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Garden therapy » Hemp & Honey Lip Balm. This week I tried another recipe from the current Book Club selection, A Green Guide to Natural Beauty, Hemp & Honey Lip Balm.

garden therapy » Hemp & Honey Lip Balm

For ages now I’ve been making manuka honey lip balm because of the extraordinary healing properties of the magical golden goop. Hailing from New Zealand, manuka honey comes from bees that pollinate the Leptospermum scoparium, a shrub or small tree that can grow up to 4m tall with profuse star-shaped flowers. Manuka honey is claimed to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Applied topically, it is said to promote healing and reduce inflammation, with some sources saying it even prevents or heals the cold sore virus.


FIKS*D: DIY: Date Book. Well, this week I managed to cross 2 things off the list!

FIKS*D: DIY: Date Book

I finally reached 100 followers (I was sitting on 98 for a while there, so that's exciting!! Thanks guys!) Cards. Makeup Organization. Pets. Stitching Wire at klänypor - Embroidery floss on clothespins. Jag fortsätter mitt organiserande av pysselmaterial med att vira broderitråd runt klädnypor.

Stitching Wire at klänypor - Embroidery floss on clothespins

Snyggt och enkelt. Dessutom praktiskt eftersom man kan klämma fast trådändarna med själva nypan. Klädnyporna piffade jag till med washitejp för ett tag sedan. /I’m continuing my craft supply organization by wrapping embroidery floss around clothes pins. Pretty and simple. Reclaim: Plastic Bottles.


Sewing. 10 Cool Sharpie Projects. By ashleyhackshaw | I love Sharpies.

10 Cool Sharpie Projects

14 Unique and Fun Crafts with Duct Tape. By craftyamy | I’m so impressed with duct tape recently — have you seen all the cool colors and patterns that are available?

14 Unique and Fun Crafts with Duct Tape

Duck Brand has Hello Kitty duct tape, my favorite! I noticed that with all of the new patterns, there has been an upsurgence of craft projects and DIY inspiration using this awesome tape. One project that caught my eye was this set of wallets at Crafty Nest. You won’t believe what else people are making — it ranges from jewelry to gifts to furniture. 14 DIY Projects With Rainbows. By craftyamy | I was looking over my pins lately and realized that a lot of them are rainbow related (go here, here, here and here).

14 DIY Projects With Rainbows

What is that all about? Well, let’s face it – rainbows make me happy!


For My Humble Abode. Look to inspire. Holidays. DIY Project. This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Kleenex but all my opinions are my own.

DIY Project

#pmedia #KleenexTarget 8 years ago, I remember this… Ucreate. Ucreate with Kids: January 2011. Today I'm going to be sharing a grocery shopping activity that can easily be created by you.

Ucreate with Kids: January 2011

As my son has gotten older, taking him grocery shopping has become more and more difficult. He either wants to get out of the cart and run around or help me shop by throwing everything in the cart. Princess Theme Gift Bags? Quick Princess Crafts for Princess Goody Bags. Tutorial: Cupcake Pencil Toppers. Remember when I said I wasn't going to post much about cupcake projects this week, and just do a wrap-up after the party?

Tutorial: Cupcake Pencil Toppers

Remember that? Yeah, well I lied : ) I'm just too, too focused on all things cupcake, excited about the birthday party on Saturday, AND inspired by Lollychops' and Fuji Mama's CUPCAKE WEEK this week (check it out, check it out!) Snowman pencil toppers. How to, Creative DIY, Crafts, Patterns & Tips - DIY Colored Pencil Vase (Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas) Teacher Appreciation Week starts this Monday.

DIY Colored Pencil Vase (Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas)

(May 2–6, 2011) So, my oldest daughter and I decided to make something fun for her teacher. We made a Colored Pencil Vase. It’s so cheery and colorful. I especially love the simplicity of it. All you need is a container such as a can, colored pencils, a rubber band, a ribbon, a ruler and a black marker or sharpie.


Pixel Pages. Pixel Pages are a Cubeecraft side project featuring pop-up art from new and classic games (and more). As with any other Cubeecraft, tape and glue are not needed, simply download, print, cut, and fold. A hobby/craft knife is absolutely necessary for cutting out Pixel Pages, so kids get an adults help! A nice little handmade gift for your favorite holidays and special occasions.

Great for display at home, work, secret laboratory, or dungeon. You can see all of the available Pixel Pages right here. - Blonde Designs Blog - lip and moustache lollipops. Around the end of January, my girls catch the Valentine's Day bug. They love the holiday as much as I do, especially their class parties with homemade mailboxes stuffed full of notes and treats from friends.

For their class treats, we always try to come up with something different each year. Last year, we filled glassine bags full of their favorite Valentine's candy and affixed cute foldover labels printed with their picture and a Valentine's message. My friend, Jennie, made clever ones last year. This year, however, Charlotte informed me that she absolutely did not want a photo of herself on her treats for school. This project became a family affair.


Blog. May 27th, 2012 Lace inserts are a popular denim DIY this summer. Usually done with white lace and light denim I wanted to mix it up and try it with black! Sources: (Top Left – Right) 1. Clones ‘N’ Clowns 2. Refinery29 3. Universal wrapping paper - StumbleUpon. All my base are belong to you greeting cards. Minor Emergency Kits. Use your scraps. Tenho este hábito (ainda não sei se bom ou mau...) de guardar todos os bocadinho de tecido que sobram dos projetos que faço. Tenho, por isso, uma caixa cheia de bocadinhos de tecido e não é fácil ver-me livre deles. Não os posso deitar fora... Às vezes consigo utilizar retalhos em alguns projetos como este saco ou este estojo, mas nem sempre é fácil. Desta vez, lembrei-me de fazer um marcador de páginas.

DIY T-SHIRT! I pretty much have been going to sleep thinking about what to put on my shirt ever since I got new Iron-on transfer papers. (I thought that phrase was fitting!) KNOW AND TELL CRAFTS.


The Twenty Minute Tote - The Twenty Minute Tote. Updated September 2011. How to make a simple (reversible) tote bag. Here is a simple way to make a tote bag. The best part it is even reversible. Diana Hobo – Free Pattern – think liz. FREE bag purse pattern - 'For Pleat's Sake' Tote.

Do-it-Yourself DIY String Wedding Lanterns Yarn Chandeliers. Skip to my Lou. Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana - StumbleUpon. Make This Look.