues, as a meme making its way around the web (was first posted by The Renegade Pharmacist) has gone viral, and for good reason.

What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

It’s no secret that Coke can be very harmful to our health, especially if someone has been drinking it for a long period of time. Sure, you might say that people are free to do as they please, but the truth of the matter is, a product like Coke (when there are so many better alternatives) should not even be on the market. Sugar, primarily in the form of high fructose corn syrup(HFCS), is the highest calorie source in the United States today. The Real Reason Sodium Fluoride is Still Added to Almost 70% of Municipal Water Supplies. It seems odd that a country, which once prided itself on being the ‘land of the free’, would put a highly toxic neurotoxin in 70% of their water supply.

The Real Reason Sodium Fluoride is Still Added to Almost 70% of Municipal Water Supplies

Why is the act of adding fluoride to our water still practiced after numerous scientific studies have proven it is extraordinarily damaging? The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences connects fluoride in drinking water with higher levels of fluoride in the blood; higher fluoride exposure was correlated with lower intelligence among children, even when controlling for age, sex, parent education and income level. This Is What Drinking Coconut Water For 7 Days Does To Your Body! Does coconut has magical powers as they claim?

This Is What Drinking Coconut Water For 7 Days Does To Your Body!

Probably you have heard for coconut ointment which if offered on the market. Here you will learn about the benefits of consuming coconut water about which you haven’t heard before. Buvez un verre de cette boisson pour perdre du poids rapidement - Santé Style. Alimentation biologique : avantages, effets et meilleurs produits. Qu’est-ce que l’alimentation biologique ?

Alimentation biologique : avantages, effets et meilleurs produits

Légalement, un produit biologique est un produit issu d’un mode de culture ou d’élevage n’ayant pas recours aux produits chimiques de synthèse, ou un un produit transformé dont 95% au moins des ingrédients répondent à ces critères. 15 Aliments cancérigènes que vous mangez probablement chaque jour. When Your Family Hates Healthy Food.

Her Family Stopped Eating Sugar for A Year, and This is What Happened. By: Eve O. Schaub | Once upon a time, I was healthy; at least I thought I was. Sure, I lacked enough energy to get me through the day, but with all the commercials on TV touting energy drinks for America’s tired masses, I always assumed I wasn’t the only one suffering. And sure, everyone in my family dreaded the coming cold and flu season, but again, I thought come January everyone develops some degree of germophobia. How to Completely Detox From Sugar in 10 Days. 1. Make a decision to detox. In my book, there are three simple quizzes to help you learn if you need to detox.

If you answer, “yes” to any of these questions, a sugar detox is your ticket to feeling great quickly and losing weight painlessly. ASMR FRANCAIS : Le Charme discret de l'intestin - Giulia Enders. Shed Your Belly Bulge With These 3 Phenomenal Power Foods! Losing weight doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, especially if you’re only looking to trim off some of that spare tire for summer.

5 Myths About Sugar You Should Stop Believing Immediately. Every single day, the information seems to change. We are told to do one thing to stay healthy and the next day, new information tells us to do something else entirely different. It is hard to know what to believe. Harder still, it is hard to know who to trust. If you are trying to lose weight (or even just eat healthier) it is highly probable that you are limiting sugar in your diet or have switched to ‘healthier’ options like cane sugar.

If you are using artificial sweeteners and eating ‘sugar free’ options, then you’ve got to be doing the right thing, right? These 3 Smoking Hot Fitness Models Reveal Their Biggest Diet Secrets! Food fitness doesn’t start with the gym, it starts with what you fuel your body with before your workout. These 3 fitness competitors reveal their best diet advice for achieving your goals, losing weight and getting the most out of your exercise regime! #1 Consistency is Key Tiffany Gaston is a top fitness model and mother of 3.

She insists that keeping a consistency in your diet is the best way to push harder, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 3 Healthy, Easy Ideas for When You're Craving a Late Night Snack. Some nights I’ve been guilty of whipping myself up a little second dinner. Even after eating a big, healthy and satisfying meal, a few hours later the hunger pangs get the best of me. But I’ve learned that instead of making my way to the drive-thru window, or defrosting that preservative filled frozen pizza, I just whip of one of these recipes to give me a filling, late night fix. Don't Let PMS Cravings Sabotage Your Fitness: 4 Tricks to Combating Them! Sometimes, your stomach can feel like a bottomless pit when your period is approaching.

That time of the month goes hand in hand with late night pizza binges, dates with some rocky road ice cream and some OITNB. However, giving into your wants can only make you feel more bloated and add on unwanted pounds. Try these four helpful tips to combating your PMS cravings! #1 Get Exercising Sometimes, we think that because we already feel bloated and big, why not just give in and eat that whole bag of chips?

Why Eating Less and Exercising More Will Not Give You Longterm Results. It’s an easy concept. Simply eat less, and workout more. Weight will be lost, and you will happy. 10 Ways to Detox Your Body Everyday. Toxins enter our worlds by what we eat, drink, breathe in, and process in any way. You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again After Watching This. Please support us and follow our Facebook page Renowned activist and author Michael Pollan argues that cooking is one of the simplest and most important steps people can take to improve their family’s health, build communities, fix our broken food system, and break our growing dependence on corporations.

Which Of These Bananas Is Better For You – Ripe Or Unripe? Jour 6 sur 21 - Le sucre raffiné et l'aspartame. La vérité sur les régimes détox. Exemple de petites recettes que j'ai testées - J’ai testé pour vous : 3 semaines de konjac. Amorphophallus konjac. : Que sont les légumineuses ? Cuisinez Vegan. Ce qu'on ne vous dit pas sur les régimes détox. L'aliment minceur miracle ! Opération maillot de bain ! Lipide. Fructose. Mal de caribou. Monosodium glutamate. Umami. Umami. Aliments irradiés, mauvaises ondes dans nos assiettes - vidéo dailymotion. WHAT I ATE TODAY ♥ (Raw Till 4, Vegan, High Carb) WHAT I ATE TODAY ♥ (Raw Till 4, Vegan, High Carb, Low Fat) Frugivore. Ce que je mange exactement. Ce que je mange pour péter la forme (journée frugivore type) PARTIE 2. Ma Simple Opinion sur le Virage Alimentaire de Juliana FitnessBienEtre.WTF? Fruits et légumes : calendrier pratique des fruits et légumes de saison.

Santé Nature Innovation. □ □ Au secours je deviens végétarienne ! La marque AB. 10 aliments bio que j'aurais dû manger plus tôt. 3 aberrations alimentaires qui vous éloignent de votre poids idéal. Himalayan Salt Blocks, Plates and Bricks. What do I eat in a week? My high carb vegan food haul!

DIY Healthy Back To School Snacks. What I Ate Today - Vegan! What I Ate Today : Part 1. ♡WHAT I ATE TODAY as a FULLY RAW VEGAN♡ The REAL reason Freelee is so lean! J'ai testé pour vous pendant un mois : Le Raw till 4 ! ♡WHAT I ATE TODAY as a label-free VEGAN!♡ What I Ate Today : A Day In My Life. Erwann Mentheour chasse nos idées reçues - Les produits laitiers.

Les produits laitiers et la santé. Fitness à la maison: Challenge nutrition : Semaine 1. Bleuet ou myrtilles : une source d'antioxydants ! Les bleuets pour faire le plein de flavonoïdes. Myrtille. Le bleuet et la myrtille, champions des antioxydants. En quête vers une meilleure alimentation pour une meilleure santé. CHALLENGE: Transformer son corps en 30 JOURS de A à Z. My break-up with veganism ... I'm now an ex-vegan. Viande : la face cachée d'une production effrénée. «Les bêtes sont encore vivantes au moment où on les tronçonne» Voyage au bout de la viande. Un documentaire sur la viande pour dire «steak assez» Photos du journal - S'éveiller et s'épanouir de manière raisonnée. 3 Raisons Ultimes pour préparer vos repas à l'avance. 6 Raisons de Clarifier son Beurre. Confession d’un Buveur de Lait… Cru. Comment Manger Paléo dans la Vraie Vie.

Amazon. La naturopathie, passionnément. Tous les moyens naturels pour être en bonne santé testés pour vous. 10 minutes pour convaincre sur les dangers des produits laitiers. Les plus grands mensonges sur les produits laitiers (2/2) Les plus grands mensonges sur les produits laitiers (1/2) Les végétariens manquent de protéines ? Les incroyables révélations d'Augustine la protéine.

Ces 10 aliments qui contiennent plus de calcium que le lait. Meat Is Murder, véritable hymne de la cause végétarienne. La pilule amère des sucres de remplacement. Comment recycler des oranges.