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Case-control studies: design, conduct, analysis - James J. Schlesselman, Paul D. Stolley. Projects. Following is a partial list of projects thatwe hope will inspire your understanding of what we call 'Slow design.' Some of these projects are our own, others have influenced the organization's thinking and programming. Amazingness by Anna Hillman Architecture of Subtraction by Karmen Franinovic Body Weather Farm by Min Tanaka Broken White by Simon Heijdens. Can music learn from the slow-food movement? - Art in Crisis. This past summer, Zenph Sound Innovations had a problem.

Can music learn from the slow-food movement? - Art in Crisis

Zenph is a North Carolina-based company specializing in computer-generated “re-performances” of classic recordings with astounding results. But Zenph’s latest project — “The Spanish Masters,” featuring renowned cellist Zuill Bailey and soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian accompanying recreations of century-old piano-playing — was coming in over budget. That’s when Zenph’s management took a cue from the project’s setting, Manifold Recording Studio, which was designed with both old-school live performance and new-school open-source philosophy in mind.

Manifold co-owner Michael Tiemann suggested that Zenph go the crowd-funding route to raise the money needed. Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. Projects filtered by All. Futures exec summary web_reduced size.pdf. Projects filtered by All. Sustainability report - Carrefour Group. An interactive game exploring what sustainability means and how it relates to our homes. Talk to Me. Welcome to Talk to Me, an exhibit at MoMA July 24–November 7, 2011.

Talk to Me

Social networking sites go local and hope to allow users to 'virtually' knock on each other's doors. By Meghan Keneally Updated: 23:22 GMT, 17 December 2011.

Social networking sites go local and hope to allow users to 'virtually' knock on each other's doors

Sustainable Everyday Explorations. Free programmes for Hackney schools. Who we are · Waste Watch. Our vision is a world where we use resources sustainably and make a positive contribution to each other and the environment.

Who we are · Waste Watch

We help people to waste less and live more. Waste Watch is now part of Keep Britain Tidy with whom we merged in 2011. Together we exist to inspire, educate and enable people to be litter free, waste less and live more. We believe improving our environment is a positive message that goes hand in hand with improving our well-being and happiness in life. London Food Link. London Food Link. Game for Change: Fate of the World. New Computer Game Simulates Challenges of Global Warming A British company has developed a new computer game that allows players to save the planet from the effects of global warming — at least in a simulated setting.

Game for Change: Fate of the World

“Fate of the World,” produced by the gaming company Red Redemption, places players at the head of a global environmental organization — a “UN with teeth” — charged with saving the world over the next 200 years in the face of rising temperatures, diminishing resources, disappearing ecosystems, and growing population. Using actual climate models and data from scientists at the University of Oxford, players can confront these challenges globally through a variety of policies — including cap-and-trade, promotion of renewable energy, and geoengineering schemes. Energy Production and Consumption. Publications.

Energy Production and Consumption

Aquaponics Uk - Welcome. Generating Power from Sidewalks. Clean Power.

Generating Power from Sidewalks

Mobile. Generating interest in wind power. When Donnachadh McCarthy decided he wanted to generate his own electricity using a wind turbine, he almost fell at the first hurdle.

Generating interest in wind power

Generating Power From Waste - Recycling Expert. Author: James Murray-White - Updated: 28 November 2013| Comment Dealing with the huge amount of waste being thrown into landfill sites on a daily basis and exploring the growing need to find new solutions to the massive consumption of power and energy in the western world, are two areas scientists are examining right now.

Generating Power From Waste - Recycling Expert

With the first problem, coping with waste, educating the public to use less and recycle more is the first part of the solution, but that still leaves the problem of what to do with the waste we already have? And wouldn't it be worthwhile to try to tackle the second problem, the dwindling energy resources of coal, oil and gas, and the increased need for power and energy in the world, at the same time, by combining both issues and seeking one solution? Below are two potential solutions to this problem, in real time case studies.

Thames21Thames21. Thames21 works on a wide range of inclusive and community-focused projects across the capital.


We will work on any river, stream, canal, lake or pond, but below are our more dedicated community projects made possible through generous support. London Green Map - London 21 Sustainability Network. 150 Examples of Sustainability. Next stop, the Olympics: Urban farmers are digging for eco-victory - Green Living - Environment. Across the country, more than 2,000 new spaces for growing food have been created over the past three years. And this is just the start of the upsurge of inner-city farming. Already, eco-designers have been invited to look round the Olympic site in east London to see if there is potential for a farm after the Games. While city allotments have long been popular, people are now growing produce to sell: Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen features Bermondsey Frier cheese on its menu, while St Mungo's, the homeless shelter in south London, sells its vegetables to The Table Café in Southwark.

In Nottingham, Ecoworks runs a local vegetable scheme delivering vegetable boxes to eight points across the city, and in Newcastle, bees on the roof of Fenwick yield the honey sold in the department store. Today, Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, launches its report "A Growing Trade" to advise people how to grow for sale in an urban environment. Top Corporate Sustainability Trends To Watch In 2012.

As sustainability practices continue to mature, recent events and trends have set the stage for significant shifts in 2012. While corporate sustainability efforts traditionally have been motivated by public relations, pressures are coming from other stakeholders more and more. Investors are turning up the heat as they recognize that sustainability is important to companies’ economic viability. Shareholder pressure on corporate accountability was the fastest-growing motivator for sustainability initiatives in Brighter Planet’s recent study (PDF), up 10 percentage points in 2011 over 2009. The making of microfinance – six steps to significant change. Microfinance has become the poster child of new business models for the poor.

Photograph: Dan Chung for the Guardian. Action for a sustainable world. How to Nudge Consumers to Be Environmentally Friendly. Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture. More is Less. Nike Better World. EcoATM recycling kiosks for those unwanted gadgets. EcoATM eCycling station; Credit: © ecoATM Consumers can now receive cash or credits for recycling their unwanted gadgets, including mobile phones, MP3 players and other consumer electronics using new automated ecoATM eCycling stations. The award-winning eCycling booth is found at various locations across California, USA, and was demonstrated earlier this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas. The innovative recycling kiosk, made by San Diego company ecoATM, was displayed in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, where CES was held, along with the World Trade Centre, Las Vegas Hilton and The Venetian.