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Kelly Christopherson

Educator, PhD student, father, husband - I strive to improve a little each day. I am looking for new and innovative ways to help teachers transition and improve in an educational setting that is becoming increasingly more complex and global.

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Poynter Institute Survey Reveals ‘Disconnect’ Between Journalists and Educators

Poynter’s survey, “The Core Skills for the Future of Journalism,” uncovered glaring differences regarding the importance that working journalists and journalism educators attach to multimedia skills, including AV editing, photography and graphic design. Overall, the survey showed that educators rank multimedia and digital storytelling skills as being much more important than journalism professionals. The survey asked professionals, educators and students to rate the importance of 37 key journalism skills and knowledge areas.

There was also a gap between pros and educators regarding the use of audio where only 38 percent of professionals said the skills needed to record and edit audio were important as compared to more than 70 percent of educators. Social Science Research/Sociology. The Internet of Things: What It Is and Why You Should Care.