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Media Interview Training: Interview with Caroline Kay by Ruth Sherman. Best Motivational Speaker: How to Work on Values by Ruth Sherman. Video Conference Training: Tips & Strategies by Ruth Sherman. Even though I’m not going out to meet people in-person, and I’m certainly not getting on any planes, it turns out sitting in videoconferences is actually exhausting.

Video Conference Training: Tips & Strategies by Ruth Sherman

In fact, it may be more tiring than meeting in-person. Here’s why… Looking into the lens: This is one of my best pieces of advice when doing video of any kind. However, because the lens is inanimate, it doesn’t give you any feedback so you have to pretend there is someone there. That takes a lot of energy and you don’t get any back like you would in-person.Blue light: Devices emit this special type of light that tires our eyes and brains. What can we do about this?

Shorten meetings. Get up to stretch. Make these a part of your videoconference routine so you’ll have more stamina. more positive energy, and can get more and better work done. Celebrity Media Training: Interview with Marcia Davies by Ruth Sherman. Learn Public Speaking & Presentation Skills by Ruth Sherman.

One of the biggest lessons of this moment in time is that there is no substitute for in-person meetings.

Learn Public Speaking & Presentation Skills by Ruth Sherman

This is something I’ve always known and have spoken and written extensively about. It’s my my business creed. Now it’s dawning on everyone. Maybe you’ve been thinking. “This new normal of virtual communication means I don’t have to be around these people I can’t stand. And lately you may be thinking, “All I want to do is be sitting at a bar with these same people I couldn’t stand brainstorming ideas.” The need for human contact, that human connection that you can only get in-person isn’t going away. And once this is past, it’ll be back with a vengeance. Don’t let them slide. In the words of the immortal Joni Mitchell, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” Top Media Training for Celebrities by Ruth Sherman. Ruth prepares top celebrities and public figures to manage the intense scrutiny inherent in today’s media environment.

Communication Training & Coaching for Celebrities by Ruth Sherman. Celebrities and public figures require communication training that can only be addressed by partnering with an experienced celebrity coach. Whether media training, public speaking, message development, or other related needs, our programs maximize confidence and control and minimize surprises. As we have seen time and again, the media can either expedite a person’s public ascension, or quickly and devastatingly take him or her down. All of this is controlled through proper training and management by a qualified celebrity coach.

Communication training for celebrities and public figures (as well as those on the cusp of fame), enables these extraordinary professionals to become adept at navigating appearances and media interviews and interactions, subsequently benefiting from the upside, while avoiding the “media slide” that is, unfortunately, so common today, where celebrities and those in the public eye are judged and punished by a single misstep. Thank you so much, Ruth. . - Dr. Top Strategic Communications Consultant - Ruth Sherman. Entrepreneurship Training Program in Communication by Ruth Sherman.

Entrepreneur Communication Startup or storefront. Coach or consultant. Female Motivational Speakers to Inspire Audience - Ruth Sherman. An experienced and well-known expert on influencing and persuading, Ruth is known for her breezy, warm, humorous, and infectious style born of her many years of training as a performer and subsequent experience as a top communication and public speaking coach. Ruth knows better than most that the best expert speakers involve audiences immediately and keep them engaged throughout via masterful storytelling and the ability to use powerful personal and business experiences to motivate, inspire and persuade.

Great expert speaking must be confident and captivating. Ruth practices what she preaches. Audiences are entertained while becoming empowered. Top Media Training for Executives by Ruth Sherman. The media can work for you or against you in direct relation to your level of preparedness. Media exposure requires leaders to positively convey messages via the press in both official and unscripted capacities. While most media training courses are delivered with a journalist mind-set, ours are delivered strictly from the client’s point of view. We believe for executives to perform well in a high-stakes media setting, they must be able to assert themselves while remaining likable; deliver powerful and logical talking points while being concise; present themselves and their businesses with conviction while conveying empathy; and be flexible while staying on-message and in control.

Strategic Communication Consulting & Training by Ruth Sherman. Language influences behavior. By developing key messages, we aim to quickly capture attention and provoke action. Whether clients are looking to come up with just the right words for titles and subtitles, program content, presentations or speeches, tag lines, and corporate / promotional content, well-crafted messages will suit each form separately, while tying them all together.

Effective message development results in repeatable memes that quickly communicate the corporate message and resonate with target markets for years to come. Video Conference Training: Top Coaching by Ruth Sherman. With the explosion in video teleconferencing technology being used to bring people together online, a relatively new skill that leaders are now required to master is telepresence.

Our on-camera video presentation training is for clients looking to master the techniques necessary to engage via videoconferences, promotional or industrial videos, webinars, shareholder outreach, and virtual town-halls, all now considered leadership essentials. Through our unique and proprietary telepresence training, the ability to come across confidently and engagingly on screen is something we prepare our clients to excel at. A cross section of the areas we cover include: VIDEO SCRIPTING: Video teleconference training success depends upon the quality of the video script; it must be written for the ear, not the eye. Know about Executive Speech Coaching by Ruth Sherman. Executive speech coaching, consulting, and training are tailored for corporate leadership and cover the strategic presentation, public speaking, and leadership communication skills required for high-stakes public speaking events such as keynotes, road shows, major sales presentations, board presentations, and shareholders’ meetings.

Executive Leadership & Communication Training by Ruth Sherman. Today’s top executives require leadership communication training and skills that educate, inspire, and induce action both internally with their teams and externally with their markets. Executive leadership training and coaching enables these leaders to wield the immense power of business communication in an effective and intentional manner allowing them to achieve organizational goals, create clear communication lines, and further the development of a positive bottom line. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training Course by Ruth Sherman.