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Adding Functionality to Trello

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Discover new Recipes. Trello Archive. Trello started as an HTML mockup that Justin and Bobby, the Trello design team, put together in a week.

Trello Archive

I was floored by how cool it looked and felt. Since Daniel and I joined the project to prototype and build Trello, the challenge for the team has been to keep the snappy feeling of the initial mockups while creating a solid server and a maintainable client. The Initial Trello Mockup That led us toward a single-page app that would generate its UI on the client and accept data updates from a push channel. This is pretty far from any of the work we’ve done before at Fog Creek, so from a technical perspective Trello has been an adventure.

Initially, we were wondering how interesting and far-out the stack could be before management got nervous, but our concerns were addressed in an early meeting with Joel, when he said “Use things that are going to work great in two years.” So we did. CoffeeScript CoffeeScript is a language that compiles to readable JavaScript. The Client Neat! The Server. Blog — Little Blue Monkey. Scrum for Trello. Online Scrum Tools – Part 3 – Import Backlog into Trello — Little Blue Monkey. *** Update 7th November 2013 - If you do import a backlog into Trello, then there is another script available to Pimp Your Trello Card and automatically add Google Docs to your cards, Checklists, Descriptions, or even assign costs to your cards. *** In the previous post about my search for online Scrum tools, I extolled the virtues of Trello and how, for me, it's the perfect tool to manage a product backlog.

Online Scrum Tools – Part 3 – Import Backlog into Trello — Little Blue Monkey

But what if you already have an existing backlog, and don't want to spend time re-keying the entries? Well luckily, like most things in 2012, there's an App for that. Before you get too excited, I should mention that "The App" in this case is a Google Spreadsheet, with a Google Apps Script that leverages the Trello API to import the data. It's simple, effective, and in true agile fashion, it does just enough to get the job done without unnecessary bells and whistles. So how does it work? Create Trello Card from Google Docs Row - Google Docs & Trello Integrations. Create Trello Card from Wufoo Form Entry - Wufoo & Trello Integrations. jSon. Convert JSON to CSV (for Excel) online.

Project progress tracking with Google Docs and Trello - Kevin Pelgrims. I recently discovered some really powerful features in Google Docs.

Project progress tracking with Google Docs and Trello - Kevin Pelgrims

When you're in a Google Docs spreadsheet, you can do a whole lot of interesting things. For example it's possible to consume XML, including XPath functionality, and easily parse JSON. For more advanced stuff, you can use Google Apps Script and you can even access other Google applications from there. You could send an email or add an item to your calendar from there. It's possible to trigger those scripts on certain events or with a timer. Code52 I wanted to track a project with enough tasks to make sure there's enough data, but also with quick advances. Trello Trello is one of the most popular free/simple project management tools out there. Using the Trello API in Google Docs As I said before, Google Docs can easily parse JSON, which is very convenient when you want to use the Trello API. The first thing we need to work with the Trello API is a personal key, which is described in the docs. Getting data from Trello Counter.