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Storytelling Companion - Personal Robots Group. Children’s oral language skills in preschool can predict their academic success later in life.

Storytelling Companion - Personal Robots Group

Helping children improve their language and vocabulary skills early on could help them succeed later, in middle and high school. Learning language is also a very social, interactive activity. Social robots could have great impact in this area, since they can leverage the same kinds of social cues and presence that people use. Learning language also takes time. In this work, we asked whether a sociable robotic learning/teaching companion could supplement children’s early long-term language education. The robot was designed as a social character, engaging children as a peer, not as a teacher, within a relational, dialogic context. Furthermore, because children may learn better when appropriately challenged, we asked whether a robot that matched the “level” or complexity of the language it used to the general language ability of the child might help children improve more.

» Concept Treadmill for the most incredible virtual walks Future technology. Virtual travel becoming a reality.

» Concept Treadmill for the most incredible virtual walks Future technology

To the glasses,now,that allow a glimpse into an the unreal world,added a special platform, which is designed to make a walk in the incredible worlds almost real. The main thing is not to stumble on the virtual track and not dissolve in the mirror.Now growing in popularity all sorts of the glasses of virtual reality. The sponsors Kat Walk decided to go even further and plunge into the virtual world is not only the eyes and ears of the user, but also their body. This was made possible due to the creation playground of a virtual reality, which in fact, carries a user into a virtual world.The principle of operation is quite simple Kat Walk.

The apparatus consists of two major elements. Android expert Hiroshi Ishiguro introduces life-like robots that will work at science museum. The Kolibree Is A Smart Toothbrush That Turns A Mind-Numbingly Dull Task Into A Video Game. The Kolibree Connected Toothbrush might seem like an unlikely standout at the world's biggest technology conference but it was this clever little tool that almost stole the show.

The Kolibree Is A Smart Toothbrush That Turns A Mind-Numbingly Dull Task Into A Video Game

Showcased at CES Unveiled (a small, highly intense pre-conference showcase of innovative startups and gadgets) the Kolibree takes one of the most mind-numbingly dull tasks and turns it into a video game. The toothbrush itself looks pretty unassuming but open up the app and you'll see that the real focus has been on the screen you'll be staring at. A series of mini-games are available to 'play' which task you with brushing your teeth for not only the right amount of time but also in all the right places (that's right, no skimping on this one). The better you get at it, the better you are in the game. At the moment Kolibree has a number of simple games that are fun enough but where it really shines is in a new partnership with video game publisher Ubisoft. Handscape. Skaparbibblan på väg: littleBits. Skaparbibblan på väg: E-slöjd. iSense 3D Scanner. Legoland is the first with new high-tech ride. Last updated 05:00, May 11 2016 Hayne Palmour IV Chris Brzezicki looks at 3D projections at Legoland.

Legoland is the first with new high-tech ride

With the help of some deft karate chops, a well-placed fireball hurled at ferocious villains and a set of 3-D glasses, Legoland is hoping to upend the hyper-competitive world of theme park attractions - for now. When Ninjago, the Carlsbad park's latest Lego-inspired attraction, opens Thursday, its 4-D dark ride will be the first in North America to use hand gestures in place of physical devices to control the outcome of the action - in this case an epic ninja warrior battle. Sensory effects like heat, smoke and wind will enhance the 3-minute virtual journey through skeleton-filled caves and lava streams. Disney's Toy Story Midway Mania may have its pie-and egg-throwing cannons and Knott's Berry Farm's Journey to the Iron Reef its freeze ray guns. Construction crews work to finish the new Lego Ninjago attraction at Legoland in California.

Legoland Hotel lobby in Carlsbad, California. Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate Way to Learn About the Body! by Curiscope. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Saved Trending.

Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate Way to Learn About the Body! by Curiscope

Terradynamic Streamlining Inspired by Cockroaches. RoboBee: From Aerial to Aquatic. Robotmyror och robotfjärilar från Festo. Foto: Festo Tyska Festo är kända för sina biologiskt inspirerade robotar via sitt Bionic Learning Network och brukar varje år visa upp sina nya skapelser.

Robotmyror och robotfjärilar från Festo

I år var det i form av robotmyror och robotfjärilar som visades upp på Hannover Messe 2015. Robotmyrorna kallas BionicANTs och påminner mycket om riktiga myror med tresegmentskropp, tre benpar, kraftiga käkar och ett par antenner. Men det är inte bara till utseendet de liknar sina naturliga förlagor utan även beteendemässigt då de kan samarbeta för att lösa uppgifter.

Likt riktiga myror är robotmyrorna var för sig begränsade till att följa ett antal enkla regler, men som ett kollektiv kan de lösa uppgifter i större skala via komplexa kontrollalgoritmer där de kommunicerar med varandra för att koordinera sina rörelser och beteenden. Revolutionizing Education. Bygg en egen hologramprojektor med din smartphone! Med ett överblivet CD-fodral och en smartphone, så kan du skapa en egen liten hologramprojektor.

Bygg en egen hologramprojektor med din smartphone!

Med det här hemmabygget kan du alltså visa bilder och filmer som verkar sväva i luften. Se filmen nedan för demo och instruktioner. Mallen för plastbitarna kan du hämta från denna länk. För bygget behöver du förutom CD-fodral också penna, papper, tejp, sax, kniv/glasskärare och superlim. Voxiebox. Problem loading page. Maker Camp: for Kids who Explore + Make + Share.