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Belinda Winder: 'Sexual abuse causes a tsunami of harm. This is why I want to help prevent it' When a bespoke centre to support sex offenders newly released from prison opened its doors last year, it predictably sparked anger and resentment from victims’ groups.

Belinda Winder: 'Sexual abuse causes a tsunami of harm. This is why I want to help prevent it'

“Victims and survivors would say there isn’t enough funding to support their needs and they weren’t to blame for what happened to them, so why is time and effort going into helping those who committed these crimes,” says Belinda Winder, professor in forensic psychology and director of the Centre for Crime, Offending, Prevention and Engagement (Cope) at Nottingham Trent University.

As someone who conducts research among male prisoners serving time for sex offences against children and adults, Winder agrees: “Survivors do not get enough support.” But, she adds: “We also need to prevent reoffending to stop further harm.” About 16% of the UK’s prison population have a conviction for a sexual offence - an estimated 12,300 people. Engaging with paedophiles is, to most, unpalatable work. Age: 53. Lives: Derbyshire. Safer Living Foundation. Briefing paper No. 1 - Potential impediments to the recognition of the sexual exploitation of young males under 18. Credibility of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry under threat — Centre for Women's J... The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) came under strong criticism today for ‘a profound imbalance in the evidence’ timetabled for the 10-day hearing on institutional responses to child sexual exploitation by organised networks.

Credibility of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry under threat — Centre for Women's J...

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC today made submissions on behalf of Centre for Women’s Justice, Rochdale whistleblower Maggie Oliver and other national survivor-focuses individual and groups, which highlighted grave concerns in the time assigned for the hearing and its failure to grapple with probing evidence of institutions including police, local authorities and the crown prosecution service. Witnesses timetabled include a large number of national-level institutional core participants, but independent core participants who work directly with victims and survivors have not been invited to give evidence. Ms Gallagher QC also highlighted concerns around the time allocated to this strand of the inquiry when compared to others. Download. Thinking differently_web. Download. Films for practitioners. Stable futures: Protect trafficked children in the long term. Update, March 2020: The Covid-19 crisis has shown how vital it is to properly support vulnerable people.

Stable futures: Protect trafficked children in the long term

Amid the pandemic, child victims of trafficking are losing access to essential services and contact, leaving them isolated and at risk of re-trafficking and harm. 5 years ago, the government committed to providing guardians for child victims of trafficking in its Modern Slavery Act. But most child victims are still waiting for this specialist support - needed now more than ever. Please take a stand by signing the petition below and tweeting your MP.

If you have a document [proving your immigration status] it means you have the opportunity to do lots of things. You start living like normal people. Trafficked and unaccompanied teenagers are just like other young people their age, with hopes and dreams for the future. Young people who are recognised as victims often find this is not the end of their ordeal but the beginning of a new one. Centre to End all Sexual Exploitation. Uitgeverijparis. Making Society Safer. Children and young people who engage in technology-assisted harmful sexual be... Finklehor. BBC Radio 4 - File on 4, Can sex offenders and violent criminals be rehabilit... Tea and Consent. Exploring the unspeakable: therapeutic work with paedophile clients. As therapists, we strive to embody empathy, authenticity and a non-judgmental attitude.

Exploring the unspeakable: therapeutic work with paedophile clients

But how do we manage this when working with clients at the far reaches of societal acceptance? And how does social discourse around paedophilia – the ultimate taboo subject – affect the working practices of therapists brave enough to enter such “unspeakable” territory? Public and media preoccupation with paedophilia is considerable, and yet the research that exists on this emotive subject suggests a limited public understanding, and uncertainty amongst professionals over its definition, treatment and management [1][4][5].


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Special report: Inside the 'Circle' Why this mustn’t be the end of the line for Circles: what the recent Sky News... Adele Robinson and a team from Sky News, working with Circles UK and Circles Providers recently produced a sensitive and very informative documentary on Circles of Support and Accountability ( This evoked extremely positive responses from the public, so much so that Sky News decided to extend the viewing.

Why this mustn’t be the end of the line for Circles: what the recent Sky News...

What are the key messages that we can take away from this documentary? A. We need to talk about perpetrators of sexual abuse and what to do about it in our society Few organisations in the UK provide services for perpetrators of sexual abuse. The prevalence of sexual abuse is, however, extremely high and rising. The Me Too Movement, high profile public enquiries into child sexual abuse and other initiatives have highlighted these official figures as only the tip of the iceberg.

B. One of the most poignant parts of the Sky Circles documentary is the interview with ‘Rachel’, a rape survivor. C. D.