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Information for Osaka University students|タンデム学習プロジェクト(大阪大学文学部・文学研究科) Contents 1.

Information for Osaka University students|タンデム学習プロジェクト(大阪大学文学部・文学研究科)

What is Tandem Learning? In Tandem Learning you will be paired up with someone who is 1) proficient in the language you are learning and 2) learning a language you are proficient in, making it possible for you to learn from each other. Advantages of tandem learning: You can choose the content and method of learning. 2. How do you learn in tandem learning? Example: A 90 minute session of a pair of Japanese and English speakers Reflection (5-10 mins) Talk about what you have learnt by yourself over the past week. Learn from each other (60 mins) Learning English (30 mins) Learning Japanese (30 mins) Making plans (5-10 mins) Arrange a next session: when to meet, what to do, which resource you need, etc. Tandem learning with more than three people has proven to be less effective. Please divide the tandem session into two parts: one for your learning and the other your partner’s. 3. Learner autonomy Your partner in tandem learning is not a language teacher.

Reciprocity Preparation and review. Modern Languages Lab. “Using ICTs for transnational, transcultural and transcontinental collaboration” INFLIT Conference 2014 Presentations: Thank you for attending the first annual INFLIT conference.

Modern Languages Lab

To review presentations from the conference, please select the video link and corresponding PowerPoint presentations below. If you wish to use one of these presentations as a source, please cite INFLIT Conference 2014. Keynote Speech: "The Challenges and Evolution of Tandem Learning" Special Opening Session: "Defining Technologies and the Sociocultural Mind in the Second Language Classroom" Opening Session Powerpoint "Foreign Language Acquisition and Learning In-Tandem" - Part 1.

Language Learning Game. 5 Free Language Tests To Boost Your Learning Power - 90 Days to Language Learning Glory. As you may know, LingQ recently launched a free proficiency test that you can use to evaluate your skills in your target language.

5 Free Language Tests To Boost Your Learning Power - 90 Days to Language Learning Glory

I used the Spanish test numerous times while doing my 90-Day Challenge at LingQ, and although I didn’t always test well at first, I kept at it until I got a better score. That didn’t mean that I suddenly spoke Spanish at an intermediate level just because the test said I did, but it did boost my confidence as my score got better. I found several other proficiency language tests around the web, and decided to channel my inner polyglot by trying them out in different languages. Transparent Language Test is serious about their language testing. I decided to give their Swedish test a go since Danish (my native language) and Swedish are pretty similar. The test starts out with multiple choice grammar questions that are actually pretty hard. It turns out that I am intermediate in Swedish. Bridge Online Language Test. Foreign Language Vocabulary, Grammar, and Readings.

Langues en ligne - Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique. Project Unspell: Resources. Unspell Wallet Card Everything you need to memorize in order to start reading unspelled text is contained on the two sides of this wallet-sized card.

Project Unspell: Resources

(Print version available here.) To quickly learn the sound of each Unspell symbol, click on each symbol below and listen to how it sounds. The 12 exercises, one for each of the 12 lessons in the Unspeller book, are now available as a free download. This document is designed for easy inkjet or laser printing, in color or black and white. Unspell Symbols and Sounds Unspell Fonts The Unspell font family, including regular, italic, bold and bold italic, can be downloaded here.

Keyboard Layout Unspell Typewriter This window can be used to type and to display unspelled text. Children's Books Forever. 1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters. Japanese.


한국말. Deutsch. Gaeilge. Inc. Libretto - Hear to Learn. Non-English Books - Comic Book Plus. Travel Phrases - Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese.

Foreign Language Vocabulary, Grammar, and Readings. Ba Ba Dum. Lingocracy. World History TimeMap. Europe etymology maps 1. Audio : Free Audio : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Pictolang.