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Apartment or House? How modern rentals like CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers are changing the decision process. When it comes time to decide whether you are going to buy a house, or rent an apartment, millions of people choose the latter option.

Apartment or House? How modern rentals like CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers are changing the decision process

After all, living in an apartment complex or rental unit instead of a house has its perks. The satisfaction that comes from owning a home can sometimes outweigh other considerations. Although there are plenty of reasons to buy a house, there are also several viable reasons for renting an apartment. Here are some reasons to help you decide if apartment living better fits your lifestyle. Lower Cost Depending on location and other economic factors, apartment living can be much more cost effective than house living for both bills and rent. No Maintenance One of the downfalls of owning a home is the amount of maintenance it requires, both inside and outside. On the flipside, if a problem arises in an apartment rental, residents can call the property manager and experience maintenance free living.

Shared Facilities Social Aspect Safety. Tom Haughton Winnipeg. Four common misconceptions about RESPs PowerPoint Presentation - ID:8265902. Stoney Creek Towers - 40 Grandville Ave, Hamilton, ON L8E 1J7 - Apartment for Rent. Dave Nevins on Strikingly. How Artistic Expression Benefits Work Life. Every business owner or manager wants to keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of competitors.

How Artistic Expression Benefits Work Life

“Creative thinking — dreaming up new and unique ways of doing things — is obviously a part of that process,” notes Nicole Fallon of BusinessNewsDaily. A study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting found that 82 percent of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results. In fact, companies that actively foster creative thinking oftentimes outperform their competitors in revenue growth, market share and competitive leadership, according to the report.

Boland Jones, the founder and CEO of PGi, encourages creative thinking because it helps employees to see the bigger picture and leverage productive focus on issues with a deeper business impact. Diadan Holdings on Strikingly. Finding experts: Brian Ludmer. In a recent blog post, Karen Woodall features the globe-trotting but Toronto-based family lawyer, Brian Ludmer.

Finding experts: Brian Ludmer

You can hear him and his careful, experienced thinking in two in-depth radio blog discussions recorded in January 2012 – a radio blog discussion with Brian, Jill Egizii and Judge Michele Lowrance which was continued two weeks later. How To Predict the Jobs of the Future. Recently, news of our digital job fair of the future has spread across the country.

How To Predict the Jobs of the Future

Many Canadians have been intrigued by the jobs we predict will be around in 2030, including nostalgists, robot counsellors, simplicity experts and more. While the aim of our Inspired Minds Careers 2030 project is to get parents and kids excited about the future, the question we keep hearing over and over again is 'how? ' Two-thirds of children in Saskatchewan are losing out on important education savings grants.

Certus Trading Review of The Markets. Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Recognizes Exceptional Students at the 2018 Graduate Awards. ~Since its inception the Foundation has awarded more than 1.8 million dollars~

Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Recognizes Exceptional Students at the 2018 Graduate Awards

Stoney Creek Towers-Video - Certus Trading Review of The Markets. C.S.T. Consultants Inc. (CSTC) announces 2017 investment returns for Clients of its Registered Education Savings Plans. Saving for School – My Review of Opening a CST RESP – Jackie's Blog. Stoney Creek Towers. How To Make The Most Of Your Vacation. DiaDan Holdings Ltd. – Evergreen Studios – Connor Ren. Group Savings Plan. Get the most from your education savings Our group savings plan is different from RESPs offered by other financial institutions.

Group Savings Plan

In addition to principal* protection and a disciplined investment approach, our group RESP is a pooled savings plan that combines several benefits. Benefits of the CST Group Savings Plan 2001 Disciplined savingsPrincipal protection – Our lower-risk investment strategy protects your principal and returns it to you. Competitive returns — Year after year, our Group Savings Plan has delivered competitive rates of return.

How the Group Savings Plan works. About Diadan Holdings Nova Scotia.   Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Trim Operating Costs by Active Business Services Lights Up Energy Market with Electricity Management Services - NuWireInvestor. Fluctuating energy rates continue to be a chief concern amongst Canadian business owners. From the Maritimes to the west coast, Canadian business owners report instable energy rates being among the primary issues of running their business effectively and efficiently. Earlier this year, a study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) entitled, Powering Entrepreneurship, found small business owners in Nova Scotia are not only concerned with increasing power rates, but also with the lack of rate stability.

“Energy costs, in general, are a huge concern for our members”, said Nick Langley, CFIB’s Director of Provincial Affairs in Nova Scotia. The study, which is indicative of the challenges businesses across the country face, also noted business owners are reporting a steady increase in their power bills, despite reducing and/or limiting consumption. Certus Trading. Stoney Creek Towers Apartments for Rent - 40 Grandville Ave, Hamilton, ON L8E 1J7 with 6 Floorplans - Zumper. CST RESP Questions. The Q&A With Martin Vervoort, Legal Counsel For CLV Group And InterRent REIT - SuperbCrew.

Ottawa-based Martin Vervoort is currently the in-house legal counsel for InterRent REIT and CLV Group.

The Q&A With Martin Vervoort, Legal Counsel For CLV Group And InterRent REIT - SuperbCrew

He began his law career in 1985 with Maclaren Corlett LLP as an articling student, eventually becoming a partner. While working at MacLaren Corlett LLP, Mr. Vervoort practiced in many different areas of the law, and his practice eventually evolved into a primarily real estate and corporate law practice. With his 25 years of experience, Martin Vervoort joined CLV Group full time in 2011 as its first in-house legal counsel. Mr. What are the best Websites for Renting Apartments? - The Page Magazine.

About Boosting Creativity in Your Kids. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

About Boosting Creativity in Your Kids

Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations Select an annotations set to edit Select annotations for review. Ebby Rane - WedLuxe Magazine. Expunging unrealistic support orders a possibility. Judges have a rarely used power to expunge support arrears in extreme circumstances, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer.

Expunging unrealistic support orders a possibility

Ludmer, principal of LudmerLaw, says the little-known capability could prove useful for a man whose situation was described in a recent National Post article. Facing unrealistic support orders, he is now accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole, with the amount growing every month. “It’s a discretionary, equitable-type remedy that is not to be easily invoked, but in the appropriate circumstances, you can expunge arrears of support and get the amount adjusted when you have been imputed with an income that you don’t earn, and probably never will,” Ludmer tells “When you’re in a situation where you’re falling further and further behind and it’s nothing to do with lifestyle, there is an option.” The man in the National Post story first ran into trouble during a trial over child and spousal support at which he represented himself. e27. Parental alienation cases fraught with ethical danger. Parents and their advisors must negotiate a multitude of ethical issues on their way to success in parental alienation cases, Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer tells

Parental alienation cases fraught with ethical danger

Ludmer, principal of LudmerLaw, says the emotionally charged nature of these matters leads to an elevated level of risk for parents, their friends and families, as well as the various professionals involved, including lawyers, physicians, therapists and teachers. About Mike McGahan. The Evergreen Stage: Home To Hollywood and Music Memories Alike – EVERGREEN STAGE. Saving for School – My Review of Opening a CST RESP – Jackie's Blog. About CST Consultants Inc.