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Top Strategic Communications Consultant - Ruth Sherman

A sought-after consultant, communications expert, commentator, author, and speaker, Ruth Sherman prepares Business Leaders, Executives, Celebrities, and Public Figures to fine-tune their speaking and presence on stage, on camera, and in the media. Ruth’s philosophy is that charisma is a learned skill and once mastered, has the potential to motivate, persuade, inspire, and advance business and personal interests. She works closely with her clients to develop their public speaking, perfect their personal and professional magnetism, and transform their ability to connect and attract in any venue. She provides a wide range of services, always tailored to each client’s specific needs, skills, goals, and opportunities. With formal training as a musician, a background as a commercial singer and announcer, as well as holding a masters degree in speech and interpersonal communication, Ruth’s combined background creates a unique foundation and approach to communication.

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Communication Training & Coaching for Celebrities by Ruth Sherman Celebrities and public figures require communication training that can only be addressed by partnering with an experienced celebrity coach. Whether media training, public speaking, message development, or other related needs, our programs maximize confidence and control and minimize surprises. As we have seen time and again, the media can either expedite a person’s public ascension, or quickly and devastatingly take him or her down. All of this is controlled through proper training and management by a qualified celebrity coach.

Media Interview Training Courses by Ruth Sherman Ruth prepares top celebrities and public figures to manage the intense scrutiny inherent in today’s media environment. Through her celebrity media training programs, Ruth readies clients for any public appearance or promotion opportunity, whether broadcast, print, or online. Her unique and thorough approach to celebrity media coaching guarantees they become comfortable and confident fielding questions and are never surprised or caught off-guard. In addition, Ruth’s background and expertise in public speaking and interpersonal communication makes media interview training interesting, productive, and fun. Ruth has media trained international public figures who are not fluent in English, Oscar winning movie stars who are fiercely and justifiably protective of their personal lives, on controversial entertainment projects, with directors and screenwriters who must promote and defend their work, and with young celebrities whose experience may be limited.

Entrepreneurship Training Program in Communication by Ruth Sherman Entrepreneur Communication Startup or storefront. Coach or consultant. Whatever your business, commanding the room, stage, and camera will accelerate visibility, influence, and revenues. Public speaking, presentation, developing clear messages, and video presentation skills are no longer optional. Leadership Skills & Executive Communication Training: Alternatives to Handshakes by Ruth Sherman In my field, the nonverbal communication code of touch is known as haptics. Yes, it’s the same term phone manufacturers use to refer to the mobile phone vibrate notification. In particular, the handshake has been a powerful tool in Western business communication for decades. So I’ve been very curious about how our use of touch, including the handshake, will change when physical distancing is relaxed, what it will mean, and how we’ll adapt. Confession: I will not be unhappy to see the habit of business hugging go away.

Female Motivational Speakers to Inspire Audience - Ruth Sherman An experienced and well-known expert on influencing and persuading, Ruth is known for her breezy, warm, humorous, and infectious style born of her many years of training as a performer and subsequent experience as a top communication and public speaking coach. Ruth knows better than most that the best expert speakers involve audiences immediately and keep them engaged throughout via masterful storytelling and the ability to use powerful personal and business experiences to motivate, inspire and persuade. Great expert speaking must be confident and captivating. Ruth practices what she preaches. Audiences are entertained while becoming empowered. They leave Ruth’s inspirational speeches with new skills, ideas, and ways of thinking about all types of communicating, influencing, and persuading, and inspired to apply what they’ve learned immediately, leading to success and growth in both their careers and personal lives.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training by Ruth Sherman In my newsletters leading up to my TEDx Talk on February 29, (Part 1 here & Part 2 here & Part 3 here), I wrote and spoke about how I applied for and was selected to do a TEDx Talk, as well as how torturous the preparation process was. Now I have a chance to share my TEDx Talk with you and give you some final thoughts about my experience. This TEDx was sponsored by the University of Mississippi, the state’s flagship university. I’d never been to the state before, so was excited to go. Learn Public Speaking & Presentation Skills by Ruth Sherman One of the biggest lessons of this moment in time is that there is no substitute for in-person meetings. This is something I’ve always known and have spoken and written extensively about. It’s my my business creed. Now it’s dawning on everyone.

Leadership Communication Training: Know the Power of Protest by Ruth Sherman It’s time to collectively raise our voices loud and clear and protest that we are Americans, united, and we will not stand for being terrorized or threatened by our own government – local, state, or federal. I never thought I’d utter words like that. And I went to Kent State, so I know something about it. At the time, the Nixon administration had just bombed Cambodia, an escalation of the raging Vietnam War that had already snuffed out thousands of lives. So students at KSU organized a protest. Top Media Training for Executives by Ruth Sherman The media can work for you or against you in direct relation to your level of preparedness. Media exposure requires leaders to positively convey messages via the press in both official and unscripted capacities. While most media training courses are delivered with a journalist mind-set, ours are delivered strictly from the client’s point of view. We believe for executives to perform well in a high-stakes media setting, they must be able to assert themselves while remaining likable; deliver powerful and logical talking points while being concise; present themselves and their businesses with conviction while conveying empathy; and be flexible while staying on-message and in control. Media training for executives prepares leaders for expert interviews, corporate news delivery, and crisis communication.

Strategic Communication Consulting & Training by Ruth Sherman Language influences behavior. By developing key messages, we aim to quickly capture attention and provoke action. Whether clients are looking to come up with just the right words for titles and subtitles, program content, presentations or speeches, tag lines, and corporate / promotional content, well-crafted messages will suit each form separately, while tying them all together. Video Conference Training: Tips & Strategies by Ruth Sherman Even though I’m not going out to meet people in-person, and I’m certainly not getting on any planes, it turns out sitting in videoconferences is actually exhausting. In fact, it may be more tiring than meeting in-person. Here’s why… Looking into the lens: This is one of my best pieces of advice when doing video of any kind.