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Interview with CLV Group’s Mike McGahan: Hamilton Real Estate, Business Leadership, Giving Back. Winnipeg's My Place Realty Kris Thorkelson, Thomas Haughton, Congratulate 2019 Resident Manager of the Year. What are RESPs? CST Consultants Helps You Learn More. Thoughts from Winnipeg’s Tom Haughton: What Makes Better Business Leaders. If the old mantra that “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers” is true, then becoming a better leader is key to the success of every business.

Thoughts from Winnipeg’s Tom Haughton: What Makes Better Business Leaders

Job stability, an enjoyable work space and a fulfilling career are what every working professional desires, and good business leadership makes them possible. In his career, Tom Haughton has proved this to be true. As vice-president of My Place Realty in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helping lead the group of companies since 2012, his mission is to provide quality, multi-family homes that people are proud to call home. Dave Nevins, COO Of InterRent REIT, Former Vice President Of CLV Group. Dave Nevins, Chief Operating Officer of InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust, knows property management.

Dave Nevins, COO Of InterRent REIT, Former Vice President Of CLV Group

What Parents Need to Know: Withdrawing From Your Child’s RESP. Watching your child receive their high school diploma on graduation day is a true rite-of-passage for any proud parent.

What Parents Need to Know: Withdrawing From Your Child’s RESP

Not only does it mean you’ve done your job guiding them to this point, but it also means your child may be headed off to pursue a bright future at an institution of higher learning. Since you’ve been putting money away over the years into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), your child is ready to start their journey. Mike McGahan, Others Speak To Benefits Of Community Engagement. Retaining good talent in today’s business world takes more than monetary compensation.

Mike McGahan, Others Speak To Benefits Of Community Engagement

Smart leaders realize there is more to establishing a positive work culture than a paycheck, and employees, especially millennials, want to have a deeper sense of purpose. Leaders also know that happy and healthy employees will likely yield a higher quality of performance. One way to motivate the workforce is by developing a community engagement program. According to a study by Deloitte, business involvement in social issues goes beyond the tangible impact made or the reputational benefit that might result; by involving employees in such initiatives, employers seem to be boosting millennials’ sense of empowerment.

This means employees who feel they are able to make a difference exhibit greater levels of loyalty. CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers – Why Millennials are attracted to Community-Focused Properties. Rental markets are heating up all over North America as people are shifting from home ownership to renting.

CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers – Why Millennials are attracted to Community-Focused Properties

Younger generations are moving to properties that are more affordable to start their families or new jobs. The continued rapid economic growth in Canada’s largest city – Toronto – has increased the amount of people, especially millennials, who are looking to rent affordable properties in and around the GTA. 5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of a College Education at Any Age. CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers among Ontario Properties Impacted by Changing Rental Demographics. With housing prices rising rapidly in many Canadian cities, and the new, stringent mortgage rules instituted at the beginning of 2018 reducing buying power for first-time homeowners; it’s no wonder that the rental market continues to burgeon cities across the country.

CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers among Ontario Properties Impacted by Changing Rental Demographics

Martin Vervoort CLV Group Legal Counsel, Law Practice. Interview with Kris Thorkelson: Pharma Entrepreneur and Owner of My Place Realty. Ontario’s Innovative Sandbox Seeks Energy-Saving Ideas. The Ontario Energy Board has launched what it calls an Innovation Sandbox, where utilities and other companies in the energy sector can get regulatory advice or present new ideas that might benefit consumers.

Ontario’s Innovative Sandbox Seeks Energy-Saving Ideas

The way consumers use energy is evolving rapidly and the sector needs to be able to support that, the board said in a January news release. The project is designed to help advance innovative projects related to electricity or natural gas services, such as long-term efficiencies, cost savings and customer service improvements. Certus Trading Reviews: Mastering Technical Analysis and Why It Is So Important. Mastering technical analysis may sound very difficult, and while it’s true it is not easy, with a few clicks of the mouse you can learn the basics and start trading more successfully.

Certus Trading Reviews: Mastering Technical Analysis and Why It Is So Important

The foundation of technical analysis is the chart, writes algorithmic trader Surya Kamal. There are two charts that are heavily used in technical analysis: the line chart and the candlestick chart. The line chart shows the performance of a stock over a given time period. Looking at the Restorative Power of Art. Historically, art has been an outlet for artists to express their emotions, trials and hardships.

Looking at the Restorative Power of Art

The ancient Greeks valued performance art for its ability to release tension and stress during times of war or economic hardship; writers like Edgar Allen Poe used poetry to romanticize the dark side of emotions; and contemporary artists create stunning visual or musical pieces to share their life experience with others. While art has always been a form of expression for the artist, its value to the general public can be powerful enough to save or change a life. “There’s more and more scientific proof that art therapy is good for your physical health,” vice-president of Médecins Francophones du Canada, Hélène Boyer said in an interview.

“It increases our level of cortisol and our level of serotonin. “How Long” recorded at the Evergreen Stage. Recorded live at the Evergreen Stage, Bill Cantos delivered a jazzy take on the classic 1975 song, “How Long,” along with the help of some prolific studio musicians.

“How Long” recorded at the Evergreen Stage

While the song is widely believed to be about adultery, it has been reported that the original writer, Paul Carrack, wrote it when he found out his bassist had been secretly working with another band. Boyd Matson shared the recording, highlighting how Cantos added his own twist. The session features Bill Cantos on vocals and piano, Hadley Hockensmith on guitar, Abraham Labroiel on bass and Bill Maxwell on drums and was recorded at the Evergreen Stage in Burbank, California.

These artists have decades of combined experience in the music industry. Interview with Winnipeg’s Tom Haughton of My Place Realty. Winnipeg’s Tom Haughton know there’s more to being a leader in the rental marketplace than just finding tenants who can afford the rent. Thomas Haughton is the vice president of My Place Realty in Winnipeg, which owns and manages approximately 1,400 apartment developments in the city.

Two ends of the same pole: A demonstrated bulwark against PA and the sad outcome of Parental Alienation. PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from Business Wire February 20, 2019 FRANKFURT, Ky. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 20, 2019–A conference coming to Kentucky in October will bring alienated parents, grandparents and experts in the field together for presentations and discussions on the growing issue of parental and family alienation. Global Growth Concerns Weigh on Crude Oil Prices. Crude oil prices rose with world stock markets in January but have fallen back in February, under pressure from risks to energy demand caused by worries of a global slowdown in growth.

WTI crude prices were off about 2% in February to around US$54 per barrel but have posted an 18% rise year-to-date. Analysts at ICICI Bank noted that the recent decline in oil came after the European Commission slashed growth forecasts for the Eurozone and its major economies for 2019 and 2020, further stoking concerns of an economic slowdown. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and 10 partner producers outside the cartel began decreasing their output in January, after agreeing late last year to hold back crude output by 1.2 million barrels a day for the first half of 2019, in an effort to deal with a global supply glut and rebalance the market. OPEC, excluding Iran, Libya and Venezuela, agreed to handle 800,000 barrels a day of those cuts. Natural Gas Futures. How Active Business Services Works with Ontario Businesses to Mitigate Energy Costs. By USDR Despite having some of the most affordable energy prices in the country, an energy tax is driving up the costs of electricity in Ontario leaving many business owners feeling the pinch.

Trading Lessons Learned from Matt Choi CMT, Owner of Certus Trading. Group Resp Research and Education Project. The Group RESP Research and Education Project In 2016, SEED Winnipeg received a grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario Access to Justice Fund to conduct research and public legal education on group plan RESPs. With Dr. Jerry Buckland (Full Professor, International Development Studies, Menno Simons College), Dr. Certus Trading Review: The Forgotten Pattern? Evergreen Stage, One of the Crown Jewels of Recording Facilities in The Los Angeles. Previously owned by DiaDan Holdings Ltd., The Evergreen Stage is one of the crown jewels of recording facilities in the Los Angeles area. About Martin Vervoort, In-house Legal Counsel InterRent REIT and CLV Group. Certus Trading’s Matt Choi on Transitioning into Full-Time Trading.

Saving For Post-Secondary Education: A Look at the History of One of Canada’s Leading Resp Providers. Matt Choi, Founder and Chief Strategist of Certus Trading Inc. Ottawa’s Interrent REIT buys $65M worth of Properties in Montreal, Hamilton. Stoney Creek Towers Info at Linkedin. Q&A with Mike McGahan, President of CLV Group and CEO of InterRent REIT. It’s not just the ability to recognize the potential of real estate assets that has made Mike McGahan a notable real estate executive – it’s his track record at seeing that potential through that has burnished his brand.

Mike McGahan is the Chief Executive Officer and Trustee of InterRent REIT, a real estate investment trust with interests in multi-residential properties in core markets throughout Ontario and Quebec. Things to Know Before Getting Scholarship. Diadan Holdings’ CEO on Where Heart and Art Meet. How to Save for Child’s Future Education.

Certus Trading Review: A Boring But Predictable Stock – Dollar General. DiaDan Holdings CEO Brings New Recording Studio to Nova Scotia. What's the difference between a pooled or group plan RESP and a self-directed RESP plan at a bank? Making Taxes less Taxing for Students. Tips to Find & Choose the Best Apartment for Rent. DiaDan Holdings' Eileen Richardson Donates Her Art to Local Charities. How to gift an RESP to a Child? Education Costs Just Keep Rising, So Start an RESP for Your Kids Now. Why Managing Energy from Suppliers Matters to Canadian Businesses. DiaDan Holdings CEO Brings New Recording Studio to Nova Scotia.

Consultants Inc. announces 2018 investment returns for customers CST of its Registered Education Savings Plans Français. Energy Assessments – Providing a Roadmap to a More Efficient Future. Boosting Creativity in Your Kids. CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers – Why Fostering Community Is Helping Its Brand. The Evergreen Stage Continues to Attract Talent. Amenities that one get at the Best Real Estate.