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How To Identify When It's Time For A New Workflow, According To Science. Trying a new workflow can be as tumultuous as taking a chance on a new job.

How To Identify When It's Time For A New Workflow, According To Science

There’s a period of newness and excitement, followed by, “Hold on, maybe this isn’t as perfect as I thought,” and then the dreaded, “I kind of miss my old gig—did I make a mistake?” At this point, you can either go back to the way things were, or keep going with the new opportunity. But remember: You were unhappy with the old process for a reason. If you forge on, you might just become that productivity powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of (because that’s what everyone dreams of, right?). Change always takes time. How To Find Your Most Productive Hours. Not all hours are created equal.

How To Find Your Most Productive Hours

Sometimes an hour is enough to blaze through a massive project, and other times all you manage is to tiredly send a couple of unimportant emails. Motivational speakers, performance coaches, and CEOs advocate finding and leveraging your peak hours of the day as the key to being more productive. Following a schedule that utilizes your most productive work hours will ensure that the important projects receive the energy investments they deserve.

Here’s an official plan to help you harness those productivity power hours: Follow The (Ultradian) Rhythm. Why You Need To Train Your Brain To Be More Productive - Trello Blog. Humans have a self-destructive love for quick fixes.

Why You Need To Train Your Brain To Be More Productive - Trello Blog

Is this you? The Reason You're Not More Productive? It's Complicated. - Trello Blog. Life can be a challenge.

The Reason You're Not More Productive? It's Complicated. - Trello Blog

It’s common to feel like you’re constantly battling personal and professional to-do lists, working against the clock, and moving plans around to reach deadlines. When you do take time to relax … you feel guilty. How To Find Your Most Productive Hours. Time Management Tips for Tackling Your Side Project. Trello Webinars. The 5 Best Ways To Spark Creativity. Ever wonder why some ideas come to us unbidden, out of the blue?

The 5 Best Ways To Spark Creativity

Yet at other times we struggle to find the perfect word or come up with a more original solution to a problem? Although there’s no magic formula to generating incredible ideas, scientists and artists alike have shared a few ways to boost creativity, so we can have more of those “a ha” moments. Genius Can Strike In The Unlikeliest Of Places Washington University psychologist R. Keith Sawyer tells the story of a team of NASA scientists in 1990 who were trying to fix the Hubble telescope.

Engineer Jim Crocker’s solution was literally inspired by his shower: Noticing the European-style shower head in the German hotel room where he was staying, Crocker realized the team could extend the mirrors into the telescope by mounting them on similar folding arms. The ideas we have in the shower are usually different than ones we have at work. The Secret To Removing Social Loafing From The Workplace. Be honest: there have been times when you noticed the printer was broken, audibly sighed, pressed a few buttons, then slowly walked away, effectively washing your hands of that pesky problem.

The Secret To Removing Social Loafing From The Workplace

It’s okay, we’ve all done it. No one likes fixing the printer. But what if, in reality, you are the only person who has noticed this problem, and you didn’t do anything about it? All Hands On Deck: How Trello Runs Town Halls. At Trello we have Town Hall meetings where everyone at the company is in attendance.

All Hands On Deck: How Trello Runs Town Halls

They are an open forum for anyone to ask questions, discuss what’s on their mind, or share what the team is up to. No matter their role, everyone is on the same level during these meetings. We have found Town Halls to be a powerful way to convey company priorities, promote cross team communication, and, most importantly, create a thriving, unified culture throughout our distributed team. To facilitate the transparency of these meetings we created a Trello board that is open to everyone at the company. Establish The Rules Of Engagement Half of the company is in New York City and the other half is remotely distributed, so we have adopted a remote first policy.

Going Public! Roadmapping With A Public Trello Board. Recently we noticed a bunch of Twitter buzz about some hot Trello boards.

Going Public! Roadmapping With A Public Trello Board.

Checking out some stats on Google Analytics, we observed that most of the top viewed public Trello boards are businesses using Trello to publicly roadmap their products. To name a few: Rust (a survival game)Unreal Engine 4 (a game engine)Mindcrack (a game)Brackets (an online editor)Subnautica (a game)Meteor (a web framework)Magicka: Wizard Wars (a game)HabitRPG (a self-improvement app)Trello (naturally!) Why do this? The Mark Bittman Trello Board: How To Cook Everything, And Organize Anything Together. Planning meals and eating right can seem like an overwhelming project.

The Mark Bittman Trello Board: How To Cook Everything, And Organize Anything Together

Many of us struggle to find enough time to think ahead and plan out something healthy to cook on a regular basis. No one knows this better than NY Times columnist and bestselling author Mark Bittman. No Taxation Without Organization: How To Use Trello To Manage Your Tax Paperwork - Trello Blog. Can you feel the anxiety in the air?

No Taxation Without Organization: How To Use Trello To Manage Your Tax Paperwork - Trello Blog

Sure you can. After all, it’s tax season! Tax commercials are filling the airwaves with smiling actors happily filing taxes (that’s how you know they’re actors), and you’re starting to feel the sense of dread about the giant pile of papers you’ve been adding to over the last few weeks. How To Streamline Contract Review For Sales and Legal Teams. Closing a sales deal with a client is rarely an open and shut case. You may think that the back and forth communication makes the most sense via email. But after digging through endless chains of correspondence, not to mention outright missing vital messages, it’s obvious that this system is not efficient. The steps in between obtaining a lead and signing a contract are numerous, and they require multiple people in different roles to play a part. One of the most crucial parts of closing a sales deal is legal review.

There can be an inordinate amount of back and forth when reviewing contracts. How To Set, Plan, And Achieve Your Life's Greatest Goals. Aspiring to be greater than the person you are today is the best way to push yourself in the direction you want to go. Sitting down and outlining your life’s goals will put you on the fast track towards success. But how do you actually achieve your goals? What do you define as success? And what happens when you change your mind? No one has thought more about the answers to these questions than Keith Gutierrez, co-founder of Modgility, who has made a career out of defining, adapting, and actualizing his goals. The Psychology of Checklists: Why Setting Small Goals Motivates Us to Accomplish Bigger Things.

Is there anything more satisfying than completing a long checklist of to-do tasks? “No, there isn’t,” said the Type A who color-coded her folders in elementary school. Whether you’re Type A or Type Z, we all need checklists to keep track of what needs to be done – especially when working with large projects and several team members. If you think you’re the only one who feels a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after checking that last box on the list, think again!

Our team at Mainstreethost uses Trello checklists to track the progress of long-term projects. We get pretty excited when that little green icon shows up on the project’s card because it means we’ve finished all the items on our lengthy list and the project is done! Tim Ferriss’ Philosophies On Productivity And Managing Your Life - Trello Blog. Each year we vow to be more productive. We tell ourselves we will manage our time better, reach our goals, and achieve more. Then, suddenly, another year goes by. To make this year different, we decided to interview Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, about some of the underlying issues that are blocking us from reaching productivity nirvana. How CEO Brit Morin Plans, Executes, And Achieves Her Goals - Trello Blog. Brit Morin, CEO and cofounder of Brit+Co, knows a thing or two about achieving her goals. She left Google at 25 to launch her own company, and hasn’t looked back. Adding A Calendar To Your Trello Boards.

From Maker To Manager: Tips To Lead More Effectively. Project managers are always exploring better ways to lead their teams. To the uninitiated the manager’s schedule seems like just a bunch of meetings and delegation. But effective leadership requires much more listening, understanding, and synthesizing everyone’s needs in order to develop higher level strategies. Maker vs Manager When Blake Puryear, Project Manager at Hayseed Ventures, transitioned from a computer scientist to a project manager, he found himself sitting alongside the engineers still trying to co-program with them. Boost Productivity With These Tips And Tools From Tim Ferriss - Trello Blog. Learn A New Language With Tips From The CEO Of Duolingo - Trello Blog. Get Healthier This Year With Tips From Greatist CEO Derek Flanzraich - Trello Blog. How many different diets did you try in 2015?

And how many of them succeeded? Yeah. Tips For Managing A Remote Team. Remote work is everywhere, literally and figuratively. Most likely your company already has some aspect of remote work— whether it’s full time remote employees, freelancers and consultants, or simply offering employees the ability to work from home every once in a while. Managing a remote team requires a digital toolset as well as an understanding of how the individuals on your team operate. It can be tough, but it can also be extremely productive considering normal office distractions aren’t around, and individuals can more easily get “in the zone.” The How and Why Behind Trello's Visual Brand Guide. An Agile Trello Workflow That Keeps Tasks Flexible.

Getting things done isn’t just about shipping a product, or checking off items on a list, or even about marking a project as “Done.” Getting things done is a process: it’s a way of thinking that involves planning, execution, iteration, and reflection. There are often setbacks. There are many moving pieces.

Often, the most effective processes involve collaboration to ensure the best possible outcomes. In short, getting things done isn’t easy, and it’s almost never smooth. Trello: A Productivity Tool for Entrepreneurs. How Freelancers Can Improve Client Collaboration With Trello. What To Do When Your Company Has Growing Pains. Project Based Learning With Trello And Project Lead The Way. Plan Your Ho-Ho-Holiday Office Party With Trello.

Kickstarting Creativity: How Trello Powers Communication At Kickstarter. The Mark Bittman Trello Board: How To Cook Everything, And Organize Anything Together. Be The Host With The Most... Ideas For Entertaining Out-Of-Town Guests. All About Accountability: Strategies For Being Resolute In Your Resolutions. Tips & Tricks For Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions. Optimize Your Employee Manual- Trello Blog. Making Life Goals, User Research, And Lean Development: A Trello Community Blog Roundup. Zap Your Workflow With Trello And Zapier. Using Trello For A Job Search: Less Stress, More Process. New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices For New Hires. Cooking Up A Process With J. Kenji López-Alt Of Serious Eats.

Dangerously Productive: Master Level Trello Tips. The Five Uncommon Habits Of Highly Productive People. How To Set, Plan, And Achieve Your Life's Greatest Goals. The Secrets Of Superior Trello Searches. How To Just Ship: An Interview With Amy Hoy. Moved To Published: Using Trello As An Editorial Calendar. Introducing A Page Dedicated To Trello Integrations. The Countdown Has Begun: Holiday Shopping With Trello. Using Trello For A Job Search: Less Stress, More Process. Keeping The Focus On Community With Trello + Zapier Automations. Cards, Community, and Cleaning: The Trello Holiday Haul. Tips & Tricks For Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions.