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Why and how teenagers strive to forge a sense of identify during adolescence.

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As teenagers begin to learn more about themselves and build their identity, parents ought to have difficulties understanding what exactly they are experiencing.

This resource center is curated for parents to understand their children by looking into the "why" and "how" aspects of these changes occur in adolescence. Definition of Adolescence and Identity (Sawyer et al, 2018) Definition of Adolescence and Identity. Erikson’s psychological development theory (McLeod, 2018) Erikson’s psychological development theory. Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20 (CrashCourse, 2014) Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20. Immigrants perspective (Suárez-Orozco, 2004) Immigrants perspective. Family, Peers & Work (Pelz, n.d.) Adolescents continue to refine their sense of self as they relate to others.

Family, Peers & Work (Pelz, n.d.)

Erikson referred to the task of the adolescent as one of identity versus role confusion. Thus, in Erikson’s view, an adolescent’s main questions are “Who am I?” And “Who do I want to be?” Some adolescents adopt the values and roles that their parents expect for them. Peer influence on identity (Moschis & Moore, 1979) Family, Peers & Work. School (Verhoeven et al, 2019). Characteristics of the Literature The 111 articles were found across a wide variety of scientific journals (n = 80).

School (Verhoeven et al, 2019).

In total, 19 of the 111 articles were theoretical in nature. School (Kalhil Adames, 2012) School. Social media (Williams, 2018) Adolescent Identity Development: The Factors of Change Among the profound and exciting changes taking place in adolescence is the process of self-discovery. Our teens are working to figure out who they are, making adolescent identity development a central feature of teen life. Young people’s identities are shaped by lots of factors — family, cultural and societal expectations, experiences with institutions like school and the media, and friends.

Social media. Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity: A Comparative Study of Greek-, Italian-, and Anglo-Australian Adolescents (Rosenthal & Hrynevich,1985) Ethnicity. Youth development programs (Arnold, 2017) Youth development programs. Consumerism - keeping up with the trend (Isaksen & Roper, 2012) Consumerism - keeping up with the trend. Don't Give Up - Nike Skateboard Ad/Commercial (YFS Kinoki, 2018) Don't Give Up - Nike Skateboard Ad/Commercial. $9 billion spent on makeup and skin products by teenage girls (Kertsting, 2004) $9 billion spent on makeup and skin products by teenage girls.

Concluding thoughts. References.